Phrasal Verbs With 'Call' -

Phrasal Verbs With Call

Call after

Meaning: Name someone after somebody else
Example: I called after him three or four times.

Call around

Meaning: Visit
Example: If you call around 8:30, you might catch Shirley.

Call at

Meaning: Enter a harbour or port
Example: I got a call at quarter of seven one night.

Call back

Meaning: Return a phonecall
Example: Can you call back tomorrow?

Call for

Meaning: Demand
Example: A call for a vote of no-confidence in the president was rejected.

Call for

Meaning: Go to collect something
Example: A call for 100 bottles of blood was answered promptly.

Call for

Meaning: Telephone for something
Example: There’s a telephone call for you, Mr Baron.

Call forth

Meaning: Make something happen
Example: The proposed shopping centre has called forth an angry response from local residents.

Call in

Meaning: Get someone to come and do a job
Example: call in at the supermarket for me.

Call off

Meaning: Cancel
Example: The teacher began to call off the names on his list.

Call off

Meaning: Order someone to stop attacking
Example: Greenpeace refused to call off the event.

Call on

Meaning: Ask for help
Example: The foreign guests will call on you next Wednesday afternoon.

Call out

Meaning: Expose or accuse someone of wrongdoing or incompetence
Example: Trouble can call out a person’s best qualities.

Call round

Meaning: Visit
Example: I always keep a bottle of wine by in case friends call round.

Call up

Meaning: Summon someone for military service
Example: They will call up the reserves.

Call up

Meaning: Telephone
Example: OK, I’ll call up again later.

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