How to Speak Fast English

How to Speak Fast English

1. Use Contractions

We use contractions (You’re, he’s, I’m) in everyday speech and informal writing.

Here is a useful list of the most common contractions in English.

  • aren’t – are not
  • can’t – cannot
  • couldn’t – could not
  • didn’t – did not
  • hasn’t – has not
  • haven’t – have not
  • isn’t – is not
  • mustn’t – must not
  • shouldn’t – should not
  • wasn’t – was not
  • won’t – will not
  • wouldn’t – would not

2. Reduce Verbs

Reduce these four popular verbs:

  • going to → gonna
  • want to → wanna
  • have got to → gotta
  • have to → hafta


  • I wanna learn English.
  • I gotta learn English.

3. Reduce ‘YOU’

These three question words reduce in a different way.

First word: What?

– What are you doing? → Whatcha doin’?

Second word: Where?

– Where are you going? → Whereya goin’?

Third word: Would

– Would you help me? → Wouldja help me?

  • What do you think? → Whaddyu think?
  • I have got to go. → I’ve gotta go.
  • What did you do with it? → Whajoo do with it?
  • I have got a book. → I’ve gotta book.
  • How did you like it? → Howja like it?
  • Do you want to dance? → Wanna dance?
  • When did you get it? → When ju geddit?
  • Do you want a banana? → Wanna banana?
  • Why did you take it? → Whyju tay kit?
  • Let me in. → Lemme in.
  • How is it going? → Howzit going?
  • Not yet. → Na chet.
  • I should have told you. → I shoulda told you.
  • I’ll meet you later. → I’ll meechu layder.

4. Don’t Pronounce ‘T’

Another fast speaking English tip is to cutt of the ‘T’ at the end of words.

– We go out every night → We go ou’ every nigh’

5. Don’t Pronounce ‘D’

Just don’t pronounce the letter ‘D’ at the end of words.

– I found blue and yellow shoes → I foun’ blue an’ yellow shoes.

6. Reduce Pronouns

You can reduce some pronouns as you are speaking English. We hear this a lot in daily conversations.

– Maybe he is right → Maybe ‘e is righ’

– It’s his turn → It’s ‘is turn.

– It’s her turn → It ‘er turn.

– Don’t listen to them → Don’t listen to ’em

How to Speak Fast English

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