Top 10 interview tips that will help you get hired

Top 10 interview tips that will help you get hired

There are a lot of job interview guides out there, but these 10 tips are all you need to know.

Making a great impression and demonstrating your best qualities during an interview increases your chances of getting a job offer. By preparing for the interview and following certain steps afterward, you can impress the hiring team and make them remember you. In this article, we review 10 tips that can help you get ready to succeed in your interview.

Top 10 interview tips that will help you get hired – with Words coach

Top 10 interview tips that will help you get hired -

1. Know your Resume Well

Know your Resume Well

  • Read your resume 4-5 times before going for job interview 
  • You should know whatever you have written in your resume 
  • When you are asked about yourself, you should avoid main things that are already written in your resume for that you need to know what all you have written 
  • Interviewer may ask you for more details about what you have already written on the resume, so if it is an old thing, try to recall everything before the interview. That will help you look confident

2. Research about the company

  • Know about what company does, what their products are and what services do they provide 
  • Prepare answers about how you are a good fit to the company 
  • Show your skills that are relevant to company’s work or what company is looking for 
  • Know everything there is know about company for your relevant job profile

3. Prepare commonly asked interview questions

Prepare commonly asked interview questions

  • Write down answers about most asked interview questions before going for an interview
  • Writing it down and preparing it will help you gain confidence at time of speaking 
  • When you think and speak, you take more time. If you are prepared and you speak, you will get it sooner and you will look confident, which will make good impression in front of interviewer 
  • Here are some common frequently asked questions, prepare you answers for the same
    1. Tell me about yourself
    2. Why should we hire you? 
    3. What are your strengths and weaknesses
    4. Tell us scenario where you managed this thing

4. Know about Interview rounds

  • Each company have different format of interview 
  • Always be prepared for some common rounds like aptitude test 
  • You can also ask upfront on the email about all the rounds, that will help you prepare better

5. Dress properly

  • Dressing properly simply means having suitable attire as per your job profile 
  • Dress in clothes you feel comfortable, that will help you gain confidence in yourself 
  • Don’t wear too fancy clothes, understand what their employee’s dress code is and try to dress like that but comfortably 
  • That will not draw attention towards your clothes and will help you will not get distracted

6. Be Calm, Confident and Composed

  • It is important to maintain your cool mindset before appearing for your interview 
  • If Mobile phone is distracting you, switch if off few hours before the interview, this will help you not get distracted and focus on interview 
  • Some Happy or Sad news can affect your entire mood, so try to stay away from them before the interview. 
  • Take enough sleep before the day of interview

7. Arrive on Time for interview

  • Here arriving in time, means arriving 5-10 minutes early. 
  • If you arrive late or in hurry, you are tend to forgive your answers and you get panic, so don’t do that 
  • If you try to reach arrive early, some unavoidable constraint like heavy traffic can also be managed  
  • You should be at your interview place before they call your name, otherwise it will create bad impression at first which will not be a good sign

8. Body language matters

  • Your body language gets noticed by interviewer all the time before, after and on interview 
  • Don’t get stressed or panic as that will create bad impression 
  • Make eye contact whenever needed, and sit in straight position, that will create good first impression
  • Don’t look down, or play with pen all the time, or swing your legs, that all are negative signs 
  • Be natural

9. Ask questions

  • Ask interviewer questions about your team, work culture 
  • Asking questions shows that you are really interested in the position and would like to know about the points that they missed to tell you 
  • Don’t ask repetitive questions or questions that they already gave you direct or indirect reply

10. Follow up after the interviewer

Follow up after the interviewer

  • Following up about updates after interview’s days is good sign 
  • Ask in a formal way but don’t spam them

Try this yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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