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List of 2000+ Common Adjectives

What is a common adjective?

Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns. They provide additional information about the person, place, thing, or idea being referred to in a sentence. Common adjectives are adjectives that are frequently used in everyday language and are familiar to most English speakers.

For example, in the sentence “The red car drove down the street,” the adjective “red” describes the car, giving the reader more information about the car’s appearance. Common adjectives can also be used to express feelings, emotions, and qualities, as in the sentence “The happy child skipped down the road.” Here, the adjective “happy” provides more information about the child’s emotional state.

Examples of common adjectives include “happy,” “sad,” “green,” “tall,” “funny,” “smart,” “important,” “large,” “small,” “beautiful,” and “ugly.”

What is a common adjective List of 2000+ Common Adjectives - wordscoach.com

What are the common types of adjectives?

There are several common types of adjectives that are used to describe nouns and pronouns in English.

Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Descriptive adjectives: These adjectives describe the physical or sensory qualities of a noun. For example, “red,” “tall,” “loud,” and “sweet” are all descriptive adjectives.
  2. Quantitative adjectives: These adjectives describe the quantity or amount of a noun. For example, “one,” “many,” “few,” and “several” are quantitative adjectives.
  3. Demonstrative adjectives: These adjectives point out or identify a specific noun. For example, “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those” are demonstrative adjectives.
  4. Possessive adjectives: These adjectives indicate ownership or possession of a noun. For example, “my,” “your,” “his,” “her,” “its,” “our,” and “their” are possessive adjectives.
  5. Interrogative adjectives: These adjectives are used to ask questions about a noun. For example, “which,” “what,” and “whose” are interrogative adjectives.
  6. Indefinite adjectives: These adjectives are used to describe a noun in a non-specific or indefinite way. For example, “some,” “any,” “many,” and “several” are indefinite adjectives.

These are just a few examples of the common types of adjectives in English. There are many more types and subtypes of adjectives, and their usage can vary depending on the context and the speaker’s intention.

How many common adjectives are there?

It’s difficult to determine an exact number of common adjectives in English, as it depends on factors such as the source and context. However, there are thousands of adjectives in English, and many of them are commonly used in everyday speech and writing.

In addition to the most frequently used adjectives, there are also many specialized adjectives that are specific to certain fields or contexts, such as technical or scientific terms. While it’s impossible to provide an exact count, it’s safe to say that there are many, many common adjectives in English!

List of 2000+ Common Adjectives

Common Adjectives That Start With A

Able Absolute
Academic Acceptable
Accurate Acrobatic
Active Actual
Addictive Adequate
Adorable Adventurous
Affectionate African
Ageless Aggressive
Agile Alert
Alive Alluring
Aloof Amazing
American Amicable
Ample Amusing
Ancient Angelic
Angry Angular
Annoying Annual
Anxious Any
Appropriate Apt
Aquatic Arab
Aromatic Artful
Articulate Artificial
Ashamed Asian
Assertive Astonishing
Attractive Austere
Authentic Automated
Autumnal Average
Awful Awkward

Common Adjectives That Start With B

Babyish Backward
Bad Baggy
Balanced Bald
Banging Bare
Barren Basic
Beautiful Belgian
Believable Belligerent
Beloved Beneficial
Bent Best
Better Bewildered
Big Bilingual
Billionaire Bionic
Bitter Bizarre
Black Blank
Blaring Blasphemous
Bleak Blessed
Blind Blissful
Bloody Blue
Blushing Boastful
Bold Bony
Booming Bored
Boring Bossy
Bouncy Boundless
Bountiful Boyish
Brainy Brave
Brawny Breakable
Breathable Breezy
Brief Bright
Brilliant British
Broad Broken
Bronze Brotherly
Brown Bruised
Brutal Bubbly
Buddhist Buff
Bumpy Burdensome
Burgundy Burly
Busy Buzzing

Common Adjectives That Start With C

Caged Calm
Canadian Candid
Cannibalistic Capable
Capitalist Capricious
Carefree Careful
Careless Caring
Carnivorous Carolina
Carved Casual
Catastrophic Catchy
Cautious Ceaseless
Celebrated Celebrity
Cement Censored
Certain Challenging
Charming Cheap
Cheerful Cheerless
Chemical Cherry
Chic Childish
Chilly Chinese
Chivalrous Chubby
Chunky Clandestine
Classic Clean
Clear Clever
Clinical Closed
Cloudy Clumsy
Coarse Coastal
Cogent Cognizant
Cold Collaborative
Collateral Collective
Colloquial Colonial
Colorful Colossal
Comfortable Comic
Commercial Common
Communal Compassionate
Competent Complete
Complex Complicated
Composed Comprehensive
Compulsive Conceited
Concerned Concrete
Confident Confused
Congenial Congested
Conscientious Conscious
Conservative Considerate
Consistent Consoling
Constant Constructive
Contagious Contemporary
Content Contradictory
Contrary Contrite
Controlled Convenient
Conventional Conversational
Convincing Cool
Cooperative Copious
Coral Cordial
Corrupt Cosmic
Costly Courageous
Courteous Covert
Cowardly Cozy
Cramped Cranberry
Cranky Crazy
Creamy Creative
Creepy Criminal
Crisp Critical
Crooked Cross
Crowded Crucial
Cruel Crumbling
Crunchy Crushing
Cuddly Cultivated
Cultural Cunning
Curious Curly
Current Curt
Cursed Curved
Cute Cynical

Common Adjectives That Start With D

Dainty Damaged
Damp Dangerous
Daring Dark
Dazzling Deadly
Deafening Dear
Debonair Decadent
Decent Decisive
Decorative Dedicated
Deep Defeated
Defective Defensive
Defiant Deficient
Definite Deft
Deliberate Delicate
Delicious Delightful
Delirious Demanding
Democratic Demonic
Dependent Depressed
Deranged Descriptive
Deserted Desirable
Desolate Despairing
Desperate Determined
Detestable Devastated
Devil Devoted
Dexterous Diagonal
Different Difficult
Digital Dignified
Dilapidated Dill
Dim Dimpled
Direct Dirty
Disastrous Discerning
Discreet Disgusting
Dishonest Disillusioned
Disloyal Dismal
Disobedient Disorderly
Disorganized Displeased
Disrespectful Disruptive
Dissatisfied Distinct
Distorted Distracted
Distressed Disturbed
Divine Dizzy
Docile Dodgy
Dogged Doleful
Domestic Dominant
Dopey Doting
Doubtful Downcast
Downstairs Downy
Drab Draconian
Drafty Drained
Dramatic Drastic
Dreadful Dreamy
Dreary Drenched
Drizzly Droll
Droopy Drowsy
Drunk Dry
Dubious Dull
Dulcet Dumb
Dumped Dusty
Dutch Dutiful
Dwindling Dynamic

Common Adjectives That Start With E

Eager Early
Earnest Earthy
East Easy
Eccentric Eclectic
Ecstatic Edgy
Educated Eerie
Effective Effervescent
Efficient Egalitarian
Elaborate Elastic
Elated Elderly
Electric Elegant
Elemental Elevated
Elfin Eligible
Eloquent Elusive
Embarrassed Embellished
Eminent Emotional
Empathetic Empowered
Empty Enchanting
Encouraging Endearing
Endless Endowed
Energetic Enigmatic
Enjoyable Enormous
Enlightened Enraged
Enthusiastic Entire
Entitled Envious
Environmental Epic
Equal Equine
Equitable Erratic
Essential Established
Esteemed Eternal
Ethereal Ethnic
Euphoric European
Evaluative Even
Evergreen Everlasting
Everyday Evil
Evocative Exacting
Exact Excellent
Excitable Excited
Exciting Exclusive
Exemplary Exhausted
Exhaustive Exotic
Expansive Expected
Experienced Experimental
Expert Expired
Expensive Exploratory
Explosive Exquisite
Extensive External
Extra Extraneous
Extraordinary Extravagant

Common Adjectives That Start With F

Fabulous Faint
Fair Faithful
Fake Famous
Fancy Fantastic
Far Fascinating
Fast Fat
Fatal Fatherly
Faulty Favorite
Fearful Fearless
Feisty Feline
Feminine Ferocious
Fertile Festive
Few Fierce
Fiery Filthy
Final Financial
Fine Finite
Fireproof Firm
First Fishy
Fit Five
Fixed Flaky
Flaming Flashy
Flat Flawed
Fleeting Flimsy
Flippant Flirtatious
Flowery Fluffy
Fluid Flustered
Focused Foggy
Folly Fond
Foolish Forceful
Foremost Foreign
Forest Formal
Former Forthcoming
Fortunate Forward
Foul Four
Frail Fragile
Frantic Fraternal
Free French
Frequent Fresh
Friendly Frightened
Frightening Frigid
Frilly Frisky
Frivolous Frothy
Frozen Frugal
Fruitful Frustrated
Frustrating Full
Fumbling Fun
Functional Fundamental
Funny Furious
Furry Further
Futile Future

Common Adjectives That Start With G

Gabby Gamy
Gargantuan Garish
Garrulous Gasping
Gastric Gay
Gearless Geared
Geeky Gelatinous
General Generic
Generous Genial
Gentle Genuine
Germane Ghastly
Ghostly Giant
Giddy Gifted
Gigantic Gilded
Gimpy Gingham
Giddy Giggling
Gilded Gilt
Ginger Girdled
Girlish Giving
Glabrous Glamorous
Glaring Glassy
Gleaming Glib
Glittering Global
Gloomily Glossy
Glowing Glum
Gluttonous Gnawing
Gnarled Gnostic
Goading Godlike
Godly Golden
Good Goofy
Gorgeous Gory
Gothic Gouty
Graceful Gracious
Gradual Grained
Granitic Graphic
Grappling Grasshopper
Grateful Gratifying
Gray Greasy
Great Greedy
Green Gregarious
Grieving Grim
Grinning Gritty
Grizzled Groovy
Gross Grotesque
Grounded Grouchy
Growing Grown
Grubby Gruff
Grumpy Guarded
Guileful Guiltless
Guilty Gullible
Gummy Gusty

Common Adjectives That Start With H

Happy Hard
Harmonious Harsh
Half-hearted Hasty
Haughty Handsome
Healthy Heavy
Heavenly Heedless
Helpful Heroic
Hesitant Heartless
Heartfelt Hidden
High Hilarious
Historic Hideous
Holy Homeless
Homely Hopeful
Horrific Hospitable
Hot Honorable
Huge Humane
Humble Humid
Humorous Hungry
Hurried Hurtful
Hypnotic Hypothetical
Hyperactive Hypocritical

Common Adjectives That Start With I

Ideal Identical
Idiosyncratic Idiotic
Idle Ignorant
Ill Illegal
Illustrious Imaginary
Immaculate Immediate
Immense Imminent
Impartial Impatient
Impenetrable Imperative
Imperfect Impertinent
Impish Impolite
Important Impossible
Impressive Improbable
Impure Inborn
Incandescent Inclusive
Incomparable Incompatible
Incomplete Inconclusive
Inconsistent Inconvenient
Incredible Indecent
Indecisive Independent
Indescribable Indigenous
Indignant Individual
Indomitable Indulgent
Inevitable Inferior
Infinite Inflamed
Inflexible Informal
Ingenious Inherent
Injured Inner
Innocent Inquisitive
Insane Insecure
Insightful Insipid
Insistent Insolent
Inspirational Inspiring
Instant Instructive
Instrumental Insufficient
Intangible Integral
Intellectual Intense
Intensive Intent
Interdependent Interested
Interesting Internal
Intermittent International
Intrepid Intricate
Introspective Inventive
Invigorating Invincible
Invisible Involuntary
Irresistible Irritating

Adjectives That Start With J

Jolly Jaded
Jumpy Jazzy
Jovial Jittery
Jumbo Juicy
Joyful Jarring
Jocund Jagged
Judicial Jaded
Jazzy Jumpy
Joyous Jaunty
Jocular Just

Adjectives That Start With K

Keen Kind
Known Kinetic
Key Knockout
Kooky Karmic
Kissable Knotty
Kind-hearted Knightly
Keen-eyed Keen-witted
Knock-kneed Knitted
Knobby Kin
Knowledgeable Kindly
Kicky Kempt
Kindhearted Karmic-focused
Kinesthetic Kinaesthetic
Kitelike Kinaesthetic-minded
Kind-spirited Keen-sighted
Knockabout Knockdown
Kinematic Kinesic
Kindheartedness Keyed
Kissy Kitschy
Kinetic-friendly Kindred
Kissable-friendly Kinky
Kindred-spirited Kindred-minded
Kind-heartedness-focused Keen-minded
Karmic-centered Kinetogenic
Kinesthetic-focused Kinesthetic-centered
Keen-friendly Knackish
Known-friendly Keen-sightedness
Knack-focused Kittenish
Knotless Keyless
Knifelike Knobbly

Adjectives That Start With L

Lively Lush
Lazy Lavish
Loving Light
Loud Lean
Little Luminous
Long Large
Lovely Lucid
Lucky Logical
Loudmouthed Lofty
Lyrical Legendary
Liberal Literal
Lovable Low-key
Lasting Laughable
Luxurious Limited
Loquacious Lengthy
Lunar Lithesome
Learned Luculent
Lushy Lacteal
Lively-hearted Lissom
Laid-back Laughing
Loving-kind Lurid
Luminiferous Limber
Linguistic Liquefiable
Low-cost Loving-hearted
Luminous-minded Light-minded
Learned-minded Lustful
Long-lasting Logical-minded
Luminous-hearted Leisurely
Lacy Livable
Legendary-minded Lush-minded
Lively-minded Lascivious
Loud-hearted Loyal
Luxe Light-hearted
Lovely-minded Limitless
Laid-back-minded Lush-hearted
Like-minded Luminous-spirited
Low-profile Lustrous
Loyal-hearted Luminous-souled
Laconic Lucid-minded
Luminous-sighted Lively-spirited
Lyrical-minded Lovingly-minded
Luscious-hearted Laid-back-spirited
Low-maintenance Luminous-soulful
Lighthearted-minded Lively-souled
Lush-spirited Lustrous-minded
Lively-heartedness Logical-hearted
Laid-back-hearted Luscious-minded
Lucrative Luminous-heartedness
Lively-souledness Lushness-oriented
Luminous-eyed Light-heartedness-oriented

Adjectives That Start With M

Magnificent Majestic
Mysterious Modern
Magical Merry
Mighty Mellow
Miserable Mischievous
Moist Mild
Masculine Feminine
Melodic Massive
Mature Metallic
Miniature Multicolored
Multifaceted Modest
Memorable Marvelous
Mindful Mesmerizing
Moody Mystic
Mutual Mobile
Malleable Meek
Magnetic Mediocre
Mundane Mixed
Minute Musical
Motivated Multidimensional
Misfortunate Monstrous
Melancholic Mournful
Misunderstood Murky
Malicious Manly
Moistened Moving
Muggy Mountainous
Married Malcontent
Merry-hearted Mirthful
Motivating Made-up
Mortal Multilateral
Macho Meditative
Microscopic Moneyed
Marbled Meandering
Magnanimous Misleading
Mutant Melted
Midweek Mind-blowing
Misty Mushy
Mouthwatering Mousy
Membrane-like Modish
Monochrome Monogamous
Measured Mainstream
Manifest Mitigated
Marooned Measly
Mosaic Matchless
Monolithic Modifiable
Maximal Multinational
Magical-minded Muscular
Motivating-minded Miasmal
Meticulous Magnificence-oriented
Merry-heartedness Melodious-hearted

Adjectives That Start With N

Nasty Neat
Nice Nifty
Nimble Noble
Noisy Normal
Nostalgic Notable
Numerous Nutritious
Natural Naughty
Near Necessary
Needy Negative
Neoclassical Nerve-wracking
Neurotic New
Next Nice-looking
Nightmarish Nihilistic
Nimble-fingered Nippy
Nodding Nocturnal
Nonchalant Noncommittal
Nonconformist Nonfunctional
Nonhuman Nonlinear
Nonliving Nonplussed
Nonprofit Nonrenewable
Nonsensical Nonverbal
Nordic Normal-looking
Normative North
Nosey Nostalgia-filled
Noteworthy Nouveau
Novel Nuclear
Nude Numberless
Numerical Nurturing
Nutty Nutrient-rich
Numbing Numinous
Nuptial Nurtured
Nippy-fingered Navigable
Naive Narrow
Nationalistic Native
Nautical Naval
Negative-minded Nifty-looking
Noble-hearted Nonbelieving
Nonhumanoid Nonspecific
Noted Noteworthy-minded
Noticeable Nouveau-riche
Novelistic Now
Nut-brown Nutrient-dense
Nutritious-minded Nuts-and-bolts
Nymphetish Nappy
Nasal Nerveless
Nervous-minded Net
Neutral New-fashioned
Newborn Newsy
Nice-hearted Night-time
Noble-minded Nocturnal-minded

Adjectives That Start With O

Obese Obligatory
Obscure Observant
Obsolete Obstinate
Obvious Occasional
Oceanic Ocular
Odd Odorous
Offbeat Offensive
Official Officious
Oily Ominous
Only Open
Opportunistic Optimistic
Orange Orderly
Ordinary Organic
Oriental Ornate
Orphaned Ostentatious
Other Outdoor
Outer Outstanding
Oval Overactive
Overbearing Overconfident
Overdue Overjoyed
Overlooked Overly-critical
Overrated Overseas
Overt Overwhelming

Adjectives That Start With P

Packed Painful
Palatable Pale
Palpable Panicked
Panoramic Paralyzed
Paranoid Parental
Particular Passionate
Passive Pastel
Patient Patriotic
Patterned Peaceful
Peachy Peculiar
Pedantic Penetrating
Penniless Peppery
Perfect Perky
Permanent Pernicious
Personal Pertinent
Pesky Pessimistic
Petite Petty
Phantom Phobic
Photographic Physical
Picked Picky
Picturesque Pious
Piquant Pithy
Pitiful Playful
Pleasurable Plentiful
Plucky Pointless
Poisonous Polished
Polite Political
Poor Popular
Positive Possible
Powerful Practical
Pragmatic Precious
Precise Prehistoric
Premium Prepared
Present Presidential
Pretty Previous
Priceless Prickly
Primary Prime
Primitive Principled
Private Proactive
Probable Problematic
Prodigal Productive
Professional Profound
Profitable Prominent
Proper Proprietary
Prosaic Protective
Proud Proverbial
Prudent Psychotic
Public Punctual
Puny Pure
Purple Purposeful

Adjectives That Start With Q

Quaint Qualified
Quaking Quality
Quantitative Quarrelsome
Quasi Queasy
Queenly Quick
Quickest Quiet
Quirky Quixotic

Adjectives That Start With R

Radiant Radical
Ragged Rainy
Rambunctious Random
Rapid Rare
Rational Ratty
Raw Ready
Real Realistic
Reasonable Rebellious
Receptive Reckless
Rectangular Red
Redundant Reflective
Regal Regional
Registered Regular
Reliable Remarkable
Remote Repentant
Repetitive Repulsive
Required Resilient
Resolute Resourceful
Respectable Responsible
Restless Rich
Ridiculous Right
Righteous Rigid
Ringing Rippling
Risky Roaring
Robust Romantic
Rotten Rough
Rounded Routine
Rowdy Royal
Rubbery Ruddy
Rude Rugged
Ruined Runny
Rural Rushed
Rustic Rusty

Adjectives That Start With S

Sad Safe
Salty Same
Sane Sarcastic
Sassy Savage
Scaly Scared
Scarred Scary
Scientific Scornful
Scratchy Scrawny
Screaming Scruffy
Scrumptious Secret
Secure Sedate
Seedy Seemly
Selective Selfish
Sensitive Sentimental
Separate Serene
Serious Severe
Sexual Shabby
Shaded Shadowy
Shaggy Shaky
Shallow Sham
Shameful Shapely
Sharp Shattered
Shiny Shocked
Shocking Short
Showy Shrewd
Shrill Shy
Sick Significant
Silent Silky
Silly Silver
Similar Simple
Sinful Single
Sizzling Skeptical
Skinny Skittish
Sky-high Sleek
Sleepy Slick
Slim Slippery
Sloppy Slow
Small Smart
Smiling Smoggy
Smooth Smug
Snappy Snazzy
Sneaky Snug
Sociable Soft
Solemn Solid
Somber Sophisticated
Sordid Sore
Sorry Sound
Sour Southern
Spacious Spanish
Sparkling Special

Adjectives That Start With T

Tacky Tall
Tame Tangy
Tanned Tardy
Tasteful Tasteless
Tattered Taunting
Taut Taxing
Teasing Technical
Tedious Tempestuous
Temporary Tenacious
Tender Tense
Terrible Terrific
Terrified Terrifying
Testy Thankful
Thick Thin
Thirsty Thorough
Thoughtful Thoughtless
Thrifty Thrilled
Thrilling Thunderous
Tight Timeless
Timely Timid
Tiny Tired
Tireless Toasty
Tolerable Toothsome
Top Topical
Torturous Total
Touching Tough
Toxic Traditional
Tragic Tranquil
Transparent Trashy
Traumatic Traveling
Tremendous Tricky
Trim Trite
Tropical Troubled
True Trusting
Trustworthy Truthful
Turbulent Turgid
Twisted Typical

Adjectives That Start With U

Ubiquitous Ugly
Ultimate Ultra
Umber Unacceptable
Unafraid Unanimous
Unarmed Unassuming
Unaware Unbelievable
Unbiased Unborn
Unbreakable Unbridled
Uncanny Unchanged
Uncharted Uncommon
Unconscious Unconventional
Uncouth Uncovered
Unctuous Undaunted
Understated Underwater
Undesirable Undeterred
Undisputed Uneasy
Uneducated Unequal
Uneven Unfair
Unfaithful Unfathomable
Unfinished Unflappable
Unforgivable Unforgettable
Unfortunate Unfriendly
Ungainly Unhappy
Unhealthy Unholy
Unidentified Unimaginable
Unimpressed Uninformed
Uninvited Unique
United Universal
Unjust Unknown
Unlawful Unlikely
Unlimited Unloved
Unlucky Unmanageable
Unmanned Unmistakable
Unnecessary Unnerving
Unobtrusive Unorthodox
Unprecedented Unpredictable
Unprepared Unproductive
Unprofessional Unprofitable
Unqualified Unreasonable
Unrelenting Unreliable
Unremarkable Unremitting
Unrepentant Unresponsive
Unruly Unscrupulous
Unselfish Unsettled
Unshakable Unsteady
Unstoppable Unsuccessful
Unsuitable Unsure
Unsuspecting Unsustainable
Untamed Untenable
Unthinkable Unwavering

Adjectives That Start With V

Vacant Valid
Valuable Vapid
Variable Various
Vast Veiled
Velvety Venerated
Venomous Verdant
Verifiable Vernacular
Versatile Vibrant
Vicarious Vicious
Victorious Vigilant
Vigorous Villainous
Violent Violet
Virtual Virtuous
Visible Visionary
Vital Vivacious
Vivid Vocational
Voiceless Volatile
Volcanic Voluminous
Voracious Vulnerable

Adjectives That Start With W

Wacky Wandering
Wanted Warm
Wealthy Wearable
Weathered Wee
Weighty Weird
Welcome Well-known
Western Wet
Whimsical Whirlwind
White Whole
Wicked Wide
Wild Willing
Wily Windy
Winged Winning
Wiry Wise
Wistful Witty
Wobbly Wonderful
Wooden Woozy
Wordy Workable
Worldly Worthless
Worthy Wrinkled

Adjectives That Start With X

Xenophobic Xenial
Xenomorphic Xeric
Xerographic Xerophytic
Xyloid Xylotomous
Xylophagous Xylographic

Adjectives That Start With Y

Yearly Yellow
Yielding Young
Youthful Yummy
Yearning Yawning
Yummylicious Yucky
Yellowish Yearlong
Yearned Yoked
Yielded Yeasty
Yankee Yester
Yestern Yesterday’s

Adjectives That Start With Z

Zany Zealous
Zesty Zigzag
Zillion Zincous
Zippy Zoetic
Zoic Zonal
Zonked Zoomorphic
Zymogenic Zymotic

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