Prepositional Phrases with ON -

Prepositional Phrases with ON

Prepositional Phrases with ON

Preposition Definition

A preposition is a word that tells you how words are related in a sentence. It could often follow a verb, but it does not always. The example of the frog and a log can tell you a lot of them, but those are only one of two categories of prepositions.

In fact, there are two types of prepositions: ones that tell about the place and ones that tell about time and time order.

Prepositional Phrases with ON

On a bicycle On a bus
On a diet On a journey/ trip/ cruise
On a large / small scale On a list
On a motorbike On a pension
On a plane On a regular basis
On a ship On a spree
On a summer evening On a train
On a wall On account of
on an expedition on an island
On approval On average
On bail on balance
On behalf of On board
On business On condition that
On credit On display
On edge On end
On file On fire
On foot On good terms
On guard On hand
On holiday On horseback
On impulse On leave
On my birthday On my wedding day
On no account On oath
On occasion On order
on pain of On paper
On parade On patrol
On principle On purpose
On reflection On remand
On sale on schedule
On second thoughts On show
On strike On suspicion of
On television On that day
On the agenda on the air
On the assumption On the brink of
On the ceiling On the corner
On the dot on the dot
On the edge of On the eve of
On the first day On the grounds of
On the horizon On the hour
On the increase On the job
On the last day On the menu
On the move On the off-chance
On the outskirts On the part of
On the phone On the point of
On the radio on the record
on the road On the roof
On the run On the second floor
On the strength of On the stroke of
On the tip of On the top of
On the understanding that On the verge of
On the way On the way to
On time On tiptoe
On trial On vacation
on watch
Prepositional Phrases with ON -

Prepositional Phrase Examples with ON

  • I looked my slimmest ever on my wedding day and thoroughly enjoyed my holiday.
  • The prisoners have now been on the run for three days.
  • Tonight’s programme focuses on the way that homelessness affects the young.
  • Someone on the radio was gabbling away in a foreign language.
  • A few bidders inflated the prices on purpose.
  • She arranged all her business affairs before going on holiday.
  • The passengers on a plane arriving from Istanbul were set on by the pickets at Tegel airport yesterday.
  • Did you go anywhere exotic on vacation this year?
  • The prisoners were subsisting on a diet of bread and water.
  • A friendship founded on business is better than business founded on friendship.
  • Two men on a train almost get into a fistfight because one refuses to stop talking on his cell phone.
  • The deal is conditional on approval by the French authorities.
  • People on average are living much longer than before.
  • Stop fussing about; the bus will arrive on time.
  • Dinner was somewhat delayed on account of David’s rather tardy arrival.
  • The family was forced to live on credit from local merchants.
  • I remember once it snowed on my birthday, and I was so excited.
  • Everyone should indulge in fantasy on occasion.
  • A candle had set the curtains on fire.
  • The constable was on leave and wearing civilian clothes.
  • A woman on the corner was mumbling to herself.
  • The rent will fall due on the last day of the quarter.

Prepositional Phrase Examples with IN -

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