Phrases beginning with M phrases

Phrases beginning with M phrases

  • Making a Scene

    Meaning: Behaving in such a way that it disturbs the public; drawing undue attention to oneself.

  • Making a Mountain Out Of a Molehill

    Meaning: Taking a small issue and escalating it into a big problem.

  • Man Of Few Words

    Meaning: A person who does not speak a lot; someone who gets to the point without saying much.

  • Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

    Meaning: An idiom that implies money is a limited resource that has be earned through hard work and thus it shouldn’t be spent carelessly.

  • Mouth-Watering

    Meaning: Something that is “mouth-watering” is something that looks or tastes delicious. Generally used in relation to food.

  • My Cup Of Tea

    Meaning: Something that a person likes or finds agreeable to their tastes, e.g. this brown shirt is ‘my cup of tea.’

  • Make Light Of

    Meaning: Inserting humor into a serious situation in an attempt to soften the importance of it. Treating a serious situation in a trivial way.

  • Make Up Your Mind

    Meaning: After thinking about a decision, you finally come to a conclusion.

  • Misery Loves Company

    Meaning: When someone is feeling miserable, having company over (like some friends) can help them feel better.

  • Million Dollar Question

    Meaning: A significant question.

  • Missed The Boat

    Meaning: Missed an opportunity to do something.

  • More Or Less

    Meaning: Not exactly correct, but close enough; somewhat.

  • Money Talks

    Meaning: Money can have a powerful influence on people.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Meaning: Copying what another person is doing.

  • Monkeying Around

    Meaning: Playing and not being serious; messing around.

  • Money’s Worth

    Meaning: Getting the value out of something you paid for.

  • Music To My Ears

    Meaning: When someone says “that’s music to my ears,” they heard something that pleases them.

  • My Hands Are Tied

    Meaning: A busy person; someone with a lot of work to do.