85+ Commonly Used Collocations with TIME in English - wordscoach.com

85+ Commonly Used Collocations with TIME in English

Collocations with Time in English

A collocation is a pair or group of two or more words that are commonly used together in English.

Here is the list of common collocations with Verb TIME that you should learn.

Learn collocations with the verb TIME.

allotted time amount of time
ample time appointed time
approximate time borrowed time
brief time commuting time
considerable time cooking time
countless times difficult time
drying time elapsed time
exact time exciting time
extended time fastest time
Free time game time
geologic time given time
Going through a tough time hard time
Have a great time Have a hard/rough time
Have time in the fullness of time
incubation time indefinite time
indeterminate time inopportune time
inordinate time instructional time
It’s about time Just in time
Keep time Kill time
lean time Leisure time
leisure time length of time
limited time Make time for
medieval time olden time
On time opportune time
Over time Pass the time
passage of time payback time
playing time Precious time
prehistoric time preparation time
present time Pressed for time
prolonged time ravages of time
Record time rough time
Run out of time Save time
scheduled time Set time
set time Spare time
specified time Spend time
Stall for time stressful time
sufficient time Take time off
Take your time Tell time
time constraint time horizon
time of onset tough time
troubled time trying time
tumultuous time turbulent time
turnaround time vacation time
wait time waiting time
Waste time wasted time

85+ Commonly Used Collocations with TIME in English - wordscoach.com

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