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250+ English Sentences

Here are 250+ English sentences that showcase various grammar structures, vocabulary, and common phrases. These sentences can be used as practice for language learners or as inspiration for writing prompts.

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Medical and Health Idioms - wordscoach.com

50 Medical and Health Idioms

Medical and health idioms are commonly used expressions in English that relate to physical and mental health. These idioms are a great way to express oneself in everyday conversations, especially when talking about health-related issues.

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Idioms About FAMILY - wordscoach.com

50 Idioms About FAMILY

Idioms About FAMILY- Family is an essential part of our lives, and we often use idioms to describe our relationships and experiences with them. These expressions capture the unique dynamics, emotions, and quirks that come with being a part of a family.

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Example Sentences of Verbs - wordscoach.com

200+ Example Sentences of Verbs

A verb is one of the most important parts of speech and is a word that is used to describe an action or an ongoing condition. It is considered the heart of a sentence. There is a main verb and sometimes one or more helping verbs.

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