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5 Different Types of Adjectives with Examples

What are Adjectives? 

Adjectives are one of the main parts of speech in the English language. The words that talk about the attributes of a noun or a pronoun in a sentence are known as adjectives.

For instance,

Mumbai is a large city.
Jack is an honest man.
The hand has five fingers.

Let’s take a deep dive into it to understand the types of adjectives with examples.

Kinds of Adjectives:

There are various kinds of adjectives. Here is a list of some important kinds of adjectives that you should know about.

1. Quantitative Adjectives- 

These adjectives refer to how much of a thing is meant. 

For example,

I know little about cricket.
Sam has some chocolates.
We have enough material to bake a cake.

2. Qualitative Adjectives-

These adjectives refer to the kind or quality of a person or a thing. 

For instance,

Jeff Bezos is a very rich person.
Mindy is careless about her studies.
Jack’s excellent dance performance bagged him the first prize.

3. Numeral Adjectives-

These adjectives refer to how many persons or things are meant.
Further, it can be divided into three types:

1. Definite Numeral Adjectives-

These adjectives refer to the exact number of persons or things.

For example,

Ten employees recently joined the TATA Company.
Add two tablespoons of sugar in the tea.
Physics is divided into three different theories.

2. Indefinite Numeral Adjectives-

These adjectives refer to how many persons or things but the exact number is unknown.

For instance,

Few birds have become extinct.
I think all the students reached early today.
It is continuously raining for several days.

3. Distributive Numeral Adjectives-

These adjectives allude to the distributive state of nouns.

For illustration,

Each student must be present on 26th January at school.
You have every reason to be happy.
The road was straight, with farms on either side.

4. Interrogative Adjectives-

These adjectives express words to ask questions.

For instance,

What happened in the movie is not known to me as I fell asleep.
Which team will be the winning team is not the subject of worry.
Whose treasure is this is a mystery.

5. Demonstrative Adjectives-

These adjectives point out a specific person or thing.

For example,

This pen is mine.
That child is wearing clothes of clowns.
These toys are not for sales.

Those are the most common types of adjectives. Now let’s talk about Adjective Phrase and Adjective Clause. Having knowledge of these enables you to spot usage errors in the case of adjectives.

What is the Adjective Phrase?

When an adjective is a group of words then it is known as an Adjective Phrase. Mostly, it appears after the noun that it qualifies. Let’s see examples of this.

Sentence using AdjectiveSentence using Adjective Phrase
It is useless.It is of no use.
She is a sensible woman.She is a woman of sense.
Albert Einstein is a famous man.Albert Einstein is a man of great fame.
The brown-eyed girl is the most brilliant girl in this class.The girl with brown eyes is the most brilliant girl in this class.
Stephen King is a versatile author.Stephen King is an author of great versatility.
Sam is a kind man.Sam is a man of kindly nature.

What is the Adjective Clause?

It is a group of words that contains a Subject and a Predicate of its own and does the work of an adjective. Often a full clause may add meaning to a noun in which case it is known as an Adjective Clause.

For example,

I have a box which is filled with chocolates

Here, the group of words which is filled with chocolates has its own subject which and a predicate is

Sentence using AdjectiveSentence using Adjective Clause
I admire the courageous women.I admire the women who are courageous.
I met a blue-eyed girl.I met a girl whose eyes are blue.
The girl sitting near me is my sister.The girl who sits near me is my sister.

Adjectives enhance your writing by adding accuracy and inventiveness to it. We hope that you are leaving this article with a better understanding of adjectives.

It was all about 5 Different Types of Adjectives which you have learned with examples. In the same series, Here is the link to another article on Degrees of Comparison. Check it out now!

Hope it helps!! Happy Learning

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11th June 2020
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What are Adjectives? - www.wordscoach.com

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