Good This or That Questions

This Or That Questions For Couples

“This or that” questions for couples are a great way to get to know someone or a great way to spend some time.

This Or That Questions For Couples

The best way to discover things about your better half would be to help them open up to you in unique ways. Playing the This Or That game with them will help you find out about their preferences and understand them better without asking them anything directly. These are the best This Or That Questions for new couple.

Cuddling or sleeping?

Netflix or YouTube?

Shower or tub?

Cardio or weights?

Ocean or mountains?

Cruise or romantic retreat?

Audi or BMW?

Large crowd or a small party?

Farmhouse kitchen or galley style?

Beer or wine?

Long drive or long walk?

Swimming or sunbathing?

Dogs or babies?

Music or podcasts?

Passive or aggressive?

Computer games or video games?

Rap or rock?

Gold or silver?

Long hair or short hair?

Living room or bedroom?

Dyed hair or natural hair?

Sweater or hoodie?

Hot or pretty?

Candy or popcorn?

Hugs or kisses?

Dine out or food delivery?

Formal dining room or family banquet?

Eating outside or cooking at home?

Calls or texts?

Nice car or nice home interiors?

Mobile games or console games?

Telepathy or teleporting?

Classical art or modern art?

Mansion or cabin?

Winter or summer?

Card games or board games?

Makeup or no makeup?

Camping or binge-watching shows at home?

Coffee or tea?

Comedy or horror?

Straight hair or curly hair?

New clothes or new phone?

Hairy or shaved?

TV shows or movies?

Pop or indie?

Boating or roller coaster?

Skylight or mirrored wall?

Good heart or good body?

Brown hair or black hair?

Serious or funny?

Online shopping or store shopping?

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This Or That Questions For Couples

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Funny This Or That Questions For Friends

If you are looking for the perfect game to play with your friend and have an unforgettable time while getting to know each other, the “This Or That” questions game is the best way to go about it. In “this or that” questions is an amazing conversation starter where players choose which of two items they prefer. The game is identical to the famous game of would you rather but in the case of this game you must choose one word that you prefer. “This or that” questions are a great way to get to know someone or a great way to spend some time.