Phrases beginning with G phrases

Phrases beginning with G phrases

  • Give a Man a Fish

    Meaning: In the long run, it’s better to teach a person how to do something than to do that something for them.

  • Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

    Meaning: Believing someone despite any doubts you may have.

  • Down The Rabbit Hole

    Meaning: A particular topic, activity, or something else that interests a person, thus they want to see more of it so they can learn more about it.

  • Go For Broke

    Meaning: To risk it all, even if it means losing everything in the process; to go all out.

  • Go Out On a Limb

    Meaning: Putting yourself in a risky situation in order to help someone.

  • Goody Two-Shoes

    Meaning: This phrase refers to someone who does nice things for others.

  • Greased Lightning

    Meaning: An expression that’s used to describe something that is very fast.

  • Gathering Dust

    Meaning: If something is “gathering dust,” that means it has not been used in a long time.

  • Get a Grip

    Meaning: A phrase that means to calm down; to get control over yourself and your emotions; to get a hold of yourself.

  • Get Bent Out Of Shape

    Meaning: When a person “gets bent out of shape,” they are agitated or upset over something.

  • Get Off Your High Horse

    Meaning: Someone who speaks in a patronizing or condescending way might be told to “get off their high horse.”

  • Get Over It

    Meaning: Someone who tells you to “get over it” is telling you to put a problem behind you and move on from it.

  • Get The Ball Rolling

    Meaning: To start an activity.

  • Got a Kick Out Of It

    Meaning: To find something amusing or entertaining.

  • Got Off On The Wrong Foot

    Meaning: Having a bad first encounter with someone, resulting in them forming a bad initial impression.

  • Grind To a Halt

    Meaning: This phrase means to come to a stop.

  • Guinea Pig

    Meaning: The phrase “guinea pig” refers to someone who tests an idea or a product to see what happens.