Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense is used to delineate an action that is taking place at the current time of speaking. It is also used to depict something that we have arranged to do in the future. 

Pattern: Subject + am/is/are + ing form of main verb

Which has the  following rules

1.  If Pronunciation of verb has silent “e” at the end, that will be removed and ing will be added


He is closing the door

2. If Verb ends with CONSONANT and just before it, there is VOWEL which is strongly pronounced, then CONSONANT will be doubled and ing is added. 


Jack is swimming in the pool.
John is cutting the tree
The Gardener is digging in the garden. 

3. Otherwise, just append ing in the end 


The boys are playing cricket on the ground..
He is eating an apple.
You are opening your box.
The baby is crying.

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