Most Common Grammar Mistakes Related To Verbs -

Most Common Grammar Mistakes Related To Verbs

What are a verb and examples?

verb is one of the most important parts of speech and is a word that is used to describe an action or an ongoing condition. It is considered the heart of a sentence. There is a main verb and sometimes one or more helping verbs.

Verbs that refer to feelings or states of being, like to love and to be, are known as nonaction verbs.

The verbs that do refer to literal actions are known as action verbs.

Examples: swim, realize, Run, Walk, laugh, have, promise, invite, listen, running, winning, being, etc.

Most Common Grammar Mistakes Related To Verbs

The murderer was hung yesterday.The murderer was hanged yesterday.
The lion invaded the hunter.The lion attacked the hunter.
Liza opened the knot.Liza untied the knot.
Two man sank in the sea.Two men were drowned in the sea.
If he work hard he will have passed.If he worked hard, he would have passed.
A black and white TV are cheap.A black and white TV is cheap.
Every one of them are lazy.Every one of them is lazy.
Every Muslim should wear a beard.Every Muslim should have a beard.
Opening the door, a handle was broken.Opening the door, he broke the handle.
She has taken admission to the college.She has got admission to the college.
A duck was swimming in the pool.A duck was floating in the pool
Cutting the grass a snake bit him.Cutting the grass, he was bitten by a snake.
She is one of those who is liked by me.She is one of those who are like me.
He is feeling hunger.He is feeling hungry.
She has written a letter last night.She wrote a letter last night.
He told that he was ill.He said that he was ill.
Opening the book, the lesson was learnt.Opening the book she learned the lesson.
She never speaks a lie.She will never tell a lie.
He denied to help me.He refused to help me.
A boy was floating in the canal.A boy was swimming in the canal.
If he work hard he will pass.If he worked hard he will pass.
You will pass if you will work hard.You will pass if you worked hard.
John refuses the existence of god.John denies the existence of God.
I hope to lose the game.I fear to lose the game.
She was laying in the bed.She was lying in bed.
Each student have done his work.Each student has done his work.
The hen has lain an egg.The hen has laid an egg.
Ali looks happily.Ali looks happy.
Usman refused that he had told a lie.Usman denied that he had told a lie.
He knows to swim.He knows how to swim.
Success is consisted in hard work.Success consists of hard work.
Rima prevented me to go there.Rima prevents me from getting there.
She with her daughters are taking tea.He refused to help me.
She said that she is ill.She Said that she was ill.
She wants that I should help her.She wants me to help her.
He had not met me two days ago.He did not meet me two days ago.
A picture was hanged on the wall.A picture was hung on the wall.
The boy has given the examination.The boy has taken the examination.
The boat drowned beneath the waves.The boat sank beneath the waves.
He fear to pass the exam.He hopes to pass the exam.

What are the common errors in the use of verbs?

The verb suggest should be used with a gerund or a that-clause. It cannot be used with a to-infinitive. The verbs discuss, describe, order and request are transitive verbs. They should be followed by direct objects, and not prepositions.

What is an error in verb form?

A subject/verb agreement error occurs when the subject and verb of a sentence do not. agree in number. Singular Subject + Singular Verb = Agreement. Plural Subject + Plural Verb = Agreement.

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