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Opposite Words in English, 100+ Examples of Opposite Words in English

What are Opposite Words?

Opposite words in English are known as antonyms. An opposite word can be defined as a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the meaning of a particular word.

Examples include: hot and cold, up and down, in and out, fast and slow, happy and sad.

Opposite Words in English - wordscoach.com

100 Examples of Opposite Words in English

WordOpposite Word
Above below
Begin end
Black white
Buy sell
Close open
Cold hot
Come go
Day night
Deep shallow
Early late
East west
Easy difficult
Empty full
Enter exit
Fast slow
Fat thin
Find lose
First last
Follow lead
Forward backward
Friend enemy
Give take
Good bad
Grow shrink
Happy sad
Hard soft
Heavy light
High low
Hire fire
Hot cold
In out
Inside outside
Join leave
Jump fall
Keep lose
Kill save
Know ignore
Large small
Last first
Late early
Laugh cry
Left right
Lend borrow
Lie sit
Light dark
Like dislike
Live die
Lock unlock
Long short
Lose win
Make break
Male female
Married single
Meet part
More less
Move stay
New old
North south
On off
Out in
Pass fail
Pay receive
Play work
Pull push
Raise lower
Right wrong
Rise fall
Run walk
Sad happy
Safe dangerous
Save spend
Say hear
See blind
Sell buy
Send receive
Short tall
Show hide
Sing dance
Sit stand
Sleep wake
Small large
Soft hard
Speak listen
Spend save
Start finish
Stay go
Stop start
Strong weak
Succeed fail
Sunny cloudy
Take give
Tell ask
Thin fat
Think forget
Throw catch
Tired rested
Up down
Wake sleep
Walk run
Warm cold

Please note that these are just examples and there are many more antonyms in the English language.

100 Examples of Opposite Words in English - wordscoach.com


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