Phrases beginning with R phrases

Phrases beginning with R phrases

  • Rain On Your Parade

    Meaning: To spoil someone’s fun or plans; ruining a pleasurable moment.

  • Raining Cats and Dogs

    Meaning: When it is raining heavily.

  • Read Em and Weep

    Meaning: Often said by the winner in poker, as the others ‘weep’ over the loss.

  • Ride Him, Cowboy!

    Meaning: A cheer people yell, usually at rodeos when cowboys are clinging to the backs of untamed horses.

  • Right Off The Bat

    Meaning: Immediately, done in a hurry; without delay.

  • Right Out Of The Gate

    Meaning: Right from the beginning, or to do something immediately.

  • Ring Any Bells?

    Meaning: Recalling a memory; causing a person to remember something or someone.

  • Roll With The Punches

    Meaning: To tolerate or endure through unexpected and difficult things that you may encounter from time to time.

  • Recharge One’s Batteries

    Meaning: To get one’s energy back, typically through rest or by eating/drinking something.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    Meaning: When a person is doing something and it doesn’t seem to make any sense as to why they are doing it.

  • Riding Shotgun

    Meaning: Someone who sits in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.

  • Road Rage

    Meaning: A motorist who gets angry at other motorists because of the way they are driving.

  • Rome Was Not Built In a Day

    Meaning: Certain things cannot not be rushed because they take time to do, so just be patient.

  • Rub Salt In The Wound

    Meaning: Feeling hurt or embarrassed, and then something happens that makes matters worse.

  • Rule of Thumb

    Meaning: A practical principle that can be used for guidance in many situations, but don’t rely on it for all situations.

  • Run of The Mill

    Meaning: Something that’s ordinary; unremarkable.

  • Run Out of Steam

    Meaning: Feeling tired; running low on energy.

  • Running On Fumes

    Meaning: Somebody who is feeling very tired; functioning on low energy.