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250+ Short Form Of Words Used In Chat

Short Form of Words Used In Chat Here is a list of short forms of words used in chat. The short form of words used on Facebook helps to communicate in an easy way.

Here is a list of short forms of words used in Chat:

GB2W – Get back to work

VM – Voicemail

NVM – Nevermind

WDYK – What do you know?

OS – Operating system

4 – For

LOTI – Laughing on the inside

GL – Good luck

K – OK

HAND – Have a nice day

OG – Original gangster

OIC – Oh, I see

TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read

CRAY – Crazy

AYDY – Are you done yet?

DILLIGAS – Do I look like I give a s***?

2EZ – Too easy

8L3W – Eight letters, three words

IM – Instant message

R – Are

ICYMI – In case you missed it

OMDB – Over my dead body

W/E – Whatever

UOK – Are you OK?

BOL – Best of luck

DGT – Don’t go there

WDYT – What do you think?

PTL – Praise the Lord

RBTL – Read between the lines

NFS – Not for sale

IDGAF – I don’t give a f***

POV – Point of view

PPL – People

FB – Facebook

QOTD – Quote of the day

ISO – In search of

BFF – Best friends forever

Q4U – (I have a) question for you

ADMIN – Administrator

UFN – Until further notice

NMU – Not much, you?

121 – One to one

ABC – Already been chewed

TYSO – Thank you so much

TYT – Take your time

TMB – Tweet me back (Twitter)

BDAY – Birthday

GOI – Get over it

KK – Cool cool

ILY/ILU – I love you

OBV – Obviously

IYSS – If you say so

LMAO – Laughing my a** off

TMI – Too much information

BD – Big deal

DQMOT – Don’t quote me on this

DM – Direct message (Twitter)

DUPE – Duplicate

WAH – Working at home

BLNT – Better luck next time

ATB – All the best

?4U – I have a question for you

NBD – No big deal

N2M – Not too much

BYOB – Bring your own beer

F2F – Face to face

BYOC – Bring your own computer

CRE8 – Create

TCB – Take care of business

IMHO – In my humble opinion

IRL – In real life

A/S/L – Age/sex/location

PM – Private message

OTB – Off to bed

NIMBY – Not in my backyard

LOL – Laughing out loud

IDK – I don’t know

GR8 – Great

KEWL – Cool

WYGAM – When you get a minute

EZ – Easy

FF – Follow Friday (Twitter)

OT – Off-topic

PROLLY – Probably

FWM – Fine with me

FIMH – Forever in my heart

TBH – To be honest

BTDT – Been there, done that

TBD – To be determined

IMO – In my opinion

CMON – Come on

H8 – Hate

JIC – Just in case

IYKWIM – If you know what I mean

LIC – Like I care

SYS – See you soon

IGN – I’ve got nothing

TMOT – Trust me on this

JK – Just kidding

BCNU – Be seeing you

BBS – Be back soon

BYTM – Better you than me

OYO – On your own

EOBD – End of business day

CLK – Click

WYWH – Wish you were here

WRK – Work

NOW – No way out

CID – Consider it done

WTF – What the f***?

NLT – No later than

ITYK – I thought you knew

L8R – Later

THX – Thanks

H-BDAY – Happy birthday

AIGHT – Alright

MYOB – Mind your own business

NGL – Not gonna lie

ICBW – It could be worse

SYL – See you later

AMIIC – Ask me if I care

BYOD – Bring your own device

OMG – Oh my God

FTL – For the loss

IMS – I am sorry

SUX – Sucks or “it sucks”

TWSS – That’s what she said

PTMM – Please tell me more

HW – Homework

FRT – For real though

MHOTY – My hat’s off to you

TTYL – Talk to you later

BRB – Be right back

ADDY – Address

MEH – So-so or just OK

EOM – End of message

RLY – Really

TTYS – Talk to you soon

VRY – Very

SUP – What’s up?

2G2BT – Too good to be true

LTD – Living the dream

ABT – About

AAMOF – As a matter of fact

DERP – Meaning stupid or silly

IMU – I miss you

YHBW – You have been warned

GD – Good

2M2H – Too much to handle

FYI – For your information

2MORO – Tomorrow

OH – Overheard

DKDC – Don’t know, don’t care

DIY – Do it yourself

OMW – On my way

FBOW – For better or worse

BFD – Big freaking deal

APP – Application

AYS – Are you serious?

ALOL – Actually laughing out loud

WAYF – Where are you from?

MSG – Message

ASAP – As soon as possible

AH – At home

BTW – By the way

FWB – Friend with benefits

YNK – You never know

2NITE – Tonight

IFYP – I feel your pain

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

STR8 – Straight

AYT – Are you there?

WBU – What about you?

NSFW – Not safe for work

STFU – Shut the f*** up

GRATZ – Congratulations

NM – Nothing much

B2W – Back to work

GFI – Go for it

BFN – Bye for now

STBY – Sucks to be you

AKA – Also known as

AFAIK – As far as I know

DL – Download

LULZ – LOL (slang)

SRY – Sorry

SRSLY – Seriously

B4 – Before

BAK – Back at keyboard

BAMF – Bada** motherf*

PLS – Please

SOL – Sooner or later

NP – No problem

NOYB – None of your business

N00b – Newbie, novice

BBL – Be back later

SMH – Shaking my head

TLC – Tender loving care

SLAP – Sounds like a plan

BAU – Business as usual

FOAF – Friend of a friend

BRT – Be right there

BC – Because

HRU – How are you?

SK8 – Skate

FYA – For your amusement

BIF – Before I forget

G2CU – Good to see you

2 – To (in texting)

LTNS – Long time no see

AFK – Away from keyboard

COB – Close of business

FWIW – For what it’s worth

FBM – Fine by me

FTW – For the win

<3 – Love/friendship

G2G – Got to go

AAQ – Assumed asinine question

FAF – Funny as f***

SITD – Sitting in the dark

TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday

TIL – Today I learned

SH^ – Shut up

CHK – Check

JW – Just wondering

Y – Why (?)

WTG – Way to go

ETA – Estimated time of arrival

RTM – Read the manual

EOD – End of day/end of discussion

OP – Original poster

XOXO – Hugs and kisses

CU – See you

AND – Any day now

IC – I see

IDC – I don’t care

FOMO – Fear of missing out

TL – Too long

OTFL – On the floor laughing

2F4U – Too fast for you

BR – Best regards

CLD – Could

IAE – In any event

WYD – What are you doing?

FTBOMH – From the bottom of my heart

QQ – Quick question

RT – Retweet (Twitter)

HAK/H&K – Hug(s) and kiss(es)

LMK – Let me know

GB – Goodbye

LYSM – Love you so much

EAK – Eating at keyboard

FYEO/4YEO – For your eyes only

MKAY – Mmm, OK

PWN – Own (slang)

250+ Short Form Of Words Used In Chat - wordscoach.com

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