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Verb Definition And Verb Examples Sentences

Verb Definition

A verb is a part of speech that describes an action, occurrence, or state of being. Verbs can be used to express a wide range of actions, from physical movements like “run” or “jump” to mental activities like “think” or “consider.” They can also be used to describe things that happen, such as “rain” or “snow,” or to express a state of being, such as “exist” or “live.”

Verbs are often the main component of a sentence, and they can be conjugated to indicate tense, mood, voice, and other grammatical features. For example, the verb “to be” can be conjugated as “am,” “is,” “are,” “was,” or “were” depending on the subject and tense of the sentence.

Verb Examples Sentences

Here are some of the most popular verb examples list with meaning and example sentence in alphabetical order:

VerbMeaningExample Sentence
acceptto agree or receive willinglyShe accepted the job offer.
achieveto accomplish a goal or taskHe achieved his dream of becoming a doctor.
actto do somethingShe acted quickly to prevent the accident.
addto join or increase somethingCan you add some sugar to my coffee, please?
admireto respect or appreciate someone or somethingI admire your hard work and dedication.
admitto acknowledge or confess somethingShe admitted to making a mistake.
adviseto offer suggestions or recommendationsMy doctor advised me to get more exercise.
agreeto come to a mutual decision or opinionWe all agreed to go on vacation together.
aimto focus on a specific goal or targetThe archer aimed carefully before releasing the arrow.
allowto permit or give permissionThe teacher allowed the students to work in groups.
analyzeto examine or study something in detailThe scientist analyzed the data carefully.
answerto respond to a question or requestShe answered the phone when it rang.
apologizeto express regret or say sorryHe apologized for being late.
appearto become visible or presentThe sun appeared from behind the clouds.
applyto put something into action or useShe applied sunscreen before going to the beach.
argueto express disagreement or debate a topicThey argued over the best way to solve the problem.
arrangeto organize or plan somethingShe arranged the flowers in a vase.
askto inquire or request information or assistanceShe asked me for directions to the nearest gas station.
assessto evaluate or judge somethingThe teacher assessed the students’ writing skills.
assistto help or support someone or somethingThe nurse assisted the doctor during the surgery.
assumeto believe something to be true without proofHe assumed that she would be late.
attachto connect or join one thing to anotherHe attached the files to his email.
attackto initiate an aggressive action against someone or somethingThe lion attacked the zebra.
attemptto try or make an effort to do somethingShe attempted to climb the mountain.
avoidto stay away from or prevent somethingHe avoided eating junk food.
awaitto wait for or expect something to happenWe are awaiting your response.
awardto present or give something as recognition or honorShe was awarded the Nobel Prize for her research.
baketo cook food in an ovenShe baked a cake for her friend’s birthday.
balanceto distribute or manage something evenlyHe balanced the books at the end of the day.
banto forbid or prohibit somethingSmoking is banned in this restaurant.
baseto establish or found something on a particular basisThe company is based in New York.
batheto clean oneself or someone else by washing the bodyHe bathed his baby daughter.
beto exist or occur in a particular state or conditionI am happy to see you.
beatto strike or hit repeatedlyThe drummer beat the drums loudly.
becometo change or develop into something elseShe became a successful businesswoman.
beginto start or initiate somethingWe will begin the meeting at 2 pm.
believeto accept something as true or realI believe in the power of positive thinking.
belongto be a member of a particular group or categoryThe book belongs on the top shelf.
betto risk money on the outcome of an event or situationHe bet on his favorite team to win.
biteto use the teeth to break or grip somethingThe dog bit the mailman.
blameto hold responsible for a mistake or faultShe blamed her sister for the broken vase.
blessto ask for divine favor or approvalThe priest blessed the congregation.
blockto obstruct or prevent something from moving or progressingThe traffic blocked the road.
boastto talk with excessive pride or self-satisfactionHe boasted about his achievements to anyone who would listen.
borrowto take and use something temporarily with the intention of returning itCan I borrow your pen, please?
bounceto rebound or spring back after hitting a surfaceThe ball bounced off the wall.
bowto bend forward at the waist as a sign of respect or courtesyThe actor bowed to the audience after his performance.
breakto separate into pieces or cause damageShe accidentally broke the vase.
breatheto inhale and exhale airHe took a deep breath before jumping into the pool.
bringto convey or transport something to a placeCan you bring me a glass of water, please?
buildto construct or create somethingThey built a new house in the neighborhood.
burnto consume with fire or heatThe wood burned in the fireplace.
buyto purchase or acquire something in exchange for moneyShe bought a new car last week.
calculateto determine or estimate something using mathematical methodsThe accountant calculated the company’s profits for the quarter.
callto summon or contact someone by telephone or other meansShe called her friend to invite her to the party.
calmto become or make something quiet and peacefulThe music calmed her nerves.
cancelto annul or revoke something previously planned or arrangedHe canceled his flight due to bad weather.
captureto catch or seize something or someoneThe hunter captured the rabbit in his trap.
careto be concerned or take responsibility for something or someoneShe cared for her sick mother.
carryto transport or support something by holding or bearing itHe carried the heavy box up the stairs.
carveto cut or shape something by removing materialThe artist carved a statue out of marble.
catchto grasp or seize something in motionShe caught the ball with one hand.
celebrateto observe or honor a special occasion or eventWe will celebrate our anniversary with a fancy dinner.
challengeto question or dispute somethingShe challenged his decision and offered an alternative.
changeto make or become differentShe changed her hairstyle for the new season.
chargeto demand payment or assign responsibilityThe store charged her credit card for the purchase.
chatto talk in a friendly and informal wayThey chatted for hours over coffee.
checkto examine or verify somethingHe checked the spelling of his name on the document.
cheerto express happiness or supportThe crowd cheered for their team.
chooseto make a selection from among optionsShe chose the red dress for the party.
chopto cut into pieces with a sharp toolHe chopped the vegetables for the soup.
claimto assert ownership or right to somethingHe claimed the prize for himself.
clapto strike the palms of the hands together to make a soundThe audience clapped after the performance.
cleanto remove dirt or impurities from somethingShe cleaned the kitchen after dinner.
clearto remove or eliminate something that obstructs or confusesHe cleared the table of dishes.
climbto ascend or scale a heightShe climbed the mountain for the view.
closeto shut or fasten somethingHe closed the door behind him.
coachto teach or train someone in a particular skill or activityThe coach coached the team to victory.
collectto gather or accumulate somethingShe collected stamps as a hobby.
colorto add or change color on somethingShe colored the picture with crayons.
combineto blend or mix things togetherThe chef combined the ingredients for the recipe.
comfortto provide solace or alleviate distressShe comforted her friend after a breakup.
commandto order or direct someone to do somethingThe captain commanded his crew to set sail.
communicateto convey or share information or ideasThey communicated through email while he was away.
compareto examine or note the similarities and differences between thingsShe compared the prices of different brands.
competeto strive against others in a contest or rivalryThe athletes competed for the gold medal.
complainto express dissatisfaction or annoyance about somethingHe complained about the slow service at the restaurant.
completeto finish or accomplish somethingShe completed the project on time.
concentrateto focus one’s attention or energy on somethingHe concentrated on his studies for the exam.
concernto cause worry or anxiety about somethingThe news concerned her safety.
concludeto bring to an end or come to a final decisionThey concluded the meeting with a vote.
conductto organize or carry out a particular activity or behaviorHe conducted the orchestra with precision.
confessto admit or acknowledge something that one has done wrongShe confessed to stealing the money.
confuseto make someone feel uncertain or perplexedThe instructions confused him, so he asked for help.
connectto join or link two or more things togetherShe connected the wires to fix the circuit.
considerto think about or contemplate something carefullyHe considered his options before making a decision.
consistto be composed or made up of somethingThe meal consisted of pasta and sauce.
containto hold or include something within a confined spaceThe jar contained pickles.
continueto persist or carry on without interruptionShe continued running despite her fatigue.
cookto prepare food by heating itHe cooked dinner for his family.
copyto duplicate or reproduce somethingShe copied the document for her records.
correctto make something right or accurateHe corrected the mistake in his calculations.
costto require payment or incur an expenseThe car cost a lot of money.
countto determine the total number of somethingShe counted the coins in her piggy bank.
coverto place something over or on top of something elseHe covered the cake with frosting.
createto bring something into existence or produce something newShe created a sculpture out of clay.
crossto go from one side to the other side of somethingShe crossed the street at the crosswalk.
cryto shed tears as an expression of emotionShe cried at the sad movie.
cutto use a sharp tool to divide something into piecesHe cut the paper with scissors.
damageto harm or impair somethingThe storm damaged the roof of the house.
danceto move rhythmically to musicThey danced at the party all night.
dealto handle or distribute somethingHe dealt the cards for the game.
decideto make a choice or come to a conclusionShe decided to take the job offer.
decorateto adorn or embellish something with decorationsShe decorated the Christmas tree with ornaments.
decreaseto make something less or reduce in size, quantity, or intensityThe temperature decreased as the night went on.
defineto give a precise meaning to a word or conceptHe defined the term in his paper.
delayto postpone or cause something to happen at a later timeThe flight was delayed due to bad weather.
deliverto bring or transport something to a person or placeThe postman delivered the package to her door.
demandto insist on something or require something to be doneThe workers demanded better pay and benefits.
demonstrateto show or prove something through an action or exampleShe demonstrated how to use the software.
denyto refuse to acknowledge or accept something as trueHe denied stealing the money.
dependto rely on or be influenced by something elseThe outcome depends on several factors.
describeto give an account of or represent something in wordsShe described the scenery in great detail.
designto plan or create something with a specific purpose or appearanceShe designed the new logo for the company.
destroyto cause great damage or harm to somethingThe earthquake destroyed many buildings.
developto grow or progress over timeShe developed her skills through practice.
dieto stop living or cease to existHe died peacefully in his sleep.
differto be unlike or dissimilar to something elseTheir opinions differed on the issue.
digto break up, move, or remove earth, sand, or other materialHe dug a hole in the backyard.
directto guide or control the course of somethingShe directed the actors in the movie.
disagreeto have a difference of opinion or viewThey disagreed about the best course of action.
disappearto cease to be visible or existThe sun disappeared behind the clouds.
discoverto find or uncover something for the first timeShe discovered a new species of bird.
discussto talk about or consider something in detailThey discussed the pros and cons of the proposal.
disliketo have an aversion or negative feeling towards somethingShe dislikes the taste of mushrooms.
displayto show or exhibit something for others to seeShe displayed her artwork at the gallery.
distinguishto recognize or identify the differences between thingsShe could distinguish between the identical twins.
distributeto divide or spread something out among a group of people or thingsThey distributed the food to the hungry.
disturbto interrupt or cause someone to feel anxious or uneasyThe loud noise disturbed her concentration.
divideto separate or divide something into partsShe divided the cake into equal slices.
doto perform an action or taskHe did his homework before watching TV.
donateto give or contribute something to a person or causeShe donated money to the charity.
drawto make a picture or diagram by making lines on a surfaceShe drew a portrait of her dog.
dreamto experience a series of thoughts, images, or sensations during sleepShe dreamed of traveling the world.
dressto put on clothing or attireShe dressed in a formal gown for the wedding.
drinkto consume liquid through the mouthShe drank a glass of water after her workout.
driveto operate a vehicle and control its movementHe drove his car to work.
dropto fall or let something fall from a higher to a lower placeShe dropped the vase and it shattered on the ground.
earnto obtain or receive something, typically money, as a result of work or effortHe earned a promotion at his job.
eatto consume food through the mouthShe ate a delicious meal at the restaurant.
educateto teach or instruct someone on a particular subject or skillShe was educated at a prestigious university.
eliminateto remove or get rid of something completelyThey eliminated the possibility of error in the experiment.
employto hire or engage someone to work for paymentThe company employed over 500 people.
encourageto inspire or motivate someone to do somethingShe encouraged her children to follow their dreams.
endto bring something to a conclusion or finishThe party ended at midnight.
enjoyto experience pleasure or satisfaction from somethingShe enjoyed reading books in her free time.
ensureto make certain that something will happen or be the caseHe ensured that the project was completed on time.
establishto set up or create something that will last for a long timeShe established her own business after years of working for others.
estimateto make an approximate calculation or judgement about somethingThey estimated the cost of the project to be around $10,000.
evaluateto assess or judge the value, quality, or significance of somethingShe evaluated the performance of her employees.
examineto inspect or scrutinize something in detailThe doctor examined the patient’s medical history.
exceedto go beyond or surpass something in amount, extent, or degreeThe sales exceeded the company’s expectations.
exchangeto give or receive something in return for something elseThey exchanged gifts at the holiday party.
exerciseto engage in physical activity to improve health or fitnessShe exercised for an hour every day.
existto be present or have realityThe unicorn does not exist in real life.
expandto increase in size, volume, quantity, or scopeThe business expanded to multiple locations.
expectto anticipate or look forward to something happeningShe expected to receive good news from the job interview.
experienceto undergo or encounter something, often involving emotions or feelingsShe experienced a range of emotions during the difficult time.
explainto make something clear or understandable by providing information or detailsHe explained the rules of the game to the new player.
exploreto investigate or travel through an unknown or unfamiliar placeThey explored the city’s hidden gems.
expressto convey or communicate a thought, feeling, or idea through words or actionsShe expressed her gratitude for the help she received.
extendto make something longer or larger, or to reach a greater distanceThey extended the deadline for the project.
faceto confront or deal with a difficult or unpleasant situationShe faced her fears and went skydiving.
failto be unsuccessful in achieving a goal or objectiveHe failed the exam despite studying for hours.
fallto descend from a higher to a lower positionThe leaves fell from the trees in autumn.
fearto have a feeling of anxiety or unease about somethingShe feared the worst when she heard the news.
feedto provide food to someone or somethingShe fed the hungry children at the shelter.
feelto experience a sensation or emotionShe felt happy when she heard the good news.
fightto engage in a physical or verbal battle with someone or somethingThey fought for their beliefs in the protest.
fillto make something full or completeShe filled the glass with water.
findto discover or come across something or someone by searching or exploringShe found a lost dog and brought it to the animal shelter.
finishto complete or bring to an endShe finished the marathon after running for 4 hours.
fitto be suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose or situationThe dress fit perfectly for the occasion.
fixto repair or mend something that is broken or damagedHe fixed the leaky faucet in the bathroom.
followto go or come after or behind someone or somethingThey followed the directions on the map.
forbidto prohibit or ban something from happening or being doneThe school forbids students from using their phones in class.
forgetto fail to remember somethingShe forgot her keys and had to go back home.
forgiveto pardon or excuse someone for a mistake or wrongdoingShe forgave him for forgetting her birthday.
formto create or shape something, often by combining or arranging various elementsThey formed a band and started playing music together.
freeto release or liberate someone or something from confinement or restrictionShe freed the bird from the cage.
freezeto become solid or extremely cold due to a decrease in temperatureThe water in the lake froze in the winter.
frightento cause fear or terror in someone or somethingThe loud thunder frightened the dog.
fulfillto satisfy or meet a requirement or obligationShe fulfilled her promise to help the needy.
gainto obtain or acquire something, often through effort or hard workShe gained a lot of knowledge from reading books.
gatherto collect or bring together in one place or groupThey gathered the necessary documents for the meeting.
gazeto look steadily and intently at something or someoneThey gazed at the stars on a clear night.
generateto produce or create something, often through a process or mechanismThe wind turbines generated electricity for the community.
getto obtain or acquire somethingShe got a new job after searching for months.
giveto transfer something to someone else as a gift, donation, or rewardShe gave her friend a thoughtful present for her birthday.
goto move from one place to anotherShe went to the store to buy some groceries.
grabto take hold of something quickly or forcefullyShe grabbed her phone before it fell on the ground.
graduateto successfully complete a course of study or educational program and receive a degree or diplomaShe graduated from college with honors.
greetto welcome or acknowledge someone upon their arrivalShe greeted her guests with a smile at the party.
growto increase in size, quantity, or degree over timeThe plants grew taller in the sunlight.
guessto form an opinion or estimate based on limited information or knowledgeShe guessed the answer to the riddle correctly.
guideto lead or direct someone towards a particular destination or actionHe guided the tourists through the historic site.
handleto manage or deal with something or someoneShe handled the difficult situation with professionalism.
hangto suspend or attach something from aboveShe hung the picture on the wall with a nail.
happento occur or take placeThe accident happened on the busy street corner.
harmto cause injury, damage, or distress to someone or somethingShe didn’t mean to harm the butterfly when she caught it in her hand.
hateto feel strong dislike or hostility towards someone or somethingShe hated the way he treated her.
haveto possess or own somethingShe has a beautiful house in the countryside.
hearto perceive sound through the earsShe could hear the birds chirping in the morning.
helpto assist or aid someone or somethingShe helped her friend move into a new apartment.
hesitateto pause or hold back in uncertainty or doubtShe hesitated before making a decision.
hideto conceal or keep oneself or something out of sightShe hid the presents under the bed.
hitto strike or collide with something or someoneShe hit the ball with the bat and scored a home run.
holdto grasp or carry something firmly with the handsShe held the baby in her arms.
hopeto desire or expect something to happen in the futureShe hoped to travel the world someday.
hurtto cause physical or emotional pain or harm to someone or somethingShe hurt her ankle while running.
identifyto recognize or establish the identity of someone or somethingShe identified the suspect from the police lineup.
ignoreto disregard or pay no attention to someone or somethingShe ignored the rude comments and continued with her work.
illustrateto provide visual representations or examples to explain or clarify somethingShe illustrated her ideas with colorful diagrams and pictures.
imagineto form a mental image or concept of something that is not present or realShe imagined a world without war or conflict.
immigrateto move to a new country with the intention of living there permanentlyShe immigrated to the United States for a better life.
impactto have a strong effect or influence on something or someoneThe new policy had a significant impact on the company’s profits.
implementto put into effect or action a plan, policy, or decisionShe implemented new safety measures in the workplace.
implyto suggest or indicate something without stating it directlyHis tone of voice implied that he was not interested in the conversation.
impressto make a strong or favorable impression on someoneShe impressed her boss with her outstanding work performance.
improveto make something better or more satisfactoryShe worked hard to improve her grades in school.
includeto contain or have as a part or componentThe package included a handwritten note and a gift card.
increaseto become larger, greater, or more numerous in quantity or degreeThe demand for the product increased after the advertising campaign.
indicateto point out or show something as a sign or signalThe traffic light indicated that it was safe to cross the street.
induceto bring about or cause something to happenThe medicine induced drowsiness as a side effect.
infectto contaminate or transmit a disease or harmful agent to someone or somethingHe accidentally infected his computer with a virus.
informto provide knowledge or information to someoneShe informed her colleagues of the upcoming meeting.
inhaleto breathe in air or a substance into the lungsShe inhaled deeply to calm her nerves.
initiateto begin or start something, often a process or actionShe initiated the project and assigned tasks to her team members.
innovateto introduce new ideas, methods, or productsThe company is known for its innovative approach to design.
inspectto examine or scrutinize something carefullyThe inspector inspected the building for safety violations.
inspireto encourage, motivate, or stimulate someone’s creativity or emotionsHer artwork inspired many people to pursue their passions.
installto set up or put in place equipment, software, or devicesShe installed the new software on her computer.
instructto provide knowledge or direction on how to do somethingShe instructed her students on the proper technique for playing the piano.
intendto have a plan or purpose in mind for somethingShe intended to visit her grandmother in the hospital.
interactto communicate or engage with someone or somethingShe enjoyed interacting with her followers on social media.
interfereto hinder, obstruct, or meddle with someone or somethingShe didn’t want to interfere with their decision-making process.
interpretto explain or translate the meaning of somethingShe interpreted the poem as a reflection of the author’s personal struggles.
interviewto question or have a conversation with someone to obtain informationShe interviewed several candidates for the job position.
introduceto present or bring someone or something into a new situation or environmentShe introduced her new friend to her old friends at the party.
inventto create or develop a new product, idea, or methodShe invented a device that could detect allergens in food.
investigateto examine or look into something in order to gather informationThe detective investigated the crime scene for clues.
inviteto request or ask someone to come or participate in somethingShe invited her coworkers to her birthday party.
involveto include or require someone or something as a necessary part or participantThe project involved extensive research and collaboration with other experts.
ironto press or smooth out wrinkles from fabric using a heated flat ironShe ironed her dress for the formal event.
isolateto separate or set apart someone or something from othersShe isolated herself from the rest of the world after a traumatic experience.
issueto release or distribute something officially, often in the form of a statement or documentThe government issued a statement regarding the new policy.
jointo become a member or participant in somethingShe joined the club to meet new people and explore new interests.
judgeto form an opinion or make a decision about something or someone based on evidence or evaluationShe judged the performance to be outstanding and awarded the prize.
jumpto propel oneself off the ground using one’s legsShe jumped over the fence to retrieve her ball.
justifyto provide a reason or explanation for something, often in order to defend or support itHe tried to justify his actions to his parents, but they were not convinced.
keepto maintain possession or control over somethingShe kept the keys to the car in her purse.
kickto strike or hit something with one’s footHe kicked the ball into the goal and scored a point.
killto cause the death of someone or somethingThe disease killed thousands of people in the region.
kissto touch one’s lips to someone or something as a sign of affection or respectShe kissed her baby on the forehead before putting him to bed.
knitto create fabric by interlocking loops of yarn with needlesShe knitted a scarf for her sister’s birthday present.
knockto strike or tap on a surface or object in order to make a sound or gain attentionShe knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.
knowto possess information or knowledge about something or someoneShe knew the answer to the question because she had studied it in class.
labelto attach a descriptive or identifying tag or sticker to somethingShe labeled the boxes with the contents and destination for easier organization.
landto come to rest on the ground or a surface after a flight or fallThe airplane landed safely on the runway after a long flight.
laughto express amusement or joy by making sounds with one’s mouth and throatShe laughed at his joke, even though she didn’t really find it funny.
leadto guide or direct someone or something in a particular direction or courseShe led the group on a hike through the mountains.
learnto acquire knowledge or information about something or someoneShe learned how to play the guitar by taking lessons from a professional musician.
leaveto go away or depart from a place or situationShe left the party early because she wasn’t feeling well.
lendto allow someone to borrow something with the expectation of it being returnedShe lent her friend a book from her personal library.
letto allow or permit someone or something to do or have somethingShe let her children stay up late to watch a movie.
levelto make something flat, even, or equal in height or valueShe leveled the ground in the backyard for a new garden.
lickto pass one’s tongue over something, often to taste or clean itThe dog licked his owner’s face as a sign of affection.
lieto recline or rest in a horizontal positionShe lay down on the couch to take a nap.
liftto raise or elevate someone or something to a higher positionShe lifted the heavy box with all her strength.
lightto ignite or set something on fireShe lit the candles on the birthday cake and made a wish.
liketo have a positive feeling or preference for someone or somethingShe liked the new restaurant because of its cozy atmosphere and delicious food.
limitto set a boundary or restriction on somethingShe limited her spending on clothes to save money for a trip.
listento give attention or focus to someone or something making a soundShe listened to her favorite music on the way to work to help her relax.
loadto put objects or materials onto a vehicle, machine, or containerShe loaded the groceries into the trunk of her car.
locateto find the position or place of something or someoneShe located her missing keys under the couch cushions.
lockto fasten or secure something with a key or combinationShe locked the door before leaving the house.
lookto direct one’s eyes towards something or someone in order to see or observe itShe looked out the window and saw the beautiful view.
loseto misplace or be unable to find somethingShe lost her phone and couldn’t remember where she had last seen it.
loveto have a deep affection or attachment towards someone or somethingShe loved spending time with her family and friends.
lowerto move something or someone downwards to a lower position or levelShe lowered the blinds to block out the sunlight.
maintainto keep in good condition or working orderShe maintained her car by taking it for regular check-ups and oil changes.
maketo create or produce somethingShe made a cake for her daughter’s birthday party.
manageto handle or control a situation or group of peopleShe managed the project team and ensured that all tasks were completed on time.
markto indicate or highlight a specific point or areaShe marked the location of the buried treasure on a map.
marryto enter into a legal or formal union with someone as partners in a relationshipShe married her longtime boyfriend in a beautiful ceremony.
matterto be important or significant in a particular situation or contextIt didn’t matter to her what color shirt he wore to the party.
meanto intend or signify something in a particular wayShe meant to say that she would be busy that day and couldn’t meet up.
measureto determine the quantity or size of something using standard unitsShe measured the length of the room to determine how much paint was needed.
meetto come into contact or connection with someone or somethingShe met her old friend for lunch and caught up on old times.
meltto change from a solid to a liquid state as a result of heatThe ice cream melted quickly in the hot sun.
mentionto refer to or speak briefly about something in a conversation or written workShe mentioned her upcoming vacation to her boss.
mergeto combine or blend two or more things into a single entityThe two companies merged to form a larger corporation.
mindto be concerned or bothered by somethingShe didn’t mind the rain and continued with her walk.
missto fail to hit, reach, or attend something or someoneShe missed her flight and had to book another one for the next day.
mixto combine two or more substances or materials into a homogeneous mixtureShe mixed the ingredients together to make a delicious smoothie.
moveto change one’s position or location, or cause someone or something to do soShe moved the furniture around to create more space in the room.
multiplyto increase in number or quantity by repeated additionShe multiplied the number of guests by the cost per head to calculate the total cost of the party.
nameto give a specific name to someone or somethingShe named her new puppy after her favorite character in a book.
needto require or depend on something in order to function or existShe needed a new pair of shoes for her upcoming trip.
negotiateto discuss and reach an agreement with someone, often in a formal settingShe negotiated a better salary with her boss.
noteto take down or write something as a reminder or recordShe noted down the important details in her planner.
noticeto become aware of or observe something or someoneShe noticed the beautiful sunset over the horizon.
obtainto acquire or receive something through effort or actionShe obtained a degree in engineering after years of hard work.
occupyto fill or take up space or timeShe occupied herself with a book while waiting for her appointment.
offerto present or propose something for acceptance or rejectionShe offered to help her neighbor with her groceries.
opento unblock or allow access to something by moving or lifting a barrierShe opened the window to let in some fresh air.
operateto control or work with a machine or deviceShe operated the computer with ease.
orderto request or command something to be done or obtainedShe ordered a pizza for dinner.
organizeto arrange or put things in order according to a system or planShe organized her closet by color and season.
overcometo successfully deal with or overcome a difficulty or obstacleShe overcame her fear of heights and went skydiving.
ownto possess or have legal title to somethingShe owned a small business in the downtown area.
paintto apply color or paint to a surfaceShe painted the walls of her bedroom a soft shade of blue.
parkto leave a vehicle in a designated area for a period of timeShe parked her car in the parking lot and walked to the store.
participateto take part in an activity or eventShe participated in the charity walk to raise money for cancer research.
payto give money in exchange for goods or servicesShe paid for her groceries with her credit card.
performto carry out a task or activity, often in front of an audienceShe performed a beautiful dance routine at the recital.
permitto allow or give permission for something to happenShe permitted her children to stay up late on the weekends.
persuadeto convince or influence someone to do or believe somethingShe persuaded her friend to come to the party with her.
placeto put or set something down in a particular positionShe placed the vase of flowers on the table.
planto make a detailed proposal or scheme for achieving a goalShe planned her vacation itinerary carefully to make the most of her time.
playto engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreationShe played a game of chess with her grandfather.
pointto direct or aim something towards a particular target or directionShe pointed out the best hiking trail to her friend.
possessto have or own something, often as a result of acquiring it in some wayShe possessed a rare collection of antique books.
pourto transfer a liquid from one container to anotherShe poured the milk into her cereal bowl.
practiceto engage in an activity or exercise regularly to improve a skill or abilityShe practiced her violin every day to prepare for the concert.
praiseto express admiration or approval for someone or somethingShe praised her daughter for her hard work on the school project.
preferto like or want something more than something elseShe prefers tea over coffee in the morning.
prepareto make ready or get ready for an event or taskShe prepared a delicious dinner for her family.
presentto show or display something to othersShe presented her research findings at the conference.
preserveto protect or keep something in its original state or conditionShe preserved the family heirloom by storing it in a safe place.
preventto stop something from happening or prevent it from occurringShe prevented the spread of the virus by wearing a mask and social distancing.
printto produce a copy of a document or image on paper or another surfaceShe printed out her resume on high-quality paper.
produceto create or make something, often in large quantitiesShe produced a successful film that won several awards.
promiseto make a commitment to do or give somethingShe promised to call her friend every week to stay in touch.
promoteto advertise or make something known in order to increase its popularity or salesShe promoted her new book on social media.
protectto keep something safe from harm, damage, or dangerShe protected her skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen.
proveto demonstrate or show that something is true or validShe proved her theory with extensive research and evidence.
provideto give or supply something that is needed or wantedShe provided food and shelter for the homeless.
publishto make something available to the public, often in written or digital formShe published her novel to great critical acclaim.
pullto use force to move something towards oneself or away from something elseShe pulled the door open and walked into the room.
pushto use force to move something away from oneself or towards something elseShe pushed the shopping cart through the store.
putto place or set something down in a particular positionShe put the dishes away in the cupboard.
questionto ask someone for information or to express doubt or uncertainty about somethingShe questioned the validity of the study’s results.
quitto stop doing something, often permanently or voluntarilyShe quit her job to pursue her dream of traveling the world.
raiseto lift or move something to a higher positionShe raised her hand to ask a question in class.
readto look at and understand written or printed wordsShe read the newspaper every morning with her coffee.
realizeto become aware of or understand something that was previously unknown or unclearShe realized that she had left her phone at home.
receiveto be given or presented with something, often as a gift or rewardShe received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her husband.
recommendto suggest or advise someone to do or try somethingShe recommended the new restaurant to her friends.
recordto make a written or audiovisual document of an event or informationShe recorded her thoughts and ideas in a journal.
reduceto make something smaller or decrease in size or quantityShe reduced her carbon footprint by taking public transportation.
reflectto think deeply or carefully about something, often to gain insight or understandingShe reflected on her life choices and made some important decisions.
refuseto decline or say no to something that is offered or requestedShe refused to eat meat and became a vegetarian.
regardto consider or think of something in a particular wayShe regarded him as a trusted friend and conf
relaxto become less tense or stressed, to rest or unwindShe liked to relax in the evening with a good book.
relyto depend on or trust in someone or somethingShe relied on her best friend for emotional support.
rememberto recall or bring to mind something that was previously known or experiencedShe remembered the song from her childhood.
removeto take away or eliminate something from a particular place or situationShe removed the stains from her shirt with a stain remover.
repairto fix or restore something that is damaged or brokenShe repaired her bicycle after it had a flat tire.
reportto give an account of something, often in writing or orallyShe reported the news to her colleagues.
representto stand for or symbolize something, to act on behalf of someone or somethingShe represented her company at the trade show.
requireto need or demand something in order to function or operate properlyShe required a high-speed internet connection for her work.
researchto study or investigate something thoroughly in order to discover new information or knowledgeShe researched the history of her family tree.
respondto answer or react to something that was said or doneShe responded to the email within 24 hours.
restto relax or take a break from activity, to sleep or recover from fatigue or illnessShe rested on the couch after a long day at work.
resultto occur or happen as a consequence or outcome of something elseShe saw positive results from her exercise routine.
returnto give or bring something back to its original place or owner, to go back to a previous state or conditionShe returned the library books before the due date.
revealto make something known or visible that was previously hidden or secretShe revealed her true feelings to her partner.
reviewto examine or analyze something closely in order to evaluate its quality or effectivenessShe reviewed the document for errors and inconsistencies.
rideto sit on and control the movement of a vehicle or animalShe rode her bike to work every day.
ringto make a sound by striking a bell or another object, to call someone on the phoneShe rang the doorbell to announce her arrival.
riseto move upwards, to increase in quantity or qualityShe watched the sun rise over the horizon.
riskto expose oneself to danger or harm, to take a chance or gamble on somethingShe took a risk and invested in the stock market.
runto move quickly on foot, to operate or manage a business or organizationShe ran a marathon and finished in first place.
saveto keep or preserve something for later use, to rescue or protect from harm or dangerShe saved her money to buy a new car.
sayto express or communicate words or ideas through speech or writingShe said goodbye to her friends before leaving.
seeto perceive or observe something through the eyes or other senses, to understand or comprehend somethingShe saw the beautiful sunset from her balcony.
seekto search or look for something that is missing or needed, to strive for or pursue a goalShe sought advice from her mentor.
sellto exchange goods or services for money or other goods, to persuade someone to buy somethingShe sold her old car to buy a new one.
separateto divide or detach something from another, to set apart or isolate somethingShe separated the laundry by color before washing.
serveto provide or distribute something to others, to work in a capacity that benefits othersShe served coffee to her guests.
setto put something in a particular position or state, to establish or fix something in placeShe set the table for dinner.
settleto resolve or come to an agreement about a problem or dispute, to become calm or comfortable in a particular place or situationShe settled the argument with her friend.
shaketo move back and forth or up and down with quick, jerky motions, to cause to tremble or vibrateShe shook the dust off the rug.
shareto give a portion of something to others, to communicate or express something with othersShe shared her cake with her friends.
shootto fire a weapon or take a photograph, to propel or project something quickly and forcefullyShe shot a target with her bow and arrow.
showto present or display something to others, to demonstrate or prove somethingShe showed her artwork at the gallery.
shutto close or block an entrance or opening, to stop operating or functioningShe shut the windows to keep out the cold.
singto produce musical sounds with the voice, to express or convey something through singingShe sang a lullaby to her baby.
sitto rest one’s weight on one’s buttocks and remain upright, to occupy a particular place or positionShe sat in the front row of the theater.
sleepto rest or slumber, to be in a state of unconsciousnessShe slept for eight hours every night.
smellto perceive or detect an odor or scent, to have a particular odor or scentShe smelled the flowers in the garden.
smileto express happiness or amusement by turning up the corners of one’s mouth, to be friendly or pleasantShe smiled at the cashier.
smoketo inhale and exhale smoke from tobacco or another substance, to emit smoke or fumesShe smoked a cigarette on the balcony.
solveto find a solution or answer to a problem or question, to explain or clarify somethingShe solved the math problem on the board.
sortto arrange or classify something according to particular characteristics or criteria, to separate or divide something into categoriesShe sorted the books by genre.
soundto produce or emit a particular noise or tone, to convey or express something through soundShe sounded the alarm to alert the building.
speakto communicate or express thoughts or ideas through speech, to utter or articulate wordsShe spoke several languages fluently.
spendto use up or pay out money or resources, to pass or occupy time in a particular wayShe spent the weekend hiking in the mountains.
spinto rotate or turn quickly or smoothly around a central axis, to create or produce something rapidly and with great energyShe spun the dreidel during Hanukkah.
standto support oneself or be in an upright position on one’s feet, to be in a particular position or situationShe stood in line for tickets.
startto begin or initiate something, to cause or set in motionShe started the car and drove away.
stayto remain in a particular place or state, to continue or persist in a particular conditionShe stayed at the hotel for three nights.
stopto come to an end or halt, to prevent or hinder something from continuingShe stopped at the red light.
studyto learn or acquire knowledge about a subject or topic, to examine or scrutinize something carefullyShe studied for her exam all night.
succeedto accomplish or achieve a desired outcome or goal, to follow or come after somethingShe succeeded in getting the job.
sufferto experience pain, distress, or hardship, to undergo or be subjected to something unpleasantShe suffered a concussion from the accident.
suggestto propose or recommend something for consideration, to imply or indicate something indirectlyShe suggested going to the beach for the weekend.
supportto provide assistance or encouragement to someone or something, to bear the weight or hold up somethingShe supported her friend through a difficult time.
surpriseto cause someone to feel astonishment or amazement, to do something unexpectedShe surprised her sister with a birthday party.
swimto move through water by propelling oneself with one’s limbs, to be immersed or bathed in waterShe swam across the lake.
taketo grab or hold onto something, to consume or ingest something, to undertake or perform a particular actionShe took a sip of her coffee.
talkto communicate or converse with someone, to express or convey something through speechShe talked to her boss about a raise.
teachto instruct or educate someone in a particular subject or skill, to show or demonstrate how to do somethingShe taught her daughter how to read.
tellto communicate or convey information to someone, to narrate or relate a story or experienceShe told her friend about her trip to Paris.
testto assess or evaluate something’s performance or ability, to experiment or conduct research on somethingShe tested the new software for bugs.
thinkto use one’s mental faculties to consider or reflect on something, to have an opinion or belief about somethingShe thought about her decision for a long time.
throwto propel or launch something through the air, to cast or toss something away from oneselfShe threw the ball to her dog.
touchto come into contact with something physically, to affect or influence someone emotionallyShe touched the soft fur of the kitten.
trainto teach or prepare someone for a particular task or profession, to exercise or condition the body or mindShe trained for the marathon for months.
travelto move from one place to another, to journey or explore a new destinationShe traveled to Europe for vacation.
tryto attempt or make an effort to do something, to test or experiment with somethingShe tried on several dresses before choosing one.
turnto rotate or revolve around an axis or center point, to change or redirect the direction of somethingShe turned the key in the lock to open the door.
understandto comprehend or grasp the meaning or significance of something, to be aware or informed about somethingShe understood the instructions clearly.
useto employ or utilize something for a particular purpose, to consume or deplete somethingShe used a pencil to write a note.
waitto remain in a place or position until something happens, to expect or anticipate somethingShe waited for the bus at the stop.
walkto move on foot, to proceed or advance slowly or cautiouslyShe walked her dog in the park.
watchto observe or monitor something or
watchto observe or monitor something or someone, to view or attend a performance or eventShe watched the movie on Netflix.
wearto have on or carry on one’s body, to show or display something proudlyShe wore a red dress to the party.
winto achieve victory or success in a competition or conflict, to earn or gain something through effortShe won the championship game.
workto engage in physical or mental labor or activity, to function or operate effectivelyShe worked on her project all night.
worryto feel anxious or concerned about something, to bother or trouble someoneShe worried about her son’s safety.
writeto produce or create written words or text, to communicate or express thoughts or ideas in writingShe wrote a letter to her grandparents

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