Phrasal verbs with 'Blow' -

Phrasal verbs with Blow

Blow away

Meaning: to surprise or amaze someone
Example: Paper tablecloths need to be weighted down or they tend to blow away in the wind.

Blow down

Meaning: When the wind forces something to fall
Example: Many trees were blown down in the gale.

Blow in

Meaning: Arrive, sometimes suddenly or unexpectedly
Example: She got a real blow in the argument.

Blow off

Meaning: Not keep an appointment
Example: Everybody needs to blow off some steam.

Blow out

Meaning: If a flame blows out, it goes out because someone blows on it or because of the wind.
Example: Blow out the candles and make a wish.

Blow over

Meaning: When a scandal gets forgotten
Example: I hope your troubles will soon blow over.

Blow through

Meaning: Do or consume something very quickly
Example: If you blow through this end, the straw vibrates like the reed in some musical instruments.

Blow up

Meaning: Be destroyed by an explosion
Example: The terrorists are threatening to blow up the plane.

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