Seclusion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seclusion:

His latter years were spent in seclusion, and he died at Farnham on June 25th, 1879.

She would stay undisturbed in her seclusion, keeping her festival alone.

I shut myself into this place of seclusion, after breakfast, and meditate.

He was not the less alone for having spent so many years in seclusion and retirement.

Never did she appear more beautiful than when, in 1788, she reappeared after her seclusion.

During my seclusion from the world, I had adapted my dress to my situation.

She knew what her child was doing in those hours of seclusion.

He is—in spite of his seclusion—above all a prophet amongst men.

For a whole month they remained in seclusion, not once leaving La Souleiade.

It is largely because of this that I have elected to seek the seclusion of another world.