Phrasal verbs with ‘Break’ -

Phrasal verbs with Break

Break away

Meaning: escape from captivity
Example: The people of the province wished to break away and form a new state.

Break down

Meaning: go out of order, cease to function
Example: Men are left idle when machines break down.

Break down

Meaning: lose control of one’s emotions
Example: The machine must break down at this busy hour.

Break for

Meaning: To go or run towards a place, especially when you are trying to escape
Example: They decided to make a break for it that night.

Break in

Meaning: Go into a building to steal something
Example: Please don’t break in on our conversation.

Break into

Meaning: enter by force
Example: I feel as if I should break into song.

Break off

Meaning: Break a piece from something
Example: Small parts on the toys could break off and choke young children.

Break out

Meaning: start suddenly
Example: Every morning I would break out in a sweat.

Break out in

Meaning: Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or irritation.
Example: Thinking about money makes me break out in a cold sweat!

Break out of

Meaning: escape from a place by force
Example: They were caught trying to break out of jail.

Break through

Meaning: Pass a barrier or obstacle
Example: I tried hard to break through his silent mood.

Break up

Meaning: come to an end (marriage, relationship)
Example: The ship went aground and started to break up.

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