Idiom of the Day


A surprise candidate or competitor, especially one who comes from behind to make a strong showing


  • Bit of a dark horse yourself.
  • The director of his office staff is a dark horse for the media.
  • You can check the pictures and read the sypnosis for each comics in the Tomb Raider comics Vol.3 by Dark Horse.
  • The popular Dark Horse Comics character is making his way to The Clone Wars this season, and this is one of no less than 3 different figures planned for the character!
  • This is the year of the dark horse.
  • There's kind of a dark horse in the running.
  • Dark horse, isn't he, your dad?
  • Gladys, aren't you the dark horse.
  • So, I booked myself a flight to Boston in '95, 19 years old and definitely the dark horse candidate at this race.
  • A dark horse emerged from the convention as the party's nominee for president.