Phrasal Verbs With 'Carry' -

Phrasal Verbs With Carry

Carry forward

Meaning: Include a figure in a later calculation
Example: They are determined to carry forward the enterprise.

Carry forward

Meaning: Make something progress
Example: We intend to carry forward this move towards greater openness.

Carry off

Meaning: Win, succeed
Example: Only boys like the ones at Ferguson could carry off such an affront.

Carry off

Meaning: Die of a disease
Example: Which has to carry off this mountain.

Carry on

Meaning: Continue
Example: Let’s carry on this discussion at some other time.

Carry on

Meaning: Behave badly
Example: Sorry to interrupt, do carry on.

Carry on with

Meaning: Have an affair
Example: I want to carry on with my course.

Carry out

Meaning: Perform a task
Example: They failed to carry out their objectives.

Carry over

Meaning: Continue past a certain point
Example: Attitudes learned at home carry over into the playground.

Carry through

Meaning: Complete successfully
Example: The songs of the whales carry through the water over long distances.

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