10 Easiest Ways to Improve your English

10 Easiest Ways to Improve your English

English is just another language. Treat it that way! Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing are pioneers of any language. Certainly, English is considered to be easy to learn and an accessible language. It’s not at all a rocket science to learn English. And there are loads of ways you can improve your English while having fun. So, wrap your head and have a read of the 10 easiest ways to improve your English language.

1. Read various materials

Start reading anything that slightly interests you. Consequently, develop a habit of reading daily an hour. There are plenty of materials available around you to use. To clarify, you can start reading English newspapers every day. Specifically, the editorial section of the newspaper is worth reading. Other than the newspaper, start reading novels of whichever genre you would love. Completing the novel, trust me, you’ll feel great afterward!! Most importantly, pay attention to basic English grammar, vocabulary, structure, phrases, etc while reading.

2. Watch movies and TV series

A lot of people do not find reading interesting. Therefore, they have the option to switch over to watch delightful movies or TV series. Learning can be fun that way. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles. However, sometimes it gets boring if you are not able to understand the movie. Then the secret is to watch those movies/TV series you’ve seen previously and know the story, however this time in the original language and with English captions on. So you don’t miss a thing since you comprehend what will occur and the experience will be considerably more charming. In this way, you can learn the pronunciation of different words.

3. Listening is the way out

Learn to listen actively. Listen to English songs and try to understand the lyrics. Subsequently, make an effort to imitate what you hear to practice your pronunciation. Apart from English music, you can try to listen to English radios and podcasts. Make a note of words or phrases which you don’t understand and look up the translations afterward. Then listen to the podcast again to get an idea of the new words used in a proper context. 

4. Improve the word bank

Try to learn 10 new words every day. Associate those words with something (for example-images, memories, incident, and person) so that you won’t forget it easily. Also, we can help you with building your vocabulary. Download the WordsCoach app from our website or download from this link, and learn the difficult words in an efficient way. As it comes with the synonyms, antonyms, and how you can use those words in a sentence. Here is a screenshot of the reference.

5. Utilize your friends

The best way to achieve a level of fluency is to speak English in front of your friends while hanging out with them. You won’t feel any hesitation while speaking with your friends. In this way, you will overcome the difficulty of speaking in front of people steadily. However, please don’t chat with improper English. 

6. Have a debate

Make a group of 5 people and select a topic that interests you on a daily basis. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can and talk in a formal way. Active listening is also a crucial part. Listen to other’s arguments carefully so that you can make a move against them. Try to maintain eye contact while talking. It’s a good gesture.

7. Write answers on Quora

Maintaining a personal diary is a fantastic way of writing English. However, if diary doesn’t work for you then start writing answers on Quora. Pick a topic of your interest and start answering the questions. Just give it a shot, at least start with short answers. In this fashion, you will start improving your writing skills in English.

8. Watch TED talks and imitate afterward

Your confidence will build with speaking the language. Don’t feel bad for making mistakes! Listen to the TED talk on any topic which may interest you. Listen to their words carefully. Pause the video after each sentence. Then repeat the sentence in the same accent as the speaker did. Many of us may speak with regional accents. Try to be in a neutral accent. You can try in front of a mirror or you can talk and record yourself. This is a very productive method as no one’s a better critic of you than you yourself.

9. Think in English

Think in English to improve your fluency. Try to use English when you’re thinking about your day, thinking about what to do next, thinking about your work, etc. Constantly translate your thoughts from native language to English. You’ll notice that if you think in English, it will be easier for you to speak in English.

10. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Someone said that- “‎Determination, effort, and practice are rewarded with success.” Daily practice is the key. You can join a club like Toastmasters. In such a way you will be engaged with people regularly. All the learners at some point feel like losing hopes. However, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Write something in English, Stand in front of a mirror and speak in English, Watch movies, Read novels daily, etc. In such a fashion, you will definitely get success!!

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