Prepositional Phrase List with IN -

Prepositional Phrase List with IN

Preposition Definition

A preposition is a word that tells you how words are related in a sentence. It could often follow a verb, but it does not always. The example of the frog and a log can tell you a lot of them, but those are only one of two categories of prepositions.

In fact, there are two types of prepositions: ones that tell about the place and ones that tell about time and time order.

List of Prepositional Phrase List with IN

In a deep sleep In a flash
In a heap In a hurry
In a lather In a mess
In a minute In a nutshell
In a pile In a row
In a sense In a temper
In a way In abeyance
In abundance In accordance with
In action In addition to
In advance In agony
In agreement with In aid of
In all honesty In all likelihood
In all my born days In an instant
In an uproar In answer to
In anticipation of In any case
in arrears In awe of
In bed In black and white
In brief In bulk
In business In case
In case of In cash
In character In charge of
In combination with In comfort
In command of In common
In comparison with In compensation for
In conclusion In confidence
In confinement In confusion
In conjunction with In connection with
In consequence of In contact with
In contrast with / to In control of
In court In custody
In danger In debt
In decline In defense of
In detail In difficulty
In demand In disgrace
In disguise In disorder
In dispute In distress
In doubt In due course
In duplicate In earnest
In effect In error
In essence In evidence
In excess of In exchange for
In existence In fact
In fairness to In fashion
In favor of In fear of
In flames In flower
In focus In force
In front of In full
In future In gear
In general In goal
In good faith In good/ bad condition
In hand In harmony
In haste In hiding
In high spirits In horror (of)
In ink / pencil In keeping with
In labor In league with
In length In love with
In memory of In moderation
In no time In other words
In pain In particular
In person In principle
In prison/ jail In private
In progress In public
In return In season
In secret In some respects
In stock In summer/ winter
In tears In terms of
In the air In the beginning
In the dark In the end
In the habit of In the meantime
In the mood for In the mountains
In the news In the nude
In theory In time
In touch In town
In two/ half In vain
Prepositional Phrase List with IN -

Prepositional Phrase Examples with IN

  • The plane will take off in a minute.
  • The law was/were out in force at the demonstration.
  • They were given food and shelter in exchange for work.
  • Pictures should be in focus, with realistic colours and well composed groups.
  • The police were much in evidence at today’s demonstration.
  • Please send us your Sales Confirmation in duplicate.
  • He looks younger, but in fact, he is 50 years old.
  • My view of the stage was blocked by the big hat of the woman sitting in front of me.
  • It sounds fine in theory, but will it work?
  • They nevertheless had difficulty in hiding their satisfied smiles.
  • I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.
  • He was crying out in pain on the ground when the ambulance arrived.
  • When in doubt, call the doctor.
  • Verb and subject must agree in person.
  • Your plan sounds fine in theory, but will it work?
  • She described the accident in detail.
  • In any case the report will be made public next month.
  • In fact, I always behind you, and sent you a back.
  • Took an umbrella, just in case.
  • Every evening she anchors in the news show.
  • The book is well organized in terms of plot.

Prepositional Phrase Examples with IN -

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Can a prepositional phrase start with in?

Some of the most common prepositions that begin prepositional phrases are to, of, about, at, before, after, by, behind, during, for, from, in, over, under, and with.

What is with in preposition?

With means ‘in the same place as someone or something’ or ‘accompanying’.

Can you start a sentence with in?

Yes, you can use “in” at the beginning of a sentence for many reasons.
– In fact, I always behind you, and sent you a back.

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