Adverbs that start with A -

250+ Adverbs that start with A

This list contains all the adverbs used in the English language that start with A. It includes negative and positive adverbs with A to describe a person.

List of Adverbs that start with A

AlifeAlimentally allAllAllenarlyAlmost
Almost neverAlongAlreadyAlsoAlways
AptlyArrogantlyAs a consequenceAs a resultAstay

List of Adverbs with Definition, Synonym and Examples

AdverbsDefinitionSynonymExample Sentence
AbackIn surprise or amazementTaken aback, startled, shockedShe was taken aback by his sudden outburst.
AbaftTowards the rear of a ship; asternAft, behind, rearwardThe sailor went abaft to inspect the damage.
AbandonedlyIn a way that shows a lack of restraint or inhibitionWildly, recklessly, freelyHe danced abandonedly at the party.
AbasedlyIn a humble or degraded mannerHumbly, meekly, submissivelyShe apologized abasedly for her mistake.
AbashedlyIn a way that shows embarrassment or discomfortSheepishly, embarrassedly, bashfullyHe smiled abashedly when he realized his error.
AbbreviatelyIn a concise or condensed mannerConcisely, briefly, shortlyShe summarized the report abbreviately.
AbeamIn a line at right angles to a ship’s lengthPerpendicular, transverselyThe lighthouse was abeam as we sailed past.
AbedIn bedIn bed, lying downHe stayed abed all day when he felt ill.
AbhorrentlyIn a way that causes strong dislike or disgustHorribly, disgustingly, repulsivelyHe behaved abhorrently towards his colleagues.
AbidinglyIn a lasting or enduring mannerEndlessly, enduringly, permanentlyTheir friendship remained abidingly strong.
AbjectlyIn a manner showing hopelessness or resignationHopelessly, miserably, despairinglyHe pleaded abjectly for forgiveness.
AblinsPerhaps; maybeMaybe, perhaps, possiblyAblins we’ll see some improvement next year.
AbloomIn a state of blooming; abundantlyBlooming, blossoming, flourishingThe garden was abloom with colorful flowers.
AblyIn a competent or skillful mannerCapably, skillfully, proficientlyShe handled the situation ably.
AbnormallyIn a way that is unusual or deviates from the normUnusually, anomalously, irregularlyHis behavior was abnormally aggressive.
AboardOn or into a ship, aircraft, train, or other vehicleOn board, on, insideWe went aboard the ship to start our journey.
AbominablyIn a detestable or unpleasant mannerAwfully, horribly, terriblyThe food tasted abominably.
AboriginallyOriginally; from the beginningPrimordially, initially, originallyThe traditions were practiced aboriginally.
AbortivelyIn a way that fails to produce the intended resultUnsuccessfully, ineffectively, fruitlesslyThe project ended abortively due to funding issues.
AboutOn the subject of; concerningConcerning, regarding, with regard toLet’s talk about your future plans.
AboveAt a higher level or layerOver, higher than, on top ofThe moon was shining above the clouds.
AboveboardIn a straightforward and honest mannerHonestly, openly, candidlyHe conducted business dealings aboveboard.
AbreastSide by side and facing the same wayAlongside, beside, next toThe two friends walked abreast down the street.
AbroachIn a way that is ready or available for useReady, available, preparedThe resources were set abroach for the project.
AbroadIn or to a foreign countryOverseas, internationally, in a foreign landShe studied abroad for a year.
AbroodIn a state of readiness or anticipationReady, prepared, awaitingThe soldiers were abrood for the battle.
AbruptlySuddenly and unexpectedlySuddenly, suddenly, without warningThe meeting ended abruptly when the fire alarm went off.
AbsentlyInattentively or without full attentionInattentively, distractedly, absent-mindedlyShe nodded absently while lost in thought.
AbsentmindedlyIn a forgetful or preoccupied mannerForgetfully, inattentively, distractedlyHe signed the form absentmindedly, not really paying attention.
AbsolutelyCompletely and without qualificationCompletely, totally, entirelyI absolutely love your new hairstyle.
AbsorbedlyIn a deeply interested or involved mannerIntently, deeply, engrossedlyHe listened absorbedly to her story.
AbstinentlyIn a restrained or self-denying mannerModerately, self-restrainedly, temperatelyHe lived abstinently, avoiding excess in all things.
AbstractedlyIn a preoccupied or absent-minded mannerAbsently, inattentively, distractedlyShe walked abstractedly down the street, lost in thought.
AbstractlyIn a way that deals with ideas rather than eventsTheoretically, conceptually, ideologicallyThe concept can be understood abstractly.
AbstruselyIn a difficult to understand or obscure mannerObscurely, cryptically, incomprehensiblyHe explained the theory abstrusely, leaving us more confused than before.
AbsurdlyIn a way that is ridiculously unreasonableRidiculously, unreasonably, illogicallyThe idea was absurdly impractical.
AbundantlyIn large quantities; plentifullyPlentifully, copiously, bountifullyThe fields were abundantly covered in flowers.
AburstIn a state of bursting open or breaking forthBursting, bursting forth, explodingThe balloons were aburst with confetti.
AbusivelyIn a manner that is offensive or harmfulOffensively, harmfully, insultinglyHe spoke abusively to his coworkers.
AbysmallyIn a manner that is extremely bad or poorTerribly, horribly, miserablyThe team performed abysmally in the championship game.
AcademicallyIn a way that is related to academic studyScholarly, intellectually, academicallyShe excelled academically in her studies.
AccentuallyWith emphasis or stress on a particular syllable or wordEmphatically, with emphasis, stressfullyHe pronounced the word accentually to emphasize its meaning.
AcceptablyIn a satisfactory or agreeable mannerSatisfactorily, agreeably, adequatelyThe job was completed acceptably.
AcceptedlyIn a way that is generally approved or recognizedGenerally, acknowledgedly, commonlyThe practice was acceptedly traditional in their culture.
AccessarilyIn a way that is necessary or essentialEssentially, necessarily, cruciallyThe document was accessarily required for admission.
AccessiblyIn a way that is easy to approach, reach, or useEasily, readily, approachablyThe information was made accessibly available to all.
AccessorilyAs an accessory; supplementarySupplementarily, additionally, extraThe book comes with accessorily useful appendices.
AccidentallyBy chance or without intentUnintentionally, inadvertently, by mistakeHe accidentally spilled coffee on his shirt.
AccommodatelyIn a way that is flexible or adaptableFlexibly, adaptably, adjustablyThe schedule was accommodately arranged to suit everyone’s needs.
AccordantlyIn a manner consistent with; harmoniouslyHarmoniously, consistently, in accordanceHis actions were accordantly with his beliefs.
AccordingAs stated or reported by someoneAs stated, as reported, as stated byAccording to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
AccordinglyIn a way that is appropriate or suitableAccordingly, appropriately, suitablyShe adjusted her schedule accordingly.
AccountablyIn a way that is responsible or answerableResponsibly, answerably, reliablyHe acted accountably in handling the situation.
AccuratelyIn a precise or exact mannerPrecisely, exactly, correctlyShe measured the ingredients accurately for the recipe.
AccusativelyWith an accusatory tone or mannerAccusingly, accusingly, blamefullyShe looked at him accusatively when the vase broke.
AccusatoriallyIn an accusatory or blaming mannerAccusingly, blamefully, accusinglyHe spoke accusatorially, blaming others for the mistake.
AccusinglyIn a manner that suggests blame or accusationBlamingly, accusingly, reproachfullyHe looked at her accusingly, suspecting her of the theft.
AccustomablyIn a way that is easy to become accustomed toEasily, habitually, comfortablyThe new routine was accustomably adapted to by the students.
AccustomarilyIn a habitual or customary mannerHabitually, customarily, traditionallyThey met accustomarily at the same cafe every Sunday.
AchromaticallyIn a way that lacks color or brightnessColorlessly, monochromatically, blandlyThe image was displayed achromatically in black and white.
AcockTo one side; at an angleAslant, obliquely, diagonallyThe picture hung acock on the wall.
AcockbillTo one side; at an angleAslant, obliquely, diagonallyThe ship sailed with its sails acockbill.
AcousticallyIn a way that relates to sound or hearingSoundly, auditorily, hearinglyThe hall was designed acoustically to enhance the music.
AcquiescentlyIn a way that is compliant or submissiveCompliantly, obediently, submissivelyHe nodded acquiescently in agreement.
AcquisitivelyIn a way that shows a desire to acquire or possessGreedily, covetously, possessivelyThe child looked at the toy acquisitively.
AcridlyIn a harsh or bitter mannerHarshly, bitterly, sharplyThe smell of smoke filled the air acridly.
AcrimoniouslyIn a way that is bitter or harsh in tone or mannerBitterly, harshly, angrilyThey argued acrimoniously over the decision.
AcronycallyOnce a year; annuallyYearly, annually, yearlyThe festival takes place acronycally in the spring.
AcrookTo one side; at an angleAslant, obliquely, diagonallyThe picture hung acrook on the wall.
AcrossFrom one side to the otherOver, through, spanningThey walked across the bridge to reach the other side.
AcrosticallyBy means of an acrosticAcrostically, by acrostic, acrostically speakingThe poem was written acrostically with the first letter of each line spelling out a word.
ActionablyIn a manner that gives rise to legal actionLegally, justly, lawfullyHis behavior was actionably unacceptable.
ActivelyIn a lively or energetic mannerEnergetically, vigorously, dynamicallyHe participated actively in the discussion.
ActuallyIn fact; trulyIn fact, truly, reallyShe actually enjoyed the movie.
AcutelyIn a way that is sharply felt or perceivedSharply, keenly, intenselyHe felt acutely embarrassed by his mistake.
AdanceIn a lively or energetic mannerEnergetically, actively, vivaciouslyThe children danced adance at the party.
AdangleHanging at an angle or loose and untidyAskew, crookedly, carelesslyThe painting hung adangle on the wall.
AdaptlyIn a way that is suitable or appropriateSuitably, appropriately, fittinglyHe adapted adaptly to the new environment.
AdaysNowadays; in modern timesNowadays, in modern times, these daysAdays, people rely heavily on technology for communication.
AdditionallyAs an extra or added thingAlso, furthermore, in additionAdditionally, we offer free shipping on all orders.
AdequatelyIn a satisfactory or acceptable mannerSufficiently, satisfactorily, acceptablyShe performed adequately in the role.
AdherentlyIn a way that adheres or sticks to somethingStuck, adhered, attachedThe gum was adherently stuck to the bottom of the shoe.
AdhesivelyIn a manner that sticks or adheresSticky, adherently, tackilyThe label was adhesively attached to the package.
AdjacentlyIn a manner that is nearby or next toNearby, next to, close toThe houses were adjacently located along the street.
AdjectivallyIn a way that is related to or used as an adjectiveAdjectively, as an adjective, descriptivelyThe word “big” can be used adjectivally to describe the car.
AdjectivelyIn a way that functions as an adjectiveDescriptively, adjectivally, as an adjectiveThe word “happy” is used adjectively to describe a feeling.
AdjunctivelyIn a way that is supplementary or additionalSupplementarily, additionally, extraThe book comes with adjunctively useful appendices.
AdjunctlyAs an addition or supplementAdditionally, extra, in additionThey provide adjunctly support for the main argument.
AdmirablyIn a way that is deserving of respect or admirationExcellently, commendably, commendablyHe handled the situation admirably.
AdmittedlyAs acknowledged or recognizedGranted, acknowledgedly, confessedlyAdmittedly, the task was more difficult than we anticipated.
AdorablyIn a delightful or charming mannerDelightfully, charmingly, cutelyThe puppy looked adorably at its owner.

AdoringlyWith deep love and affection.Fondly, Lovingly, CaringlyShe looked at him adoringly, her eyes filled with adoration.
AdorninglyIn a manner that enhances or adds beauty to something.Decoratively, Ornately, GracefullyShe placed the flowers adorningly on the table, creating a beautiful centerpiece.
AdownDownward; towards a lower place or position.Down, Descendingly, BelowThe stream flowed gently adown the hillside.
AdroitlyIn a skillful or clever way.Skillfully, Cleverly, DeftlyHe handled the situation adroitly, avoiding any conflicts.
AdulterouslyIn a manner characterized by adultery, a violation of marriage vows.Unfaithfully, Infideliously, CheatinglyShe gazed at him adulterously, knowing she was betraying her spouse.
AdvantageouslyIn a way that provides benefit; favorably.Beneficially, Profitably, OpportunelyThey positioned themselves advantageously to observe the fireworks.
AdventurouslyIn a daring, bold, or risky manner.Boldly, Riskily, CourageouslyThey set out adventurously on their journey into the unknown.
AdverbiallyIn a manner relating to or functioning as an adverb.Modifyingly, Descriptively, GrammaticallyHe explained the grammar rule adverbially, using examples to illustrate.
AdverselyIn a way that opposes or works against something; unfavorably.Negatively, Harmfully, DetrimentallyThe new regulations affected the company adversely, leading to layoffs.
AdvisablyIn a wise or sensible manner; recommendably.Wisely, Sensibly, PrudentlyIt is advisably to invest in diversified stocks for long-term growth.
AdvisedlyDone deliberately or intentionally; with careful consideration.Deliberately, Intentionally, PurposefullyShe made her decision advisedly, after weighing all the options.
AeriallyIn or from the air; relating to the atmosphere or flying.Airily, Skywardly, AtmosphericallyBirds navigate aerially during migration.
AffablyIn a friendly and pleasant manner.Friendly, Pleasantly, AmiablyHe greeted us affably as we entered his office.
AffectedlyIn a manner that is artificial or pretentious.Pretentiously, Unnaturally, InsincerelyShe spoke affectedly, trying to mimic the accent of the upper class.
AffectinglyIn a way that evokes emotion or sympathy; poignantly.Touchingly, Stirringly, EmotionallyThe movie’s ending was so affectingly that many viewers were in tears.
AffectionatelyIn a loving or caring manner.Lovingly, Tenderly, FondlyShe hugged her children affectionately before they left for school.
AffectivelyIn a way that affects or influences.Impactfully, Influentially, SignificantlyThe speech was delivered affectively, swaying public opinion.
AffettuosoIn a tender and affectionate manner (especially in music).Tenderly, Lovingly, ExpressivelyThe pianist played the piece affettuoso, pouring his heart into each note.
AffirmativelyIn a positive or confirming manner.Positively, Assertively, ConfidentlyShe nodded affirmatively when asked if she agreed with the decision.
AfflictivelyIn a manner that causes suffering or distress.Painfully, Distressingly, TroublinglyThe disease spread afflictively throughout the community, causing widespread panic.
AffluentlyIn a wealthy or prosperous manner.Wealthily, Prosperously, RichlyThey lived affluently in their sprawling mansion.
AfieldFar from home or one’s usual surroundings.Away, Distantly, AbroadThey traveled afield to explore new cultures.
AfootIn progress; happening or beginning to happen.Underway, Progressing, OngoingRumors were afoot about the company’s impending merger.
AforeIn front; ahead in place or time.Before, Forward, AheadThe storm clouds gathered afore, signaling the approaching tempest.
AforehandIn advance; beforehand.Beforehand, Previously, EarlyHe prepared the necessary documents aforehand to avoid any delays.
AforetimeIn former times; previously.Formerly, Previously, OnceThe ruins were once a thriving city aforetime.
AfreshAgain; anew; in a fresh or different manner.Again, Newly, FreshlyThey started afresh after the setback, determined to succeed.
AfrontIn a confrontational or challenging manner.Confrontationally, Boldly, DefiantlyHe stood afront of his critics, ready to defend his actions.
AfterSubsequently to the time when.Following, Later, SubsequentlyShe arrived after the meeting had already started.
AfterwardAt a later or subsequent time.Subsequently, Later, AfterwardsThey went for ice cream afterward to celebrate their victory.
AfterwardsAt a later or subsequent time.Subsequently, Later, AfterwardShe regretted her decision afterwards, realizing the consequences.
AftwardIn a direction toward the rear or stern of a ship; backward.Backward, Rearward, BackThe sailors looked aftward as the coastline disappeared from view.
AgainOnce more; another time.Anew, Once again, One more time“Let’s try again,” she said, handing him the chess pieces.
AgainwardBackward; in the direction of a previous position or state.Backward, Rearward, BehindShe stepped againward into the memories of her childhood.
AgamicallyIn a manner related to marriage or sexual relations.Matrimonially, Conjugal, MaritallyThey approached the problem agamically, seeking compromise.
AgateIn a way that resembles or involves the semiprecious stone agate.Striped, Banded, StreakedThe curtains were patterned agate, with swirls of blue and green.
AgedlyIn a manner characteristic of old age; elderly.Elderly, Senilely, AgedHe walked agedly with a cane, his steps slow and deliberate.
AggravatinglyIn a manner that provokes annoyance or exasperation.Annoyingly, Irritatingly, FrustratinglyShe tapped her foot aggravatingly, waiting for him to finish his story.
AggregatelyIn a way that combines or gathers into a mass or whole.Collectively, Together, ComprehensivelyThe data was analyzed aggregately to identify trends.
AgilelyIn a nimble, quick, or skillful manner.Nimbly, Quickly, SkilfullyHe moved agilely through the obstacle course, avoiding each hurdle effortlessly.
AgitatedlyIn a manner showing agitation or nervousness.Nervously, Anxiously, RestlesslyShe paced agitatedly as she waited for the test results.
AgleyAwry; amiss; wrong.Awry, Amiss, WrongThe project went agley when they realized they had underestimated the costs.
AgoingIn the process of going or moving forward.Progressing, Moving forward, ProceedingThe construction project is agoing smoothly, with no delays so far.
AgonisticallyIn a manner related to or characterized by conflict or struggle.Competitively, Struggingly, ContentiouslyThey debated agonistically, each trying to prove their point.
AgonizinglyIn a manner causing extreme physical or mental pain or anguish.Painfully, Torturously, AnguishinglyShe waited agonizingly for the test results, fearing the worst.
AgoodIn a satisfactory or adequate manner.Well, Satisfactorily, AdequatelyEverything turned out agood in the end, despite the challenges.
AgreeIn a manner indicating consent or approval.Consensually, Approvingly, UnanimouslyThey shook hands to agree on the terms of the contract.
AgreeablyIn a pleasant or enjoyable manner.Pleasantly, Enjoyably, AmiablyThe weather was warm and agreeably sunny for their picnic.
AgreeinglyIn a manner that expresses or indicates agreement.Consensually, Approvingly, ConformablyShe nodded agreeingly when asked if she understood the instructions.
AgriefIn a sorrowful or mournful manner.Sorrowfully, Mournfully, SadlyThey spoke agrief of their lost loved ones during the memorial service.
AheadIn or toward the future; in advance.Forward, Beforehand, PrecedingShe planned ahead for her retirement, saving diligently.
AheapIn a pile or mass; accumulated.Piled, Stacked, AccumulatedThe books were stacked aheap on the desk, waiting to be sorted.
AheightAt a great height; high above.High, Aloft, ElevatedThe eagle soared aheight in the clear blue sky.
AholdIn one’s grasp or possession.In hand, In possession, HoldingHe held ahold of the rope tightly as he descended into the cave.
AhorsebackOn horseback; while riding a horse.Riding, Mounted, EquestrianThey traveled ahorseback through the countryside, enjoying the scenery.
AhullWith sails furled and helm lashed to leeward, making no headway.Motionless, Stationary, StoppedThe ship drifted ahull in the calm sea, waiting for the wind to pick up.
AirilyIn a light-hearted or casual manner.Casually, Lightly, NonchalantlyShe waved her hand airily as if dismissing the idea.

AirwardsIn the direction of the air or sky.Skyward, Upward, HeavenwardThe balloon drifted airwards as it ascended into the clouds.
AjarSlightly open; partially opened.Partially, Partly, HalfwayThe door was left ajar, allowing a cool breeze to enter the room.
AlacriouslyIn a cheerful, eager, or enthusiastic manner.Cheerfully, Eagerly, EnthusiasticallyShe agreed alacriously to help organize the event.
AlandOn or onto the shore from the water.Ashore, Onshore, BeachwardThe sailors came aland after a long voyage at sea.
AlarmedlyIn a manner showing fear or concern.Fearfully, Concernedly, AnxiouslyShe looked alarmedly at the darkening sky.
AlateWinged; having wings.Winged, Flying, AerialThe bird glided alate through the air effortlessly.
AlchemicallyIn a manner related to or resembling alchemy, the medieval forerunner of chemistry.Mystically, Magically, MetaphoricallyThe potion bubbled alchemically in the cauldron.
AldayThroughout the day; all day long.All day, Entire day, Whole dayShe had been working alday without a break.
AleeOn or toward the lee side; away from the wind.Leeward, Downwind, ShelteredThe sailors sought refuge alee from the storm.
AlengthAt or to full length; stretched out.Fully, Completely, EntirelyHe stretched alength after sitting for hours.
AlertlyIn a vigilant, attentive, or aware manner.Vigilantly, Attentively, WatchfullyThe guard stood alertly at the entrance.
AlgatesIn any manner or way.Anyhow, Anyway, SomehowHe managed to get the job done algates.
AlifeIn a state of life; alive.Living, Animated, BreathingThe forest was teeming with creatures alife.
Alimentally allIn a way related to nourishment or sustenance.Nutritionally, Nourishingly, SustaininglyThey cooked alimentally rich meals for their guests.
AllCompletely; entirely.Completely, Totally, WhollyThe vase shattered, scattering fragments all over the floor.
AllenarlyOnly; solely.Solely, Only, ExclusivelyHe was allenarly responsible for the success of the project.
AlmostNearly; not quite.Nearly, Virtually, PracticallyShe had almost finished reading the book.
Almost neverVery rarely; hardly ever.Rarely, Infrequently, SeldomHe almost never missed his morning jog.
AlongIn a line parallel to; following the direction of.Parallel, Following, BesideThe river flowed silently along the edge of the forest.
AlreadyBy this or that time; previously.Previously, Before, EarlierShe had already finished her homework when her friends arrived.
AlsoIn addition; too.Additionally, Furthermore, MoreoverHe wanted cake, and also ice cream.
AlwaysAt all times; on all occasions.Continuously, Forever, PerpetuallyHe always woke up early, regardless of the day.
AmazinglyIn a surprising or astonishing manner.Astonishingly, Surprisingly, IncrediblyShe performed amazingly well in her first competition.
AmblinglyIn a slow, leisurely manner.Leisurely, Slowly, LazilyThe old man walked amblingly through the park.
AmorouslyIn a loving or romantic manner.Lovingly, Romantically, AffectionatelyThey gazed amorously into each other’s eyes.
AmplySufficiently; abundantly.Sufficiently, Plentifully, AbundantlyThe chef seasoned the dish amply with herbs and spices.
AnalogicallyIn a manner related to or resembling analogy, a comparison between two things.Comparatively, Similarly, MetaphoricallyShe explained the concept analogically using everyday examples.
AnalyticallyIn a manner related to or using analysis, the examination of something in detail.Methodically, Systematically, CautiouslyHe approached the problem analytically, breaking it down into smaller parts.
AnatomicallyIn a manner related to the structure of living organisms, especially their bodies.Structurally, Physically, BiologicallyThe surgeon studied the patient’s condition anatomically before performing the operation.
AncestoriallyIn a manner related to or inherited from ancestors or the past.Ancestrally, Paternally, LineallyThe tradition was passed down ancestorially through generations.
AncientlyIn ancient times; long ago.Historically, Antiquely, PrimitivelyThe ruins date back to a civilization anciently forgotten.
AnewOnce more; again.Again, Afresh, Once againThey started their journey anew after the setback.
AngelicallyIn a manner resembling or characteristic of an angel, typically gentle and kind.Serenely, Sweetly, BeatificallyShe smiled angelically, bringing comfort to those around her.
AngrilyIn a manner showing anger or irritation.Irritably, Wrathfully, FiercelyHe shouted angrily at the driver who cut him off.
AngularlyWith angles or corners; in an angular manner.Corners, Edges, CornersThe sculpture was designed angularly, with sharp lines and angles.
AnightsDuring the night; at night.Nightly, Nocturnally, During the nightThe forest was eerie anights, with strange noises echoing in the darkness.
AnimallyIn a manner characteristic of animals; like an animal.Beastly, Animalistically, SavageHe growled animally as he defended his territory.
AnimatedlyIn a lively or spirited manner.Lively, Spiritedly, EnergeticallyThey chatted animatedly about their weekend plans.
AnniversarilyIn a manner related to or occurring on an anniversary, a date on which an event took place in a previous year.Yearly, Celebratively, CommemorativelyThey celebrated anniversarily, marking their years of marriage.
AnnuallyOnce a year; every year.Yearly, Yearlong, Once a yearThey held a meeting annually to review company performance.
AnnularryIn a ring-shaped manner; in the form of a ring or circle.Circularly, Ring-like, CircularlyThe trees were arranged annularly around the clearing.
AnxiouslyIn a manner showing worry or unease about future events.Nervously, Uneasily, WorriedlyShe waited anxiously for the test results to be announced.
AnyIn any degree; at all.Whatever, Whichever, AnyhowShe would do any job to support her family.
AnyhowIn any case; regardless of circumstances.Anyway, Regardless, NeverthelessAnyhow, they had to find a solution to the problem.
AnywayIn any case; nevertheless.Nonetheless, Regardless, In any caseShe decided to go to the party anyway, despite feeling tired.
AnywhereIn or to any place; wherever.Everywhere, Anyplace, WhereverThey could go anywhere they wanted with their new car.
ApparentlyAs far as one knows or can see; seemingly.Seemingly, Ostensibly, EvidentlyApparently, he had already left for the day.
AptlyIn a manner that is appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.Appropriately, Suitably, FittinglyShe spoke aptly to the audience, addressing their concerns directly.
ArrogantlyIn a proud, haughty, or disdainful manner.Proudly, Haughtily, ConceitedlyHe walked arrogantly into the room, as if he owned the place.
As a consequenceAs a result of something; consequently.Consequently, Accordingly, ThereforeHe skipped his breakfast, and as a consequence, he felt weak later in the day.
As a resultBecause of something; hence.Consequently, Accordingly, ThereforeShe studied hard, and as a result, she passed the exam with flying colors.
AstayIn a position of standing still or not moving.Motionless, Stationary, StillThe ship remained astay in the calm waters of the harbor.
AsternBehind or toward the rear of a ship or aircraft.Behind, Aft, RearwardThe captain ordered the crew to turn the ship astern.
AstonishedlyIn a manner showing great surprise or amazement.Surprisedly, Amazedly, ShockedShe looked astonishedly at the unexpected gift.
AstonishinglyIn a manner causing great surprise or amazement.Surprisingly, Amazingly, ShockinglyThe magician performed astonishingly, leaving the audience in awe.
AstoopIn a manner bent forward or downward.Bent, Leaning, InclinedHe walked astoop under the low-hanging branches.

AstraddleWith one leg on each side; astride.Astride, Straddling, SittingShe sat astraddle the fence, watching the sunset.
AstrideWith one leg on each side; astride.Astraddle, Straddling, SittingThe cowboy rode astride his horse as they galloped across the plains.
AstringentlyIn a harsh or severe manner.Harshly, Severely, SternlyThe judge spoke astringently to the defendant, reprimanding their behavior.
AsunderApart; divided into pieces.Apart, Separately, DividedThe earthquake tore the building asunder, leaving rubble in its wake.
AswingIn a swinging or swaying motion.Swinging, Swaying, OscillatingThe chandelier moved gently aswing in the breeze.
AswoonIn a state of fainting or swooning.Fainting, Swooning, UnconsciousShe fell aswoon upon hearing the surprising news.
AswoonedIn a state of being deeply infatuated or overwhelmed with emotion.Infatuatedly, Overwhelmed, EnchantedThe young girl gazed at her favorite pop star aswooned, lost in admiration.
AtauntIn a challenging or defiant manner.Defiantly, Provocatively, ChallenginglyHe stared ataunt at his opponent, ready for the confrontation.
AtauntoAt once; immediately.Instantly, Immediately, PromptlyThe firefighter sprang ataunto upon hearing the alarm.
AthwartFrom side to side; across.Across, Crosswise, TransverselyThe fallen tree lay athwart the path, blocking their way.
AtiltIn a sloping or inclined position.Sloping, Inclined, TiltedThe painting hung atilt on the wall, adding a sense of whimsy to the room.
A-tiptoeOn tiptoe; standing on the tips of the toes.Tiptoe, Stealthily, CautiouslyShe crept a-tiptoe past the sleeping guard.
AtmosphericallyIn a manner related to or characteristic of the atmosphere, especially in terms of mood or environment.Environmentally, Moodily, CharacteristicallyThe film was shot atmospherically, capturing the eerie mood of the haunted house.
AtomicallyIn a manner related to atoms, the basic units of matter.Microscopically, Minutely, InfinitesimallyThe substance was analyzed atomically to understand its chemical composition.
AtopOn top of; at the highest point of.Above, Over, UponThe flag waved proudly atop the mountain peak.
AtripIn a state of readiness for sailing.Prepared, Ready, SetThe ship was atrip, its sails billowing in the wind.
AttemperlyIn a manner related to or showing moderation or restraint.Moderately, Temperately, TolerantlyHe responded attemperly to the criticism, considering each point thoughtfully.
AttentlyIn a manner showing attentiveness or concentration.Concentratedly, Focusedly, IntentlyShe listened attently to the lecture, taking notes diligently.
AttonceAt once; immediately.Instantly, Immediately, PromptlyThe bell rang, and attonce the students stood up to leave.
AttoneIn a manner showing reconciliation or making amends.Reconcilingly, Apologetically, PeacefullyHe offered his hand attone, seeking to mend their broken relationship.
AttributivelyIn a manner relating to or involving attribution, the act of attributing or assigning a quality or feature to someone.Relatively, Causally, DescriptivelyThe adverb is used attributively in this sentence.
AtwainIn two; into two parts.Into two, Apart, Into halvesThe tree split atwain when struck by lightning.
AtwixtBetween; in an intermediate position.Between, Amid, In the middleShe stood atwixt the two friends, trying to reconcile their differences.
AtwoIn two parts or halves.In halves, In two, DividedThe team split atwo over the issue, with half in favor and half against.
AudaciouslyIn a bold or daring manner.Boldly, Daringly, FearlesslyShe audaciously confronted the bully, standing up for her friend.
AudiblyIn a manner that can be heard.Clearly, Loudly, Clearly audibleHis footsteps were audibly approaching from down the hall.
AughtAt all; in any degree.Anything, Everything, SomethingHe didn’t know aught about fixing cars.
AugustlyIn a majestic or noble manner; with reverence or dignity.Majestically, Nobly, ReverentlyThe king spoke augustly to his people, inspiring loyalty and respect.
AuricularlyRelating to the sense of hearing or the ears.Ears, Aurally, AurallyThe music was transmitted auricularly through headphones.
AusterelyIn a severe or strict manner.Severely, Strictly, SternlyThe teacher austerely enforced the classroom rules.
AuthenticallyIn a manner that is genuine, true, or reliable.Genuinely, Truly, ReliablyThe artist’s work was praised for being authentically representative of her culture.
AuthenticlyIn a manner that is genuine, true, or reliable.Genuinely, Truly, ReliablyThe document was authenticly signed by the president.
AutogenouslyIn a self-generated or self-produced manner.Self-generating, Self-producing, AutonomouslyThe company relied on autogenously generated revenue to fund its projects.
AutomaticallyIn a manner that operates independently of outside influence or control.Mechanically, Spontaneously, ReflexivelyThe door automatically opened as they approached.
AutopticallyThrough direct observation or firsthand experience.Directly, Personally, FirsthandHe understood the concept autoptically after witnessing it firsthand.
AuxiliarlyIn a manner that provides assistance or support.Supportively, Assistively, HelpfullyThe volunteers worked auxiliarly to aid the victims of the natural disaster.
AvaiablyIn a manner that is available or accessible.Accessibly, Reachably, ReadilyThe information is avaiably online for anyone to access.
AverselyIn a manner showing reluctance or opposition.Reluctantly, Oppositely, DisinclinedlyHe spoke aversely about the proposed changes to the policy.
AviselyIn a manner showing wisdom or good judgment.Wisely, Prudently, JudiciouslyShe avisely invested her money in low-risk stocks.
AvidiouslyIn a manner showing eagerness or enthusiasm.Eagerly, Enthusiastically, ZealouslyThe fans waited avidiously for the release of the new album.
AvieBy means of; through.Through, By means of, ViaThey communicated avie email.
AwayAt a distance; to or from a distance.Far, Absent, DistantHe gazed away into the horizon, lost in thought.
AweighRaised or lifted, especially with reference to an anchor.Lifted, Raised, UpThe anchor was aweigh, and the ship set sail.
AwfulExtremely; very.Extremely, Very, TerriblyThe weather was awful, with heavy rain and strong winds.
AwfullyExtremely; very.Extremely, Very, TerriblyShe felt awfully tired after the long day at work.
AwhileFor a short time; temporarily.Temporarily, Briefly, ShortlyHe sat down to rest awhile before continuing his journey.
AwingIn an overwhelming or astonishing manner.Overwhelmingly, Astonishingly, AmazinglyThe beauty of the landscape left them awing in admiration.
AwklyAwkwardly; clumsily.Clumsily, Ungainly, InelegantlyHe awkly maneuvered through the crowded room.
AwkwardIn a manner lacking grace or ease; causing discomfort or embarrassment.Gracelessly, Uncomfortably, EmbarrassinglyHe awkwardly stumbled over his words during the presentation.
AwkwardlyIn a manner lacking grace or ease; causing discomfort or embarrassment.Gracelessly, Uncomfortably, EmbarrassinglyShe stood awkwardly in the corner, unsure of what to do next.
AxiallyAlong or parallel to an axis, especially a central or main axis.Centrally, Centrally, MainlyThe design was symmetrical, with lines running axially through the center.
AxiomaticallyIn a manner that is accepted as true without needing proof or justification.Fundamentally, Self-evidently, UndeniablyThe principle was accepted axiomatically by all members of the scientific community.
AyAlways; ever.Always, Ever, ForeverShe promised to love him ay.
AyeYes; certainly.Yes, Certainly, Indeed“Will you go with me?” “Aye, I will.”
AyeinAgain; anew.Again, Afresh, Once againThey vowed to start ayein, despite their previous failures.
AyeinsSometimes; at times.Sometimes, Occasionally, At timesHe would visit his old neighborhood ayeins, reminiscing about the past.
AyenAgain; anew.Again, Afresh, Once againThey would have to start ayen from the beginning.
AyenwardTowards the future; in a forward direction.Forward, Ahead, OnwardThey looked ayenward, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.
AyondBeyond; further away.Beyond, Further, DistantThe mountains lay ayond the horizon, shrouded in mist.
AyontBeyond; further away.Beyond, Further, DistantThe fields stretched ayont the riverbank, disappearing into the distance.

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