Phrases beginning with F phrases

Phrases beginning with F phrases

  • Fight Fire With Fire

    Meaning: To retaliate in a similar manner that was used against you.

  • Finger Lickin Good

    Meaning: When food tastes really good, people use this saying to communicate that.

  • Fish Out Of Water

    Meaning: When someone is in a situation that they are unfamiliar or unsuited for, they are like a “fish out of water.”

  • Fit As a Fiddle

    Meaning: Being as “fit as a fiddle” means to be in good health.

  • Flea Market

    Meaning: A place where inexpensive goods are sold or traded.

  • Fool Me Once, Shame On You

    Meaning: Recognizing that you fell for the same ruse twice, and realizing that you should have known better the second time around.

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    Meaning: To be enraged; very angry.

  • Fool’s Gold

    Meaning: The phrase “fool’s gold” refers to iron pyrite, a worthless mineral that resembles gold.

  • Face The Music

    Meaning: Someone who is told to “face the music” is being told to deal with the ramifications of what they’ve done, even if it might be hard for them.

  • Fair And Square

    Meaning: If you won a game “fair and square,” that means you won it in a legitimate manner, without any cheating.

  • Fall Guy

    Meaning: Someone who takes all the blame for a crime.

  • Fall On Deaf Ears

    Meaning: If your words “fall on deaf ears,” it means that what you are saying is having no affect on the person hearing.

  • Far Cry

    Meaning: A long ways away; a great distance.

  • Fed Up

    Meaning: If someone is “fed up” with something, it means they have had enough of it; they are angry.

  • Feeling Blue

    Meaning: To feel sad. It’s similar to the phrase “feeling under the weather.”

  • Fly On The Wall

    Meaning: If someone wants to be “a fly on the wall” in a room or other place, it means they want to observe what is happening there without being seen.

  • Frog In Your Throat

    Meaning: A person who has a “frog in their throat” is having trouble talking because their throat is sore or because of some other issue.