Collocations with MAKE in English -

Collocations with MAKE in English

A collocation is a pair or group of two or more words that are commonly used together in English.

Here is the list of common collocations with Make that you should learn.

Learn collocations with MAKE

Make a break for Make a be
Make a cake Make a call
Make a choice Make a comment
Make a complaint Make a confession
Make a contract Make a cup of tea
Make a deal Make a decision
Make a difference Make a discovery
Make a dress Make a fire
Make a fool of yourself Make a fortune
Make a fuss Make a habit
Make a joke Make a list
Make a living Make a mess
Make a mistake Make a move
Make a note (of) Make a pass at
Make a phone call Make a point
Make a prediction Make a presentation
Make a profit Make a promise
Make a recovery Make a reservation
Make a rude gesture Make a salad
Make a sales call Make a sandwich
Make a snack Make a sound
Make a speech Make a statement
Make a suggestion Make a takeover bid
Make a threat Make amends
Make an agreement Make an allusion
Make an appearance Make an appointment
Make an arrangement Make an attempt
Make an effort Make an enquiry
Make an exception Make an excuse
Make an impression Make an objection
Make an observation Make an offer
Make an arrangement Make believe
Make breakfast Make changes
Make coffee Make contact
Make ends meet Make food
Make friends Make fun of someone
Make furniture Make love
Make money Make noise
Make peace Make plans
Make progress Make an effort
Make room Make sense
Make someone angry Make something easy
Make sure Make the bed
Make time Make tracks
Make trouble Make up your mind
Make war Make your bed

Examples of Collocations with Make

Make a cake

  • Don’t scant the butter when you make a cake.

Make a choice

  • She should make a right choice.

Make a decision

  • Have you made a decision yet?

Make a fortune

  • I could make a fortune as a research consultant on these projects.

Make a mess

  • She didn’t like to make a mess.

Make a mistake

  • It’s easy to make a mistake.

Make a mistake

  • It’s easy to make a mistake.

Make a noise

  • He knows how to make a noise and claim police harassment.

Make a phone call

  • It’s easy to make a mistake.

Make a point

  • Mark made some good points in his presentation, we should consider his project.

Make a profit

  • We can’t undertake that you will make a profit.

Make a request

  • You must be given an answer within 40 calendar days of making a request.

Make a sound

  • Everyone laughed when I failed to make a sound.

Make a suggestion

  • I tried to make a suggestion but she snubbed me.

Make a wish

  • Blow out the candles and make a wish.

Make an appointment

  • I’d like to make an appointment with Doctor Evans, please.

Make an attempt

  • Belatedly, I make an attempt to steer the interview back on course.

Make an effort

  • We need to make an effort to do well in this competition.

Make an exception

  • I thought I’d make an exception for family.

Make an excuse

  • I suppose I could make an excuse.

Make an offer

  • I’ve decided to make an offer on it.

Make breakfast

  • I’m making breakfast, it’ll be ready in about ten minutes.

Make changes

  • We need to make some changes to the schedule.

Make charge

  • He is in charge of the municipal housing project.

Make dinner

  • Alex took them all to dinner to celebrate the birth.

Make friends

  • They made friends with the children next door.

Make fun of somebody

  • A lot of the comedy now is about making fun of someone.

Make furniture

  • In their spare time, they make furniture.

Make lunch

  • We make lunch. Now they make lunch for a living.

Make money

  • Jennifer makes enough money to pay her rent and bills.

Make plans

  • We’re making plans to travel to Australia next year.

Make progress

  • We will just be looking to make progress from last year.

Make room

  • I had taken a big painting off the wall to make room.

Make the bed

  • I make the bed in my bedroom everyday.

Make trouble

  • He could make trouble for me if he wanted to.

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