Important Collocations with GO -

Important Collocations with GO in English

A collocation is a pair or group of two or more words that are commonly used together in English.

Here is the list of common collocations with GO that you should learn.


Go homeGo downtown
Go left/rightGo abroad
Go crazyGo up/down
Go NorthGo South
Go shoppingGo running
Go skiingGo dancing
Go fishingGo straight on


Go to workGo to school
Go to jailGo to college
Go to LondonGo to England
Go to EuropeGo to Mars
Go to dinnerGo to prison


Go on holidayGo on a trip
Go on a cruiseGo on an adventure
Go on a safariGo on a date
Go on a journeyGo on strike
Go onstage


Go for a jogGo for a hike
Go for a runGo for a walk
Go for a driveGo for a drink
Go for a coffeeGo for a meal
Go for a restGo for a nap
Go for a ride


Go to a partyGo to a concert
Go to a conferenceGo to a meeting
Go to a restaurantGo to a bar
Go to a festival


Go to the parkGo to the cinema
Go to the specialistGo to the doctor’s
Go to the bankGo to the supermarket
Go to the airportGo to the lake
Go to the beachGo to the mountains
Go to the Moon

Important Collocations with GO -

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