Collocations with GIVE -

Collocations with GIVE in English

A collocation is a pair or group of two or more words that are commonly used together in English.

Here is the list of common collocations with the Verb GIVE that you should learn.

Learn collocations with the verb GIVE.

Collocations with GIVE

give a buzz give a call (a ring, a buzz)
give a chance give a choice
give a damn give a description
give a hand give a headache
give a hug give a hug or kiss
give a kiss give a lead
give a lecture give a lift
give a performance give a quess
give a ride give a ring
give a speech give a trip
give advice give an advice
give an answer give an example
give an explanation give an idea
give an opinion give birth
give credit give evidence
give help give hope
give information give lessons
give news give notice
give permission give priority
give rise to give somebody a call
give somebody a chance give somebody a go
give somebody a lift give something a go
give the impression give thought (to)
give way

Collocations with GIVE -

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