Tenure [noun]

Definition of Tenure:

time in position of responsibility

Synonyms of Tenure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenure:

Sentence/Example of Tenure:

Never had he been so fond of this body of his as now when his tenure of it was so precarious.

All magistrates, whatever be their tenure of office, must give an account of their magistracy.

They gave the tenants security of tenure, and the landowners an act of settlement.

Not if the tenure of power is dependent upon its equitable administration.

From this point the history of tenure parts into two branches.

The history of the Roman tenure does not end, however, at this point.

But he was speedily made to know his place, and the tenure by which he held it.

His right to the land, in fact, was not freehold, but tenure by villein socage.

He realized that his tenure was insecure, and he dreaded exposure.

They believe this personal patronage to be a means of perpetuating their own tenure.