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100+ Examples of Possessive Adjective

What is a Possessive Adjective?

A possessive adjective is a type of adjective that shows ownership or possession. It is used to indicate that something belongs to or is associated with a particular person, animal, or thing.

The most common possessive adjectives in English are “my”, “your”, “his”, “her”, “its”, “our”, and “their”. These adjectives are used before a noun to indicate that the noun belongs to the person or thing described by the possessive adjective.

For example, in the sentence “I lost my book”, the possessive adjective “my” indicates that the book belongs to the speaker. Similarly, in the sentence “Her dog is very friendly”, the possessive adjective “her” indicates that the dog belongs to the person described by the adjective.

My Your
His Her
Its Our
Their Mine
Yours His
Hers Its
Ours Theirs
Mary’s The cat’s
The dog’s The car’s
The house’s The book’s
The bike’s The company’s
The store’s The restaurant’s

Examples of Possessive Adjective

Here are 100+ examples of sentences using possessive adjectives:

  • My car is parked in the driveway.
  • Your phone is ringing.
  • His hat fell off in the wind.
  • Her shoes are too tight.
  • Its leaves are turning brown.
  • Our vacation was amazing.
  • Their house is on the corner.
  • This is mine, not yours.
  • Is that yours or theirs?
  • His shirt is wrinkled.
  • She took hers off and left.
  • The cat licked its paw.
  • Our team won the championship.
  • Theirs was the only car in the lot.
  • John’s car is red.
  • Mary’s dress is blue.
  • The cat’s fur is soft.
  • The dog’s tail wagged happily.
  • The car’s engine is loud.
  • The house’s roof needs repairs.
  • The book’s cover is torn.
  • The bike’s tires need air.
  • The company’s profits have gone up.
  • The store’s hours of operation have changed.
  • The restaurant’s food is delicious.
  • The city’s skyline is beautiful.
  • My sister’s dog is cute.
  • Your brother’s car is fast.
  • His parents’ house is large.
  • Her grandparents’ farm is beautiful.
  • Its colors are bright and bold.
  • Our children’s school is nearby.
  • Their friends’ party was a blast.
  • The teacher graded my paper.
  • The customer returned their purchase.
  • The child lost their toy.
  • The lawyer prepared his case.
  • The doctor examined her patient.
  • The singer performed her song.
  • The athlete trained his body.
  • The employee clocked in for his shift.
  • The actor memorized his lines.
  • The artist painted her masterpiece.
  • The student completed their assignment.
  • My mother’s cooking is delicious.
  • Your father’s advice is always helpful.
  • His brother’s wedding is next month.
  • Her sister’s birthday is today.
  • Its design is modern and sleek.
  • Our company’s mission is to help people.
  • Their team’s strategy was successful.
  • John’s mother’s car is old.
  • Mary’s father’s house is big.
  • The cat’s owner’s name is Sarah.
  • The dog’s owner’s name is Tom.
  • The car’s owner’s manual is missing.
  • The house’s owner’s son painted the walls.
  • The book’s author is a famous writer.
  • The bike’s owner’s brother fixed the brakes.
  • The company’s founder was a visionary.
  • The store’s owner is retiring next year.
  • The restaurant’s chef is from Italy.
  • The city’s mayor is running for reelection.
  • My daughter’s toy is lost.
  • Your son’s backpack is heavy.
  • His friend’s dog is playful.
  • Her cousin’s wedding was beautiful.
  • Its leaves are changing color.
  • Our dog’s favorite toy is a ball.
  • Their cat’s favorite spot is in the sun.
  • John’s sister’s car is reliable.
  • Mary’s mother’s dress is expensive.
  • The cat’s whiskers are long.
  • The dog’s bark is loud.
  • The car’s headlights are bright.
  • The house’s windows are dirty.
  • The book’s plot is intriguing.
  • The bike’s chain is loose.
  • The company’s logo is memorable.
  • The store’s prices are competitive.
  • The restaurant’s service is excellent.
  • The city’s traffic is always busy.
  • My aunt’s garden is full of flowers.
  • Your uncle’s car is brand new.
  • His boss’s office is on the top floor.
  • Her manager’s desk is cluttered.
  • Its fur is soft and fluffy.
  • Our house’s roof is leaking.
  • Their parents’ anniversary is coming up.
  • John’s wife’s name is Susan.
  • Mary’s son’s birthday is next week.
  • The cat’s eyes are green.
  • The dog’s nose is wet.
  • The car’s seats are comfortable.
  • The book’s author is a Nobel Prize winner.
  • The bike’s frame is made of aluminum.
  • The company’s CEO is a visionary leader.
  • The store’s inventory is well-organized.
  • The restaurant’s menu has many options.
  • The city’s skyline is breathtaking at night.
  • My friend’s phone is broken.
  • Your coworker’s desk is messy.
  • His neighbor’s dog barks all night.
  • Her daughter’s room is pink.
  • Its tail is long and furry.
  • Our family’s tradition is to have dinner together every Sunday.
  • Their child’s school is excellent.
  • John’s father’s car is a classic.
  • Mary’s brother’s job is stressful.
  • The cat’s collar is red.

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