Cries of Animals Vocabulary -

Cries of Animals Vocabulary list with definitions

Cries of Animals vocabulary list with definitions

The animal kingdom is a symphony of sounds, from the melodic calls of birds to the earth-shaking roars of lions. But what exactly are these creatures saying? This blog dives into the fascinating world of animal vocalizations, equipping you to decipher the cries of your furry (or feathered, or scaled) neighbors.

List of Cries of Animals Vocabulary

  • Meow
  • Bark
  • Moo
  • Neigh
  • Baa
  • Bleat
  • Oink
  • Cluck
  • Quack
  • Gobble
  • Honk
  • Caw
  • Hoot
  • Screech
  • Squawk
  • Coo
  • Trumpet
  • Roar
  • Growl
  • Bray
  • Cackle
  • Chant
  • Chirp
  • Croak
  • Crow
  • Grunt
  • Hiss
  • Howl
  • Mew
  • Scream
  • Squeak
  • Talk
  • Twitter
  • Warble
  • Yell

Cries of Animals vocabulary with definitions and meaning

Here’s a list of cries of animals vocabulary with definitions and meanings:


  • Meaning: The sound made by a cat.
  • Example: The kitten meowed loudly for attention.


  • Meaning: The sharp sound made by dogs.
  • Example: The dog barked at the mailman.


  • Meaning: The sound made by cows.
  • Example: The cows mooed as they grazed in the pasture.


  • Meaning: The sound made by horses.
  • Example: The horse neighed when it saw its owner.


  • Meaning: The sound made by sheep.
  • Example: The lambs baaed as they followed their mother.


  • Meaning: The sound made by sheep or goats.
  • Example: The goat bleated to be let out of its pen.


  • Meaning: The sound made by pigs.
  • Example: The pig oinked while rooting in the mud.


  • Meaning: The sound made by chickens.
  • Example: The hens clucked after laying their eggs.


  • Meaning: The sound made by ducks.
  • Example: The ducklings quacked as they followed their mother.


  • Meaning: The sound made by turkeys.
  • Example: The turkey gobbled loudly during mating season.


  • Meaning: The sound made by geese or horns.
  • Example: The geese honked as they flew overhead.


  • Meaning: The sound made by crows.
  • Example: The crow cawed from its perch in the tree.


  • Meaning: The sound made by owls.
  • Example: The owl hooted in the darkness of the night.


  • Meaning: A loud, high-pitched cry.
  • Example: The parrot screeched when startled.


  • Meaning: A harsh, loud cry, often made by birds.
  • Example: The seagulls squawked as they fought over food.


  • Meaning: The soft, murmuring sound made by doves or pigeons.
  • Example: The dove cooed in its nest.


  • Meaning: The loud, trumpet-like sound made by elephants.
  • Example: The elephant trumpeted to warn the herd of danger.


  • Meaning: The loud, deep cry made by lions or other big cats.
  • Example: The lion roared to establish dominance.


  • Meaning: The low, menacing sound made by some animals when angry or threatening.
  • Example: The dog growled at strangers approaching its territory.


  • Meaning: The harsh cry made by donkeys.
  • Example: The donkey brayed loudly in the field.


  • Meaning: The shrill, excited laugh-like sound made by hens after laying eggs.
  • Example: The hen cackled proudly after laying her egg.


  • Meaning: The repetitive, rhythmic vocalization made by some birds.
  • Example: The finches chanted in the early morning.


  • Meaning: The short, high-pitched sound made by small birds or insects.
  • Example: The crickets chirped in the evening.


  • Meaning: The deep, hoarse sound made by frogs.
  • Example: The frog croaked loudly by the pond.


  • Meaning: The loud, harsh sound made by roosters.
  • Example: The rooster crowed at dawn.


  • Meaning: The short, low sound made by pigs or some other animals.
  • Example: The pig grunted contentedly while eating.


  • Meaning: The sharp, prolonged sound made by some animals when threatened or angry.
  • Example: The snake hissed warningly before striking.


  • Meaning: The long, mournful cry made by wolves or dogs.
  • Example: The wolf howled at the full moon.


  • Meaning: The sound made by a cat, especially a kitten.
  • Example: The kitten mewed softly as it approached its owner.


  • Meaning: A loud, high-pitched cry made by humans or some animals in distress or excitement.
  • Example: The child screamed when startled.


  • Meaning: A short, high-pitched sound, often made by small animals or objects.
  • Example: The mouse squeaked as it ran across the floor.


  • Meaning: The vocalizations made by some birds that mimic human speech.
  • Example: The parrot talked in a variety of phrases.


  • Meaning: The rapid, high-pitched sound made by birds, often as a social call.
  • Example: The sparrows twittered in the bushes.


  • Meaning: A melodious, continuous series of notes made by birds.
  • Example: The nightingale warbled beautifully in the garden.


  • Meaning: A loud cry, often expressing strong emotion or command.
  • Example: He yelled for help when he saw the fire.

By understanding animal vocalizations, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the complex communication systems of the animal kingdom. The next time you’re outdoors, listen closely – you might just be surprised by what your furry (or feathered, or scaled) friends are trying to tell you!

Do you have a favorite animal sound or a story about deciphering animal cries? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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