Common Grammar Mistakes in English -

50+ Common Grammar Mistakes in English

Understanding the 50+ most common grammar mistakes can help you improve your writing.


Wrong: At Sunday
Right: On Monday

Wrong: I have visited Niagara Falls last weekend.
Right: I visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

Wrong: She speak French and also speaks English.
Right: She speaks French and also speaks English.

Wrong: The woman which works here is from Japan.
Right: The woman who works here is from Japan.

Wrong: She’s married with a dentist.
Right: She’s married to a dentist.

Wrong: Which kind of that car?
Right: Which type of is that?

Wrong: She was boring in the class.
Right: She was bored in the class.

Wrong: I must to call him immediately.
Right: I must call him immediately.

Wrong: Every students like the teacher.
Right: Every student likes the teacher.

Wrong: I have visited Madrid last weekend.
Right: I visited Madrid last weekend.

Wrong: My car beautiful.
Right: My car is beautiful.

Wrong: Although it was raining, but we had the picnic.
Right: Although it was raining, we had the picnic.

Wrong: I enjoyed from the movie.
Right: I enjoyed the movie.

Wrong: My house beautiful.
Right: My house is beautiful.

Wrong: I look forward to meet you.
Right: I look forward to meeting you.

Wrong: I like very much ice cream.
Right: I like ice cream very much.

Wrong: She can to drive.
Right: She can drive.

Wrong: She is more tall than me.
Right: She is taller than me.

Wrong: Where I can find a bank?
Right: Where can I find a bank?

Wrong: I live in United States.
Right: I live in the United States.

Wrong: The house is enough spacious for me.
Right: The house is spacious enough for me.

Wrong: When I will arrive, I will call you.
Right: When I arrive, I will call you.

Wrong: I play chess good.
Right: I play chess well.

Wrong: I’ve been here since three months.
Right: I’ve been here for three months.

Wrong: I don’t believe its finally Saturday.
Right: I don’t believe it’s finally Saturday.

Wrong: My boyfriend has got a new work.
Right: My boyfriend has got a new job. (or just “has a new job”)

Wrong: She doesn’t listen me.
Right: She doesn’t listen to me.

Wrong: You speak English good.
Right: You speak English well.

Wrong: The police is coming.
Right: The police are coming.

Wrong: The house isn’t enough big.
Right: The house isn’t big enough.

Wrong: You should not to smoke.
Right: You should not smoke.

Wrong: Do you like a glass of wine?
Right: Would you like a glass of wine?

Wrong: There is seven girls in the class.
Right: There are seven girls in the class.

Wrong: I didn’t meet nobody.
Right: I didn’t meet anybody.

Wrong: My flight departs in 5:00 am.
Right: My flight departs at 5:00 am.

Wrong: I promise I call you next week.
Right: I promise I’ll call you next week.

Wrong: Where is post office?
Right: Where is the post office?

Wrong: Please explain me how improve my English.
Right: Please explain to me how to improve my English.

Wrong: We studied during four hours.
Right: We studied for four hours.

Wrong: Is ready my passport?
Right: Is my passport ready?

Wrong: You cannot buy all what you like!
Right: You cannot buy all that you like!

Wrong: She is success.
Right: She is successful.

Wrong: My mother wanted that I be doctor.
Right: My mother wanted me to be a doctor.

Wrong: The life is hard!
Right: Life is hard.

Wrong: Last week I cry.
Right: Last week I cried.

Wrong: How many childrens you have?
Right: How many children do you have?

Wrong: My brother has 10 years.
Right: My brother is 10 (years old).

Wrong: I want eat now.
Right: I want to eat now.

Wrong: You are very nice, as your mother.
Right: You are very nice, like your mother.

Wrong: What time it is?
Right: What time is it?

Wrong: She said me that she liked you.
Right: She told me that she liked you.

Wrong: My husband engineer.
Right: My husband is an engineer.

Wrong: I came Australia to study English.
Right: I came to Australia to study English.

Wrong: It is more hot now.
Right: It’s hotter now.

Wrong: You can give me an information?
Right: Can you give me some information?

Wrong: She is more tall.
Right: She is taller.

Wrong: They cooked the dinner themself.
Right: They cooked the dinner themselves.

Wrong: Me and Johnny live here.
Right: Johnny and I live here.

Wrong: I play volleyball good.
Right: I play volleyball well.

Wrong: I closed very quietly the door.
Right: I closed the door very quietly.

Wrong: You like dance with me?
Right: Would you like to dance with me?

Wrong: I go always to school by subway.
Right: I always go to school by subway.

Wrong: She sang sweet.
Right: She sang sweety.

Wrong: If I will be in London, I will contact to you.
Right: If I am in London, I will contact you.

Wrong: We drive usually to home.
Right: We usually drive home.

Common Grammar Mistakes in English -

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