Top Educational Search Engines for Students

Top Educational Search Engines for Students

Great Educational Scholarly search engines every student should bookmark

Top Educational Search Engines for Students -

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

2. Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a free public web search engine for academic publications and literature, developed by Microsoft Research. Re-launched in 2016, the tool features an entirely new data structure and search engine using semantic search technologies.

Microsoft Academic identifies many elements of search queries as ‘entities,’ which represent top concepts for organizing data. Top examples include:

  • Institution
  • Conference
  • Author
  • Paper
  • Journal
  • Topic

3. Educational Resources Information Center

The Education Resources Information Center is an online digital library of education research and information. ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education.

Resources from peer-reviewed journals dominate the digital collection, but ERIC also provides access to a variety of non-journal documents. Examples include:

  • Books
  • Conference presentations
  • Reports for federal or state standards
  • Working papers from policy organizations
  • Congressional hearings

4. ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a European commercial social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.

5. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

BASE is a multi-disciplinary search engine to scholarly internet resources, created by Bielefeld University Library in Bielefeld, Germany. It is based on free and open-source software such as Apache Solr and VuFind.

6. Virtual Learning Resources Center

The Virtual Learning Resources Center (VLRC) is an online index hosting thousands of scholarly websites, all of which are selected by teachers and librarians from around the globe. The site provides students and teachers with current, valid information for school and university academic projects using an index gathered from research portals, universities and library internet subject guides recommended by teachers and librarians.

7. Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is an artificial-intelligence backed search engine for academic publications developed at the Allen Institute for AI and publicly released in November 2015. It uses advances in natural language processing to provide summaries for scholarly papers.

8. iSeek

iSeek is a great search engine for students, teachers and administrators alike. Simply ask a question or enter search topics or tools, and iSeek will pull from scholastic sources to find exactly what you are looking for. The search engine is safe, intelligent and timesaving—and it draws from trusted resources from universities, government and established non-commercial sites.

9. PubMed Central

PubMed Central is perfect for those studying anything related to healthcare or science. PubMed Central is operated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The database contains more than 3 million full-text journal articles. It’s similar to PubMed Health, which is specifically for health-related research and studies, and includes citations and abstracts to more than 26 million articles.

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