Phrasal verbs with ‘Bring’ -

Phrasal verbs with Bring

Bring about

Meaning: Make something happen
Example: Several causes operated to bring about the war.

Bring along

Meaning: Bring someone or something to certain place
Example: Wives will have to bring along their marriage certificate.

Bring around

Meaning: Bring something with you when you visit
Example: The trainer used smelling salt to bring around the boxer.

Bring back

Meaning: Cause someone to remember
Example: Please bring back the book tomorrow.

Bring back

Meaning: Return
Example: The photos bring back lots of good memories.

Bring down

Meaning: Make a government fall
Example: The scandal may bring down the government.

Bring forth

Meaning: Produce something, make it known or visible
Example: A tree can only bring forth something of its own kind.

Bring forward

Meaning: Make something happen earlier than originally planned
Example: Next month the Commission is to bring forward its first proposals for action.

Bring in

Meaning: Earn
Example: They want to bring in a bill to limit arms exports.

Bring off

Meaning: Succeed with something difficult
Example: The goalkeeper brought off a superb save.

Bring on

Meaning: Cause something to happen or speed up the process
Example: The timely rain will certainly bring on the crops.

Bring out

Meaning: Release or publish
Example: The painter brushed over the canvas to bring out a more vivid effect.

Bring out in

Meaning: Cause a health problem or reaction
Example: “Blackwash” is to uncover or bring out in the light.

Bring round

Meaning: Make someone wake up from unconsciousness or an anaesthetic
Example: The doctors brought him round a few hours after the operation.

Bring up

Meaning: Mention
Example: Many women still take career breaks to bring up children.

Bring up

Meaning: Be officially charged with a crime
Example: It’s hard for the baby to bring up wind.

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