Phrases beginning with D phrases

Phrases beginning with D phrases

  • Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

    Meaning: An old saying that means a person should not make plans based on assumptions because things may not turn out how they expect.

  • Don’t Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth

    Meaning: When you receive a gift from someone, do not be ungrateful.

  • Down And Out

    Meaning: A boxer who has been knocked out.

  • Down For The Count

    Meaning: Someone or something that looks to be defeated, or nearly so.

  • Down To Earth

    Meaning: Practical or humble; unpretentious.

  • Down To The Wire

    Meaning: A tense situation in a competition where things are evenly matched and the outcome is going to be decided only in the last few seconds.

  • Drawing a Blank

    Meaning: Failing to recall a memory; unable to remember something.

  • Drive Me Nuts

    Meaning: Someone who is greatly annoyed or frustrated. The word “nuts” is sometimes substituted with crazy, insane, bonkers, or bananas.

  • Dropping Like Flies

    Meaning: People who have fallen down ill or who have died in large numbers.

  • Dark Horse

    Meaning: Someone in a competition, either a team or an individual, that has the potential to win it all.

  • Dead Air

    Meaning: A time where nothing is going on and there is silence.

  • Deer In Headlights

    Meaning: If a person is described as being a “deer in headlights,” it means they saw something caused freeze up in fear or surprise.

  • Dodge a Bullet

    Meaning: To avoid a situation that would have been very troublesome to deal with.

  • Doggy Bag

    Meaning: After eating at a restaurant, if you have spare food that you want to take home with you, they give you what is called a “doggy bag” to put it in. Basically, it’s a small container.

  • Done To Death

    Meaning: If something, like a story, has been “done to death,” it’s been repeated so many times that it has become bland and boring.

  • Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Meaning: If someone uses the phrase “don’t hold your breath,” they mean the thing you’re hoping or expecting to happen probably won’t.

  • Don’t Sweat It

    Meaning: Another way of saying: “Don’t worry about it.”

  • Double Take

    Meaning: Noticing something so peculiar that you have to check it twice to make sure what you saw was real.

  • Down In The Dumps

    Meaning: Feeling sad or depressed; under the weather.

  • Down The Drain

    Meaning: Resources, such as money or time, that have gone to waste.

  • Drop The Ball

    Meaning: The phrase “drop the ball” means to make a mistake.