Nose Idioms with meanings and examples -

50+ Nose Idioms with meanings and examples

Nose Idioms with meanings and examples

Sure! Here are 50 nose idioms with their meanings and example:

A nose for something
An ability to detect or identify something.
Example: She has a nose for good investments and always knows where to put her money.

All over someone like a cheap suit
To be very close or attached to someone.
Example: He’s been all over her like a cheap suit since they started dating.

Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
To be born into a wealthy and privileged family.
Example: He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never had to work for anything.

Be full of hot air
To talk a lot but not say anything of substance.
Example: The politician’s speech was full of hot air and didn’t address any of the real issues.

Be nose to the grindstone
To work very hard and persistently.
Example: She’s been keeping her nose to the grindstone to finish her dissertation on time.

Be up to one’s nose in something
To be overwhelmed or swamped with work or problems.
Example: She’s been up to her nose in work since the new project started.

Make one’s nose bleed
To be so difficult or confusing that it causes someone to feel overwhelmed or frustrated.
Example: The math problem was so complex that it made my nose bleed.

Big nose
A person who is nosy or intrusive.
Example: My neighbor is a big nose who always wants to know what’s going on in my life.

Blow one’s nose
To blow air out of the nose to clear it of mucus.
Example: She had a cold and had to blow her nose constantly.

Brown nose
To try to gain favor with someone in a subservient or obsequious manner.
Example: He’s always brown-nosing the boss to try to get a promotion.

By the skin of one’s teeth
To just barely succeed or survive.
Example: She passed the exam by the skin of her teeth.

Cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face
To harm oneself in an attempt to harm someone else.
Example: She refused to go to the party just to spite her ex-boyfriend, even though she really wanted to go. She cut off her nose to spite her face.

Dripping nose
A nose that is running due to a cold or allergies.
Example: Her dripping nose was a clear sign that she had caught a cold.

Egg on one’s face
To be embarrassed or ashamed.
Example: He had egg on his face when he realized he had made a mistake during his presentation.

Follow one’s nose
To go in a particular direction without a specific plan or instructions.
Example: We didn’t have a map, so we just followed our noses until we found the restaurant.

Get up someone’s nose
To annoy or irritate someone.
Example: Her constant complaining was getting up my nose.

Go over someone’s head
To bypass someone in authority and appeal to a higher authority.
Example: She went over her boss’s head to complain to the CEO about the company’s policies.

Keep one’s nose clean
To behave well and avoid trouble.
Example: He promised to keep his nose clean after he got out of jail.

Keep one’s nose to the grindstone
To work hard and persistently.
Example: If you want to succeed in this business, you have to keep your nose to the grindstone and never give up.

Lead someone by the nose
To control or manipulate someone.
Example: He was led by the nose by his manipulative girlfriend.

Look down one’s nose at
To regard someone or something as inferior.
Example: She looked down her nose at anyone who didn’t have a college degree.

Nose out of joint
To be upset or offended about something.
Example: She was really upset when she found out she didn’t get the promotion and got her nose out of joint.

Nose around
To snoop or pry into someone’s affairs.
Example: I caught my roommate nosing around in my diary.

Nose dive
A sudden and steep decline or failure.
Example: The company’s profits took a nose dive after the scandal.

Nose out
To discover something through intuition or investigation.
Example: She nosed out the secret recipe for her grandmother’s famous cake.

In close confrontation or face-to-face.
Example: The two boxers were nose-to-nose before the match.

On the nose
Exactly correct or precise.
Example: Her prediction was right on the nose.

Pay through the nose
To pay a lot of money for something.
Example: He had to pay through the nose for the last-minute flight.

Pick someone’s nose
To bother or annoy someone.
Example: Stop picking my nose and let me work in peace.

Poke one’s nose in
To interfere in someone’s affairs or business.
Example: She always pokes her nose in and tries to control everything.

Powder one’s nose
To go to the restroom to freshen up or apply makeup.
Example: She excused herself to powder her nose before the meeting.

Put someone’s nose out of joint
To upset or offend someone.
Example: She put her friend’s nose out of joint when she forgot her birthday.

Put one’s nose to the grindstone
To work hard and diligently.
Example: He put his nose to the grindstone to finish the project before the deadline.

Red nose
A sign of alcoholism or excessive drinking.
Example: He had a red nose from years of heavy drinking.

Rub someone’s nose in it
To humiliate or remind someone of their mistake or failure.
Example: He rubbed her nose in it by constantly reminding her of her failed business.

Run nose-to-tail
In a straight line, one after another.
Example: The cars were running nose-to-tail on the highway during the rush hour.

Sniff out
To detect or discover something through smell or investigation.
Example: The dog sniffed out the drugs hidden in the suitcase.

Stick one’s nose in
To interfere or meddle in someone’s affairs.
Example: I wish she wouldn’t stick her nose in and let us handle our own problems.

Stuck up one’s nose
To reject or disdain something.
Example: She stuck up her nose at the cheap wine and insisted on ordering an expensive bottle.

Thumb one’s nose at
To show disrespect or disregard for something or someone.
Example: He thumbed his nose at the traffic laws and drove recklessly.

Turn one’s nose up
To reject or disdain something.
Example: She turned her nose up at the job offer because it didn’t pay enough.

Up one’s nose
Annoying or offensive.
Example: His constant whistling was really getting up my nose.

Wipe someone’s nose
To help or assist someone, especially when they are in trouble.
Example: He wiped his friend’s nose and lent him some money when he was in a tight spot.

With one’s nose in the air
To act arrogant or conceited.
Example: She walked into the party with her nose in the air, acting like she was better than everyone else.

Have one’s nose in a book
To be absorbed in reading.
Example: Whenever she has free time, she has her nose in a book.

Hold one’s nose
To tolerate something unpleasant.
Example: He held his nose and drank the foul-tasting medicine.

It’s No Skin off My (Your) Nose (Back)
The outcome will not affect me personally.
Example: I don’t really care if Jean’s project fails. I’m in a different department, so it’s no skin off my nose.

Right Under One’s Nose
In an obvious location, yet overlooked
Example: I looked all over for my keys, and they were right under my nose, in the center of my desk.

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