Synonyms Words For IELTS -

Synonyms Words For IELTS

A List of the Most Common Synonyms to Improve Your IELTS Score

Learn English From Basic To Advance.

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Below is a list of synonyms for common words which can help a great deal in getting you a good IELTS score.

abandon desert
abbreviate shorten
ability skill
able capable
abundant ample
accurate correct
achieve accomplish
active energetic
adamant firm
add increase
adequate sufficient
aggressive assertive
aid help
always forever
amateur beginner
ambitious aspiring
antagonize provoke
apparent obvious
approve accept
arrive reach
arrogant haughty
authentic genuine
average ordinary, fair
awful dreadful, atrocious
awkward clumsy, uncoordinated
ban prohibit, forbid
barren unproductive, infertile
bashful shy, timid
beautiful pretty, attractive
before prior, earlier
beginning start, initiate
believe trust, accept
below under, lower
beneficial helpful, useful
best finest, choice
birth beginning
blend combine, mix
bottom base, foundation
brave courageous, bold
break fracture, burst
brief short, concise
buy purchase
calm quiet, tranquil
capture apprehend
care concern, protection
careful cautious
cease stop, discontinue
certain positive, sure
charming delightful, appealing
chilly cool, nippy
chubby plump, pudgy
clarify explain, simplify
close shut, fasten
close near, imminent
coarse bumpy, rough
colossal enormous, immense
combine blend, unite
comical amusing, funny
complex complicated
compress crush, condense
concrete real, tangible
concur agree
condemn censure
condense compress
confess admit, acknowledge
confine contain, enclose
conflict oppose, differ, clash
conflict fight, battle, struggle
conform comply, submit
confuse complicate, muddle, jumble
congested overcrowded, stuffed
connect join, link, attach
conscientious scrupulous, virtuous
conscious aware, cognizant
consecutive successive, continuous
conservative cautious, restrained
continue persist, persevere
convalesce recuperate, recover
convenient handy, accessible
conventional customary, traditional
correct accurate, right
courage bravery, valor
courteous polite, civil
cover conceal, hide
cozy comfortable, snug
cranky cross, irritable
crazy insane, daft, mad
cruel mean, heartless
cry sob, weep
dally loiter, linger
damage hurt, impair
dangerous unsafe, hazardous
daring bold, audacious
deduct subtract, remove
defend protect, shield
defy resist, challenge
delicate fragile, dainty
demolish destroy, wreck
denounce blame, censure, indict
dense thick, heavy, compressed
depart leave, exit
deposit store, place
desolate barren, forsaken
despise hate, detest, loathe
destitute poor, penniless
deter hinder, prevent
determined sure, convinced
die expire, perish
different distinct, unlike
difficult hard, challenging
dilute weaken, thin
diminish curtail, lessen, decrease
dirty soiled, messy
disagree differ, dispute
dispute debate, oppose
diverse different, distinct
divide separate, split
docile tame, gentle
dormant sleeping, inactive
doubt mistrust, dispute
drab dull, lifeless
dubious doubtful, questionable
dull blunt, dreary
dumb stupid, dense
early premature, beforetime
easy simple
eccentric peculiar, unusual
ecstasy joy, rapture, elation
empty drain, unload
encourage promote, support, urge
enemy opponent, foe
enjoy like, appreciate
enlarge expand, magnify
enormous vast, immense, colossal
exceptional remarkable, outstanding
excite arouse, provoke, incite
exhilarated overjoyed, ecstatic, elated
explicit exact, distinct, unmistakable
exquisite delightful, charming, lovely
fabulous marvelous, amazing
face confront, meet
fair honest, just, impartial
fake imitation, phony, artificial
false incorrect, untrue
fancy elaborate, ornate, fussy
fantastic incredible, outrageous
fast rapid, quick, swift
fat chubby, plump, stout
fatal deadly, mortal, killing
fatigue tire, exhaust
fiction fantasy, untruth, myth
fill load, pack
fix mend, repair
flaw defect, fault, blemish
flimsy frail, fragile, delicate
flippant impudent, sassy
fluid liquid
foe enemy, adversary, opponent
forgive pardon, excuse, absolve
former previous, earlier
fraction part, portion, segment
frank candid, straightforward, blunt
frenzy fury, rage
fresh unused, new
friend comrade, buddy
frigid freezing, frosty
frivolous trivial, unimportant, silly
furious angry, enraged, infuriated
future coming, tomorrow
gain acquire, obtain, receive-
gather collect, accumulate, compile-
gaudy showy, garish, vulgar
gaunt scrawny, skinny, thin
generous giving, selfless, big-hearted
gentle tender, mild
genuine real, authentic, sincere
gigantic immense, colossal, enormous
give donate, present, offer
glad happy, pleased, delighted
gloomy dark, dismal, depressing
gorgeous ravishing, dazzling, stunning
gratitude thankfulness, appreciation
great outstanding, remarkable
handy useful, convenient, skillful
hard firm, solid, difficult
hate loathe, detest
help aid, assist
high elevated, lofty
hold grasp, grip, retain
honest truthful, sincere, frank
hospitable welcoming, cordial, gracious
hostile antagonistic, aggressive, militant
huge vast, immense, great
humble modest, unpretentious
humiliate embarrass, disgrace, dishonor
identical alike, duplicate
immaculate spotless, pure
immature childish, inexperienced
immune resistant, exempt
impartial neutral, unbiased, fair
impatient eager, anxious, intolerant
imperative compulsory, crucial, mandatory
imperfect marred, defective, faulty
impetuous impulsive, rash, reckless
important significant, meaningful
independent self-reliant, autonomous
inferior lesser, substandard
infuriate enrage, agitate, provoke
ingenious clever, creative, original
innocent guiltless, blameless
interesting provocative, engrossing
intermittent sporadic, periodic
internal inner, inside
intolerant bigoted, prejudiced
intriguing fascinating, enthralling
irrelevant inappropriate, unrelated
irritate annoy, agitate, provoke
join connect, unite, link
jolly merry, jovial, joyful
jubilant overjoyed, delighted, elated
keep save, protect, guard
kind considerate, tender, thoughtful
least fewest, minimum, smallest
legible readable, clear
lenient lax, unrestrained, easy
listless lethargic, tired
logical sensible, sane, rational
long lengthy
loose slack, limp
lure attract, seduce, entice
luxurious extravagant, elegant
magnify expand, enlarge, exaggerate
mandatory required, compulsory
maneuver manipulate, handle, scheme
maximum greatest, uppermost, highest
meager scanty, sparse, poor
mean unkind, malicious, nasty
militant combative, aggressive, warlike
minor lesser, inferior, secondary
mirth merriment, fun, laughter
mischievous naughty, impish
misfortune hardship, catastrophe, mishap
mobile moveable, changeable
moderate temperate, lenient, medium
momentous important, powerful, outstanding
monotonous boring, tedious dreary, humdrum
moral ethical, virtuous, righteous
morbid appalling, awful, ghastly
morose gloomy, sullen, moody, glum
mourn grieve, lament, bemoan
mysterious elusive, occult, secret
naughty bad, disobedient, wrong
nonchalant indifferent, lackadaisical, blase
normal ordinary, typical, usual
numerous several, abundant, considerable
obey mind, heed, comply
oblivious unconscious, preoccupied, dazed
obnoxious offensive, abominable, repulsive
observe examine, study, scrutinize
obsolete extinct, dated, antiquated
obstinate stubborn, bullheaded, adamant
odd peculiar, weird, strange
offend displease, affront, disgust
ominous threatening, menacing
opaque obscure, murky, unclear
open begin, unfold, originate
opponent enemy, rival, foe
optimistic hopeful, confident
optional voluntary, elective
ordinary usual, average
outrageous preposterous, shocking
outstanding extraordinary, distinguished
painstaking meticulous, precise, fastidious
peculiar weird, bizarre
perfect flawless, accurate
permanent enduring, lasting
perpetual eternal, endless, incessant
persuade convince, influence
plausible believable, reasonable, logical
plentiful ample, enough, abundant
pliable supple, flexible, compliant
polite gracious, refined, courteous
poor destitute, needy, impoverished
portion part, segment, piece
possible conceivable, feasible, plausible
precarious dangerous, uncertain, shaky
precious cherished, valuable, prized
prejudiced biased, opinionated, influenced
premature early, hasty
prevalent customary, widespread
prevent thwart, prohibit, hinder
probable likely, apt, liable
proficient skilled, adept, competent
profit gain, earnings, benefit
prohibit forbid, bar, restrict
prominent distinguished, eminent
prompt punctual, timely
prosperous thriving, successful, flourishing
proud arrogant, elated
push shove, propel
quit cease, stop, withdraw
racket noise, commotion, disturbance
radiant luminous, shining, lustrous
raise hoist, elevate
ratify approve, confirm, endorse
rational logical, level-headed, sensible
ravage devastate, ruin, damage
raze destroy, demolish
recreation amusement, pleasure, pastime
reduce lessen, decrease, diminish
relentless persistent, merciless, unyielding
relevant pertinent, suitable, apropos
reliable trustworthy, steadfast, stable
reluctant unwilling, hesitant
remote secluded, isolated, distant
repulsive hideous, offensive, gruesome
reputable honorable, upstanding, honest
resist oppose, withstand, defy
retaliate avenge, revenge, reciprocate
reveal show, disclose, divulge
ridiculous nonsensical, foolish, preposterous
same identical, alike, equivalent
savage uncivilized, barbarous
save preserve, conserve, keep
scarce scanty, rare, sparse
scrawny skinny, gaunt, spindly
scrupulous meticulous, ethical, fastidious
seize apprehend, grab, snatch
separate divide, segregate, partition
serene peaceful, tranquil, calm
serious grave, solemn, pensive
shrewd clever, cunning, crafty
sluggish listless, lethargic, inactive
small little, insignificant, trivial
smooth slick, glossy, level
sociable friendly, cordial, gregarious
sorrow woe, anguish, grief
special exceptional, notable, particular
spontaneous instinctive, automatic, natural
stable steady, unchanging, settled
stationary fixed, immobile, firm
stimulate rouse, stir, motivate
stop quit, cease, terminate
strenuous vigorous, laborious
strict stringent, severe, stern
strong powerful, mighty, potent
stupid unintelligent, dense, foolish
subsequent following, succeeding, latter
suppress restrain, inhibit, squelch
surplus excess, additional, extra
swift fast, speedy, hasty
synthetic man-made, artificial
tall high, lofty
tangible concrete, definite
taut tense, tight, stiff
tender delicate, gentle, affectionate
terrible dreadful, horrible, vile
thaw melt, defrost
thrifty economical, frugal, prudent
thrive prosper, flourish, develop
total whole, entire, complete
trivial insignificant, worthless
upset perturb, ruffle, agitate
urgent crucial, important
vacant unoccupied, empty
vague unclear, obscure, indistinct
valiant courageous, brave, heroic
vibrate shake, quiver, tremble
vicious malicious, spiteful, ferocious
victory triumph, win, success
virtuous moral, righteous, angelic
vulgar offensive, uncouth, coarse
wealth riches, prosperity, assets
weary tired, fatigued, lethargic
win triumph, succeed, prevail
wise knowing, scholarly, smart
wonderful marvelous, incredible
worn used, impaired, old
wrong incorrect, untrue, mistaken
yield produce, bear, provide
zenith peak, apex

Synonyms Words For IELTS -

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