Sentences with HAS -

50+ Sentences with HAS


We use ‘has’ to show possession or ownership of singular objects. Has is used with he, she, and it.

Also, Has is defined as to possess or own something.

Sentences with Has

  • She has a cute smile.
  • My dog has blue eyes and fluffy skin.
  • This has been fun.
  • My best friend has a new job.
  • Do you know has Alex been injured?
  • The boy has powerful arms.
  • What has Samuel done now?
  • Who hasn’t been there?
  • My grandmother has pearl necklace.
  • Mary has already had lunch.
  • He hasn’t been here long.
  • She has black hair.
  • Michael has bought a new dress but she hasn’t worn it yet.
  • She has collected many letters over the years.
  • Rohan has got too many assignments in the homework.
  • The south has a hot, dry climate, whereas the north has a milder, wetter climate.
  • He knows best what good is that has endured evil.
  • She has rented a car.
  • This elephant has a very long trunk.
  • She has been studying hard.
  • Jessica has to get up early.
  • Babita has got a new gift for her birthday.
  • It has started to rain again.
  • Every Jack has his Jill.
  • That dog has only three legs.
  • He has to be treated at the hospital.
  • No one has to like me.
  • She has made a cake for the birthday party.
  • My mom has to to make a cake.
  • This car has a flat tyre.
  • Every man has a fool in his sleeve.
  • She is the only one who has done the assignment.
  • Every man has his faults.
  • He is not poor that has little, but he that desires much.
  • She had found really good talent visiting small leagues.
  • Pleasure has a sting in its tail.
  • A cursed cow has short horns.
  • It all has to do with the light.
  • A rabbit has long ears.
  • Samuel has to wash his clothes.
  • Rohan has a new bicycle.
  • He has to write a report.
  • He has got too many chocolates.
  • She has to eat.
  • He has not got any appreciation for his performance in the class.
  • This shopping mall has everything we need in daily life.
  • This bird has red wings.
  • He has a really bad cold.
  • Tarun has a football.
  • Ankit has got a new pet dog.
  • Hiya has a pretty doll.
  • My brother has a blue shirt.
  • Maria has time to read us a book.
  • The zoo has different types of animals.
  • My doll has curly hair.
  • She has won many certificates.
  • My boss has such a bad temper.
  • He has to go to school.

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