8 easy and effective ways to remove stage fright

Top 7 Web series you should watch to improve your English

Speaking English is a task that improves with practice, You can learn any language easily by Listening and Speaking it thoroughly. In our previous articles, we were talking about public speaking and stage fear, where the key factor is speaking and body language. Reading books, watching ted talks, reading articles online are few of the many techniques that can improve your language speaking skills. Well, watching movies and web series can help you relax your mood as well as improve language.

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Top 5 Reasons of Why Strong Vocabulary is important

Top 5 reasons why vocabulary is very important in today’s world. Vocabulary is the key to enhance your communication skills. Having a great knowledge of words can make your personality impactful. Vocabulary will help you to express your feelings, your ideas clearly. Develop your vocabulary size to see the world in a different way. Here, tips for how to increase your vocabulary.

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