Adverbs that start with B -

200+ Adverbs that start with B

This list contains all the adverbs used in the English language that start with B. It includes negative and positive adverbs with B to describe a person.

List of Adverbs that start with B


List of Adverbs with Meaning, Synonym, and Examples

BackToward the rear; in the opposite direction from the one that one is facing.Rearward, BehindShe glanced back at the old house as they drove away.
Back-and-forthMoving repeatedly in opposite directions.Alternatingly, Reciprocally, To and froThe children ran back-and-forth across the yard, playing tag.
BackhandedlyIn a manner that is indirect, subtle, or not straightforward.Indirectly, Ambiguously, InsincerelyShe complimented him backhandedly, implying he was only lucky.
BackstageIn or relating to the area behind the stage in a theater, especially the dressing rooms and other areas used by performers.Behind the scenes, Privately, SecretlyThe actors were busy backstage preparing for their roles.
Back-to-backWith one side touching or facing each other; consecutive and without interruption.Consecutively, Sequentially, ContinuouslyThey won back-to-back championships in the tournament.
BackwardDirected toward the back or rear; in reverse.Rearward, BackwardsHe took a backward step, stumbling over the curb.
Backward/sIn a direction opposite to the usual one; toward the rear.Rearward, BackwardsHe walked backward towards the door.
BackwardlyIn a manner indicating a backward direction or motion.Rearwardly, BackwardsThe car moved backwardly down the driveway.
BackwardsToward the back or rear; in the direction of one’s back.Rearwards, BackwardlyShe read the sign backwards, starting from the end.
BadIn a manner indicating poor quality or unacceptability.Poorly, Inferiorly, UnacceptablyThe movie was so bad that they left halfway through.
BadlyIn a poor or unsatisfactory manner; to a severe or serious extent.Poorly, Severely, SeriouslyThe car was badly damaged in the accident.
Bad-temperedlyIn an irritable or ill-tempered manner.Irritably, Crabbily, GrumpilyHe responded bad-temperedly to the criticism.
BaffledlyIn a manner showing confusion or puzzlement.Confusedly, Puzzledly, BewilderedlyShe looked at the instructions baffledly, unable to understand them.
BafflinglyIn a manner that is confusing or perplexing.Confusingly, Puzzlingly, PerplexedlyThe solution to the puzzle was bafflingly simple.
BaggilyIn a loose or oversized manner, typically referring to clothing.Loosely, Oversizedly, SagginglyShe wore a sweater baggily over her shoulders.
BakinglyIn a manner related to baking, the process of cooking food using dry heat in an oven.Cookingly, Culinarily, GastronomicallyThe bread dough rose bakingly in the warm oven.
BalancedlyIn a manner showing stability or equilibrium.Stably, Evenly, SteadilyShe walked balancedly across the tightrope, never wavering.
BalancinglyIn a manner involving the act of maintaining balance or equilibrium.Stabilizingly, Equilibratingly, SteadilyThe gymnast moved balancingly on the beam, executing flawless routines.
BaldlyIn a manner that is blunt or without covering or disguising.Bluntly, Frankly, PlainlyHe stated his opinion baldly, not caring about the consequences.
BalefullyIn a manner showing harm or evil; ominously.Ominously, Menacingly, ThreateninglyThe storm clouds gathered balefully on the horizon.
BalkinglyIn a manner showing reluctance or hesitation to proceed with an action.Hesitantly, Reluctantly, UnwillinglyThe horse moved balkingly at the sight of the water.
BalleticallyIn a manner related to or characteristic of ballet, a formalized form of dance incorporating precise movements and gestures.Gracefully, Elegantly, PreciselyShe moved balletically across the stage, executing each step with grace.
BallisticallyIn a manner related to the science or study of the motion of projectiles, such as bullets or missiles.Projectile motion, Missile motion, FlightThe missile traveled ballistically towards its target.
BalmilyIn a soothing or pleasantly mild manner.Soothingly, Mildly, PleasantlyThe evening air was balmily warm, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
BanallyIn a manner that lacks originality or interest; typically.Commonly, Ordinarily, TypicallyThe movie was banally predictable, following the same tired clichés.
BanefullyIn a manner that is full of woe or sorrow; mournfully.Mournfully, Sadly, WoefullyThe widow gazed banefully at her husband’s portrait, overcome with grief.
BannerlikeIn a manner resembling or characteristic of a banner, a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, typically used for advertising or signaling.Banner-like, Flag-like, Streamer-likeThe sun’s rays stretched bannerlike across the sky, heralding the dawn of a new day.
BanteringlyIn a playful or teasing manner.Playfully, Teasingly, JokinglyThey spoke banteringly as they walked, enjoying each other’s company.
BarbaricallyIn a manner characteristic of barbarians; savagely.Savagely, Wildly, FerociouslyThe invaders attacked barbarically, showing no mercy to the inhabitants.
BarbarouslyIn a brutal, cruel, or uncivilized manner.Cruelly, Savagely, RuthlesslyThe prisoners were treated barbarously by their captors.
BarefacedlyOpenly and shamelessly; without concealment or disguise.Shamelessly, Openly, BrazenlyHe lied barefacedly about his involvement in the scandal.
BarefootedlyIn a manner that is barefoot; without wearing shoes or socks.Barefoot, Shoelessly, UnshodThe children ran barefootedly through the grass, feeling the earth beneath their feet.
BarelyOnly just; almost not.Scarcely, Hardly, JustHe barely made it to the train before it departed.
BarrenlyIn a manner showing a lack of vegetation or fertility; desolately.Desolately, Sterilely, UnproductivelyThe land stretched barrenly for miles, devoid of life.
BarwiseIn a manner related to or resembling a bar or bars, especially in shape or arrangement.Bar-like, Rod-like, Pole-likeThe fence was constructed barwise, with sturdy metal rods.
BaselyIn a low or dishonorable manner; ignobly.Ignobly, Dishonorably, ShamefullyHe acted basely, betraying his friend’s trust.
BashfullyIn a shy or modest manner.Shyly, Modestly, TimidlyShe smiled bashfully when he complimented her.
BasicallyEssentially; fundamentally.Essentially, Fundamentally, PrimarilyBasically, the problem boils down to a lack of communication.
BawdilyIn a manner that is obscene or indecent, typically related to sexual matters.Obscenely, Indecently, LewdlyThe comedian’s jokes were often bawdily humorous.
BceBefore the Common Era; used to indicate years before the start of the current era, especially in academic or historical contexts.Before Christ, Before the Christian era, AntiquityThe ancient civilization flourished around 2000 BCE.
BeadilyIn a manner showing readiness or eagerness, like a bead on a string.Readily, Eagerly, VigorouslyHe listened beadily to every word of the lecture, eager to learn.
BeamilyIn a cheerful or radiant manner; with a bright smile or expression.Cheerfully, Radiantly, HappilyShe greeted them beamily at the door, excited for their visit.
BeaminglyIn a manner showing great pleasure or satisfaction, often manifested by a bright, beaming smile.Joyfully, Radiantly, HappilyHe looked beamingly at his daughter, proud of her accomplishments.
BearishlyIn a manner resembling or characteristic of a bear; gruffly or clumsily.Gruffly, Clumsily, UngracefullyHe walked bearishly through the forest, knocking branches aside.
BeatificallyIn a manner showing blissful happiness or divine joy.Blissfully, Joyfully, EcstaticallyShe smiled beatifically as she watched her newborn child sleep.
BeauteouslyIn a manner showing beauty or splendor; beautifully.Beautifully, Splendidly, MagnificentlyThe garden bloomed beauteously in the spring sunshine.
BeautifullyIn a manner showing beauty or excellence.Beautifully, Excellently, SplendidlyShe danced beautifully across the stage, captivating the audience.
BecalminglyIn a manner that soothes or calms.Soothingly, Calmingly, TranquillyThe gentle waves lapped becalmingly against the shore.
BeckoninglyIn a manner indicating a gesture of invitation or enticement.Invitingly, Alluringly, TemptinglyShe smiled beckoningly, urging him to follow her.
BecominglyIn a manner that is appropriate or suitable; in a way that enhances one’s appearance or behavior.Suitably, Appropriately, FittinglyShe dressed becomingly for the job interview.

BedraggledlyIn a disheveled, untidy, or dirty manner, typically referring to clothing or hair.Disheveledly, Untidily, MessilyShe emerged bedraggledly from the storm, her clothes soaked through.
BedwardToward or in the direction of bed, often used to indicate movement or orientation.Towards bed, To bed, BedsideShe stumbled bedward after a long and tiring day at work.
BefittinglyIn a manner suitable or appropriate for a particular situation or occasion.Suitably, Appropriately, ProperlyHe was dressed befittingly for the formal dinner party.
BeforeIn a period of time preceding a particular event or point in time.Prior to, Earlier than, Ahead ofThey arrived before the scheduled meeting time.
BeforehandIn advance; in anticipation of a future event.In advance, Previously, Ahead of timeShe prepared the presentation beforehand to ensure everything was ready.
BeforetimeIn former times; previously.Previously, Formerly, In the pastHe was a great leader in the village beforetime.
BefuddledlyIn a manner showing confusion or bewilderment.Confusedly, Bewilderedly, PerplexedlyHe looked befuddledly at the complicated instructions.
BegrudginglyIn a reluctant or unwilling manner, often due to resentment or envy.Reluctantly, Unwillingly, ResentfullyHe agreed begrudgingly to lend his car to his brother.
BeguilinglyIn a charming or enchanting manner, typically intended to deceive or entice.Charmingly, Enchantingly, AlluringlyShe smiled beguilingly, luring him into her trap.
BehindIn or to a position further back than a particular point or place.Backward, Rearward, In the rearThe cat hid behind the couch, out of sight.
BehitherIn the direction toward the speaker or toward a specified place.Hither, Towards here, In this directionCome behither, and let me show you something.
BelatedlyLater than usual or than expected; tardily.Tardily, Late, OverdueHe apologized belatedly for missing the deadline.
BelievablyIn a manner that is credible or plausible; in a way that can be believed.Credibly, Plausibly, ConvincinglyHis explanation seemed believably sincere.
BelievinglyIn a manner showing belief or trust in something or someone.Trustingly, Faithfully, CredulouslyShe nodded believingly as he reassured her everything would be okay.
BelikeProbably; likely.Likely, Probably, PerhapsHe will belike return home by evening.
BellicoselyIn a hostile or aggressive manner.Hostilely, Aggressively, CombativelyHe argued bellicosely with anyone who opposed his views.
BelligerentlyIn a manner showing readiness to fight or engage in conflict.Aggressively, Hostilely, CombativelyThe soldiers advanced belligerently toward the enemy lines.
BelowAt a lower level or layer than; beneath.Beneath, Under, LowerThe temperature dropped to below freezing overnight.
BemusedlyIn a manner showing mild amusement or perplexity.Amusedly, Puzzledly, ConfusedlyShe chuckled bemusedly at his quirky sense of humor.
BendwiseIn a diagonal direction; at an angle.Diagonally, Obliquely, SlantwiseThe tree grew bendwise towards the sunlight.
BeneathIn or to a lower position; below.Below, Underneath, UnderThe treasure lay hidden beneath the old oak tree.
BeneficentlyIn a manner showing kindness or generosity.Kindly, Generously, CharitablyThey acted beneficently by donating to the charity.
BeneficiallyIn a manner that is advantageous or beneficial; in a way that promotes well-being.Advantageously, Positively, AdvantageouslyThe new policy will impact the company beneficially in the long run.
BenevolentlyIn a kindly or charitable manner.Kindly, Charitably, GenerouslyShe smiled benevolently at the children playing in the park.
BenignantlyIn a manner showing kindness or gentleness.Kindly, Gently, MercifullyThe old man looked benignantly upon the stray kitten.
BenignlyIn a gentle or kindly manner; with benign intentions.Gently, Kindly, MercifullyShe spoke benignly to her nervous students, calming their fears.
BentIn a determined or resolved manner; with one’s will directed towards a particular course of action.Determinedly, Resolutely, FirmlyHe was bent on completing the project by the deadline.
BerserklyIn an uncontrolled or frenzied manner, typically associated with wild or violent behavior.Frenziedly, Wildly, ViolentlyHe ran berserkly through the streets, causing chaos wherever he went.
BeseechinglyIn a manner showing earnest or pleading entreaty.Pleadingly, Imploringly, PitiablyShe looked at him beseechingly, hoping he would understand her predicament.
BesidesIn addition to; apart from that.Additionally, Moreover, FurthermoreBesides studying, she also enjoys painting and playing the piano.
BesottedlyIn a manner showing infatuation or foolish love.Infatuatedly, Foolishly, ObsessivelyHe stared besottedly at his crush, oblivious to everything else around him.
BestTo the highest degree; most.Most, Optimumly, SupremeHe tried his best to finish the race as quickly as possible.
BestiallyIn a manner resembling or characteristic of a beast; savagely or brutishly.Savagely, Brutishly, AnimalisticallyThe prisoners were treated bestially by their captors.
BetimeEarly; in good time; before it is too late.Early, Promptly, TimelyShe arrived betime for the meeting, well-prepared and ready to go.
BetimesEarly; in good time; before it is too late.Early, Promptly, TimelyHe liked to rise betimes to enjoy the quiet of the morning.
BetterIn a superior or more satisfactory manner.Superiorly, More satisfactorily, More effectivelyWith a little practice, she became better at playing the piano.
BetweenIn or into the space separating two or more points, objects, people, etc.Amid, Among, In the middleShe sat between her two friends during the movie.
BewilderedlyIn a manner showing confusion or disorientation.Confusedly, Disorientedly, PuzzledlyShe looked around bewilderedly, unsure of where she was.
BewilderinglyIn a manner causing confusion or disorientation.Confusingly, Disorientingly, PuzzlinglyThe instructions were written bewilderingly, making it hard to understand.
BewitchinglyIn a manner that is charming or enchanting, often with a hint of magic or mystery.Charmingly, Enchantingly, AlluringlyShe smiled bewitchingly, casting a spell over everyone in the room.
BiannuallyTwice a year; semiannually.Semiannually, Every six monthsThe report is published biannually, in January and July.
BiasInclination or prejudice for or against someone or something, typically considered unfair.Prejudice, Partiality, PreferenceHer bias towards certain students affected her grading.
BiasedlyIn a manner showing prejudice or favoritism towards a particular viewpoint or group.Prejudicially, Partially, One-sidedlyHe judged the situation biasedly, favoring his own interests.
BiblicallyIn a manner related to or characteristic of the Bible or its teachings.Biblically, Scripturally, ReligiouslyThe story was interpreted biblically by scholars.
BibulouslyIn a manner related to or involving drinking alcoholic beverages, typically to excess.Drunkenly, Intoxicatedly, BoozeilyThe partygoers danced and laughed bibulously into the night.
BienniallyEvery two years; occurring or taking place every second year.Every two years, Biannually, SemiannuallyThe conference is held biennially in different cities around the world.
BigotedlyIn a manner showing intolerance or prejudice towards those holding different opinions or beliefs.Intolerantly, Prejudicially, Narrow-mindedlyHe spoke bigotedly against people of different races.
BiliouslyIn a manner characteristic of or pertaining to bile; angrily or irritably.Angrily, Irritably, AngrilyHe glared biliously at anyone who dared to disagree with him.
BillowinglyIn a manner that is voluminous, full, or swelling, often describing clothing or fabric.Voluminously, Swellingly, FlowinglyShe wore a dress that flowed billowingly as she walked.
BinaurallyIn a manner relating to or using both ears, especially in sound recording or reproduction.With both ears, Using both earsThe concert was recorded binaurally to provide a more immersive listening experience.
BindinglyIn a manner that is obligatory or compelling; in a way that creates a strong sense of duty or commitment.Compulsively, Obligatorily, CompellinglyThe contract was bindingly signed by both parties, legally obligating them to fulfill its terms.

BiradiallyIn a manner extending or radiating in two opposite directions from a central point, resembling a bi-radial structure.Radially, From the center, Spread outThe leaves of the plant grew biradially, forming a symmetrical pattern.
Bird-likeIn a manner resembling or characteristic of a bird.Avianly, Feathery, WingedlyShe moved her arms bird-like as she danced around the room.
BisTwice; two times.Twice, Two times, Two-foldThe recipe calls for adding the spices bis to enhance the flavor.
BitchilyIn a manner showing spiteful or malicious behavior, typically associated with a female dog.Spitefully, Maliciously, MeanlyShe responded bitchily to his compliment, making everyone uncomfortable.
BitinglyIn a manner causing sharp, stinging pain, whether physical or emotional.Sharply, Acutely, PiercinglyHis criticism was delivered bitingly, leaving her feeling wounded.
BitterlyIn a manner characterized by intense resentment or cynicism.Resentfully, Cynically, SourlyShe wept bitterly over the loss of her beloved pet.
BittersweetlyIn a manner combining both bitter and sweet emotions or tastes.Poignantly, Wistfully, TenderlyThe song ended bittersweetly, leaving the audience with mixed feelings.
BizarrelyIn a strange or unconventional manner; in a way that is markedly unusual or eccentric.Strangely, Unconventionally, OddlyThe sculpture was shaped bizarrely, drawing attention from all who passed by.
BlacklyIn a manner characterized by darkness, gloom, or evil.Darkly, Gloomily, SinisterlyThe storm clouds gathered blackly overhead, signaling an impending downpour.
BlamelesslyIn a manner free from blame or guilt.Innocently, Guiltlessly, CleanlyHe protested his innocence blamelessly, insisting he had nothing to do with the crime.
BlandlyIn a manner lacking in flavor, character, or interest; insipidly.Insipidly, Dully, UninterestinglyThe dish was seasoned so blandly that it lacked any discernible taste.
BlanklyIn a manner showing no expression or comprehension; with a vacant or empty gaze.Vacantly, Expressionlessly, DullyShe stared blankly at the blank canvas, unable to come up with any ideas.
BlasphemouslyIn a manner characterized by irreverence or disrespect towards sacred things or beliefs.Irreverently, Sacrilegiously, ProfanelyHe spoke blasphemously of the church, offending many in the congregation.
BlatantlyIn a manner that is glaringly obvious or done openly and unashamedly.Openly, Brazenly, ShamelesslyThe company blatantly disregarded safety regulations, putting its workers at risk.
BlazinglyIn a manner characterized by intense heat, flames, or brightness.Intensely, Brightly, FieryThe sun shone blazingly in the sky, heating up the pavement.
BleaklyIn a manner lacking hope or optimism; desolately.Desolately, Hopelessly, GloomilyShe looked bleakly out the window at the rain-soaked streets.
BlearilyIn a manner marked by tiredness or blurred vision, typically from lack of sleep or intoxication.Sleepily, Groggily, BlurredlyHe blinked blearily as he tried to focus on the clock through tired eyes.
BlessedlyIn a manner suggesting divine favor or protection; fortunately.Fortunately, Thankfully, GratefullyThe rain stopped blessedly just as they were about to start their picnic.
BlindinglyIn a manner characterized by intense brightness or dazzling effects, often to the point of being temporarily blinded.Dazzlingly, Brilliantly, OverwhelminglyThe headlights of the oncoming car shone blindingly, making it hard to see.
BlindlyIn a manner lacking perception, judgment, or awareness; without seeing or understanding clearly.Unseeingly, Unawarely, InattentivelyHe followed her blindly, unaware of the danger lurking ahead.
BlissfullyIn a manner showing extreme happiness or joy.Joyfully, Happily, EcstaticallyThey walked blissfully hand in hand along the beach at sunset.
BlithelyIn a carefree or heedless manner; without concern or worry.Carefreely, Unconcernedly, LightlyShe laughed blithely as if she didn’t have a care in the world.
BlithesomelyIn a cheerful or merry manner; with lightheartedness and joy.Cheerfully, Merrily, HappilyThe children played blithesomely in the park, enjoying the sunshine.
BlockedlyIn a manner that is obstructed or impeded, typically referring to movement or progress being hindered by obstacles.Obstructedly, Hinderedly, ImpededlyThe road was blockedly congested with traffic, delaying their arrival.
BloodilyIn a manner characterized by bloodshed or violence.Violently, Gory, BloodyThe battle raged bloodily on the battlefield, leaving many wounded.
BloodthirstilyIn a manner showing an eager or lustful desire for bloodshed or violence.Violently, Ruthlessly, AggressivelyThe dictator ruled bloodthirstily, crushing any opposition with force.
BloodyIn a manner involving or characterized by bloodshed.Gory, Violent, BloodstainedThe war was fought bloody battles, leaving devastation in its wake.
BloominglyIn a manner resembling the process of blooming, typically referring to flowers or plants.Blossomingly, Floweringly, BloominglyThe garden grew bloomingly with colorful flowers in the spring.
BlotchilyIn a manner marked by uneven or irregular patches or spots.Spottily, Patchily, UnevenlyHer skin was blotchily red from the sunburn.
BluelyIn a manner characterized by the color blue.Bluishly, Cyanotically, AzurelyThe sky was bluely painted with hues of blue as the sun set.
BlufflyIn a manner characterized by frankness or straightforwardness, often to the point of rudeness.Frankly, Abruptly, CurtlyHe spoke bluffly, not mincing his words.
BluishlyIn a manner tinged with the color blue or similar to the color blue.Bluishly, Cyanotically, AzurelyHer lips were bluishly pale from the cold.
BluntlyIn a manner characterized by directness and lack of subtlety, often to the point of rudeness or brusqueness.Directly, Abruptly, BrusquelyShe told him bluntly that she didn’t want to see him again.
BlurrilyIn a manner characterized by indistinctness or lack of clarity, typically referring to vision.Indistinctly, Unclearly, FuzzilyHe looked at the picture blurrily, unable to make out the details.
BlushinglyIn a manner showing embarrassment or shyness, typically indicated by a reddening of the face.Bashfully, Shyly, EmbarrassedlyShe smiled blushingly as he complimented her in front of everyone.
BlusteringlyIn a manner characterized by loud, boastful, or threatening speech or behavior.Boisterously, Swaggeringly, NoisilyHe stormed out blusteringly, slamming the door behind him.
BoastfullyIn a manner showing excessive pride or self-satisfaction, often accompanied by bragging or boasting.Proudly, Arrogantly, ConceitedlyHe spoke boastfully of his achievements, unable to conceal his pride.
BoastinglyIn a manner showing pride or satisfaction in one’s abilities or accomplishments.Proudly, Triumphantly, ArrogantlyHe smiled boastingly as he accepted the award for best actor.
BodilyIn a manner relating to the whole body; physically.Physically, Corporally, FleshilyShe threw herself bodily into the dance, moving with abandon.
BoilinglyIn a manner characterized by intense heat or agitation.Intensely, Agitatedly, HeatedlyThe pot bubbled boilingly on the stove, filled with simmering soup.
BoisterouslyIn a manner characterized by noisy, energetic, and cheerful behavior.Noisily, Energetically, LoudlyThe children played boisterously in the yard, their laughter echoing.
BoldlyIn a courageous or fearless manner; with confidence and bravery.Courageously, Fearlessly, BravelyShe stepped boldly onto the stage, ready to give her speech.
BolsteringlyIn a manner providing support or reinforcement, typically to one’s confidence or morale.Supportively, Reinforcingly, EncouraginglyHis friends cheered him on bolsteringly as he attempted the daunting task.
BombasticallyIn a pompous, boastful, or grandiose manner, often characterized by exaggerated speech or behavior.Pompously, Grandiosely, ExaggeratedlyHe spoke bombastically about his achievements, inflating his importance.
BoneCompletely; thoroughly; to the core.Completely, Thoroughly, TotallyShe was bone tired after the long day of work.
BonnilyIn a manner that is pleasing or agreeable; pleasantly.Pleasantly, Agreeably, CheerfullyThe flowers bloomed bonnily in the spring garden, filling the air with fragrance.
BookishlyIn a manner characteristic of someone who spends a lot of time reading or studying; studiously or intellectually.Studiously, Intellectually, ScholarlyHe sat bookishly in the library, surrounded by piles of books.
BoominglyIn a loud, deep, resonant manner, often associated with a booming sound or voice.Loudly, Resonantly, ThunderouslyHis voice echoed boomingly across the canyon as he called for help.
BoorishlyIn a manner characteristic of a boor; rude, crude, or socially awkward.Rudely, Crassly, UncouthlyHe behaved boorishly at the dinner party, offending everyone with his crude jokes.
BootlesslyIn a manner without result or success; futilely.Futilely, Ineffectively, UnsuccessfullyShe searched bootlessly for her lost keys, but they were nowhere to be found.
BoozilyIn a manner affected by or suggestive of the influence of alcohol; drunkenly.Drunkenly, Intoxicatedly, InebriatedlyHe stumbled boozily out of the bar, laughing loudly.

BoredlyIn a bored or uninterested manner.Uninterestedly, Listlessly, DisinterestedlyShe sighed boredly as she flipped through the magazine, finding nothing of interest.
BoringlyIn a tedious or uninteresting manner.Tediously, Monotonously, DullinglyThe lecturer spoke boringly, putting half the class to sleep.
BossilyIn a domineering or authoritative manner.Domineeringly, Authoritatively, DictatoriallyHe ordered everyone around bossily, expecting them to obey his every command.
BotchedlyIn a manner done clumsily or badly; unsuccessfully.Clumsily, Unsuccessfully, PoorlyThe repair job was done botchedly, leaving the problem even worse than before.
BothIn a manner involving two people, things, or groups together; similarly.Similarly, Likewise, TogetherThey walked both to the store, chatting amiably along the way.
BotheredlyIn a manner expressing annoyance or irritation.Annoyedly, Irritatedly, FrustratedlyShe glanced botheredly at her watch, realizing she was running late.
BothersomelyIn a manner causing annoyance or trouble.Annoyingly, Troublesomely, IrritatinglyThe neighbors’ loud music played bothersomely throughout the night.
Both-waysIn a manner considering or involving both alternatives or sides.Two-sidedly, Reciprocally, AlternatelyThey agreed to compromise both-ways to reach a mutually beneficial solution.
BouncilyIn a manner showing liveliness or energy, typically involving bouncing movements.Lively, Energetically, SprightlyThe puppy ran bouncily around the yard, chasing after butterflies.
BouncinglyIn a manner characterized by lively, bouncing movements.Lively, Energetically, SprightlyThe ball bounced bouncingly down the stairs, much to the delight of the children.
BoundinglyIn a manner showing energetic or vigorous movement, typically with bounding steps.Energetically, Vigorously, SprightlyThe deer leaped boundingly through the forest, graceful and agile.
BoundlesslyIn a manner without bounds or limits; infinitely.Infinitely, Endlessly, LimitlesslyHer love for him was boundlessly deep, knowing no limits.
BountifullyIn a manner showing abundance or generosity.Abundantly, Generously, PlentifullyThe garden grew bountifully, producing more vegetables than they could eat.
BovinelyIn a manner characteristic of or resembling a cow or ox; in a slow or stolid manner.Cowlily, Stolidly, SlowlyHe plodded bovinely along the path, his movements slow and deliberate.
BowinglyIn a manner showing respect or deference, typically indicated by a bow or nod of the head.Respectfully, Deferentially, SubmissivelyHe greeted the king bowingly, bowing deeply before him.
BoyishlyIn a manner characteristic of or resembling a boy, typically with youthful energy or innocence.Youthfully, Innocently, PlayfullyHe grinned boyishly as he showed off his new toy.
BracinglyIn a manner invigorating or refreshing; with a bracing effect.Invigoratingly, Refreshingly, StimulatinglyThe cold wind blew bracingly against their faces, waking them up.
BragginglyIn a manner characterized by boasting or bragging about one’s accomplishments or abilities.Boastfully, Conceitedly, ArrogantlyHe spoke braggingly about his latest achievement, exaggerating his role in its success.
BraglyIn a manner characterized by boasting or bragging about one’s accomplishments or abilities.Boastfully, Conceitedly, ArrogantlyHe talked bragly about how much money he earned, trying to impress everyone.
BrashlyIn a manner showing a lack of sensitivity or consideration; boldly or recklessly.Boldly, Recklessly, InsensitivelyShe acted brashly, saying whatever came to mind without thinking about the consequences.
BrassilyIn a manner characterized by the harsh or loud sound of brass, typically referring to musical instruments.Harshly, Loudly, PiercinglyThe trumpet blared brassily over the marching band, announcing their arrival.
BrattilyIn a manner characteristic of or resembling a spoiled or ill-behaved child; petulantly.Spoiledly, Petulantly, ChildishlyShe stomped brattily out of the room, angry at not getting her way.
BravelyIn a courageous or fearless manner; with bravery or valor.Courageously, Fearlessly, ValiantlyHe faced the danger bravely, refusing to back down.
BrawlinglyIn a manner characterized by fighting or quarreling, typically involving physical violence.Fightingly, Quarrelingly, AggressivelyThe two men argued brawlingly in the street, attracting a crowd of onlookers.
BrazenlyIn a bold and shameless manner, typically involving disregard for others’ opinions or conventions.Boldly, Shamelessly, AudaciouslyShe lied brazenly to cover up her mistake, showing no remorse.
BreakinglyIn a manner involving breaking or separating into parts.Separately, Discontinuously, DivisivelyThe waves crashed breakingly against the rocks, sending spray into the air.
BreathilyIn a manner characterized by a soft or hushed voice, often with short pauses for emphasis.Softly, Gently, WhisperinglyShe spoke breathily, her words barely audible above a whisper.
BreathlesslyIn a manner characterized by the inability to breathe properly, often due to excitement, exertion, or anticipation.Excitedly, Excitingly, AnticipatinglyShe waited breathlessly for the results of the competition to be announced.
BreathtakinglyIn a manner causing one to feel intense emotion or excitement, typically by being extremely beautiful, impressive, or awe-inspiring.Stunningly, Awe-inspiringly, ExhilaratinglyThe view from the mountaintop was breathtakingly beautiful, stretching for miles in every direction.
BreezilyIn a light and casual manner; cheerfully and unconcernedly.Cheerfully, Casually, LightlyShe waved breezily to her neighbors as she strolled down the street.
BrieflyIn a short or concise manner; for a short time.Concisely, Shortly, QuicklyHe explained the situation briefly before moving on to the next topic.
BrightIn a manner characterized by light, vividness, or intelligence.Vividly, Intelligently, ShrewdlyThe sun shone bright in the sky, illuminating everything below.
Bright-eyedlyIn a manner characterized by alertness, curiosity, or readiness.Alertly, Curiously, EagerlyThe children looked bright-eyedly at the presents under the Christmas tree.
BrightlyIn a manner characterized by light, vividness, or intelligence.Vividly, Intelligently, ShrewdlyThe stars twinkled brightly in the clear night sky.
BrilliantlyIn a manner showing exceptional talent, intelligence, or skill; with brilliance or excellence.Excellently, Superbly, MagnificentlyShe performed brilliantly on the piano, dazzling the audience with her skill.
BrimminglyIn a manner filled to the brim; overflowing with something.Overflowingly, Abundantly, CopiouslyHer eyes were brimmingly with tears as she listened to the touching story.
BrisklyIn a quick and energetic manner.Quickly, Energetically, SwiftlyHe walked briskly down the street, eager to reach his destination.
BrittlelyIn a manner characterized by brittleness; easily broken or shattered.Easily, Fragilely, BreakablyThe ice cracked brittlely beneath their feet as they walked across the frozen lake.
BroadcastIn a manner distributed widely or to a large audience; publicly.Publicly, Widely, OpenlyThe news was broadcast to millions of viewers around the world.
BroadlyIn a wide or general manner; with broad scope or inclusiveness.Widely, Generally, UniversallyShe smiled broadly at the news of her promotion.
BroadwiseIn a direction across the breadth or width of something.Widthwise, Sideways, CrosswiseHe laid the boards broadwise across the floor, covering them completely.
Broken-heartedlyIn a manner expressing great sorrow or grief due to a broken heart or emotional distress.Grief-strickenly, Sorrowfully, MournfullyShe cried broken-heartedly when she found out he was leaving.
BrokenlyIn a manner interrupted by sobs or emotional turmoil; with difficulty or incompleteness.Emotionally, Incompletely, HaltinglyHe spoke brokenly of his lost love, tears choking his words.
BroodinglyIn a manner characterized by deep, troubled thought or contemplation.Thoughtfully, Pensively, ContemplativelyHe stared broodingly out the window, lost in his own thoughts.
BrotherlyIn a manner showing love, care, or affection, as between brothers; fraternally.Fraternally, Lovingly, AffectionatelyHe embraced his friend brotherly, offering comfort and support.
BruisedlyIn a manner showing the effects of bruising or injury; with bruises.Injuredly, Hurtfully, SorelyHe walked bruisedly after the accident, nursing his injuries.
BrusquelyIn a manner abrupt or blunt in speech or manner; curtly.Abruptly, Curtly, BluntlyShe answered brusquely, not wanting to discuss the topic further.
BrutallyIn a manner characterized by cruelty or harshness; ruthlessly.Cruelly, Harshly, RuthlesslyThe dictator ruled brutally, suppressing any opposition with violence.
BrutelyIn a manner characterized by force or violence.Violently, Forcefully, PowerfullyHe pushed brutely against the door, trying to force it open.
BrutishlyIn a manner resembling or characteristic of a brute; savagely or brutally.Savagely, Savagely, BeastlyHe behaved brutishly, showing no regard for the feelings of others.
BubblinglyIn a manner characterized by bubbles or bubbling; with effervescence or liveliness.Effervescently, Lively, CheerfullyShe laughed bubblingly at his joke, finding it hilarious.
BulkilyIn a manner characterized by bulk; in a bulky or cumbersome manner.Cumbersomely, Heavily, ClumsilyThe package was wrapped bulkily, making it difficult to carry.
BullheadedlyIn a manner characterized by stubbornness or obstinacy; obstinately.Stubbornly, Obstinate, ObduratelyHe proceeded bullheadedly with his plan, refusing to listen to reason.
BullyinglyIn a manner characterized by bullying behavior; aggressively or oppressively.Aggressively, Oppressively, IntimidatinglyHe spoke bullyingly to his subordinates, making them feel small and insignificant.
BumblinglyIn a clumsy or inept manner; awkwardly or incompetently.Awkwardly, Ineptly, ClumsilyHe fumbled bumblingly with the lock, unable to get the door open.
BunglinglyIn a clumsy or inept manner; awkwardly or incompetently.Awkwardly, Ineptly, ClumsilyHe handled the situation bunglingly, making mistake after mistake.
BuoyantlyIn a cheerful and optimistic manner; with a sense of lightness or buoyancy.Cheerfully, Optimistically, LightlyShe walked buoyantly into the room, her smile brightening the space.
BurdenedlyIn a manner characterized by the weight of a burden; heavily or with difficulty.Heavily, Weightily, DifficultlyShe walked burdenedly under the weight of her heavy backpack.
BurdensomelyIn a manner causing a heavy burden or load; oppressively or painfully.Heavily, Oppressively, PainfullyThe debt hung burdensomely over their heads, a constant source of worry.
BurninglyIn a manner characterized by intense desire or passion; fervently or passionately.Passionately, Fervently, IntenselyShe looked at him burningly, her eyes filled with desire.
BusilyIn a busy or industrious manner; with much activity or effort.Actively, Industriously, WorkinglyThey worked busily to finish the project before the deadline.
BusinesslikeIn a manner characteristic of business or professional conduct; efficiently and pragmatically.Efficiently, Pragmatically, ProfessionallyShe dealt with the matter businesslike, quickly and efficiently.
ButHowever; nevertheless; on the contrary.However, Nevertheless, NonethelessHe promised to help, but he never showed up.
BuxomlyIn a manner characterized by a full, rounded figure, typically applied to women.Full-figuredly, Plumply, CurvaceouslyShe walked buxomly down the runway, exuding confidence.
BuzzinglyIn a manner characterized by a buzzing or humming sound.Hummingly, Buzzily, VibrantlyThe bees flew buzzingly around the hive, gathering nectar.
ByIndicating the method or means used to achieve something; through.Through, Via, UsingThey traveled by train to reach their destination.

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