Phrasal verbs with ‘Back’ -

Phrasal verbs with Back

Back away

Meaning: Retreat or go backward
Example: The minister would back away from his principles.

Back down

Meaning: Retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument
Example: The car began to roll back down the hill.

Back into

Meaning: Enter a parking area in reverse gear
Example: Cats can never change back into kittens.

Back off

Meaning: Retreat
Example: I think you should back off for a while.

Back out

Meaning: Fail to keep an arrangement or promise
Example: You agreed to come. You can’t back out now!

Back out of

Meaning: Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement
Example: The government is trying to back out of its commitment to reduce pollution.

Back out of

Meaning: Exit a parking area in reverse gear
Example: He has decided to back out of the scheme.

Back up

Meaning: Make a copy of computer data
Example: Make sure you back up your files.

Back up

Meaning: Support
Example: The boat is pulling away, back up there!

Back up

Meaning: Drive a vehicle backward
Example: The bus had to back up and turn round.

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