Idioms About Knowledge

Idioms About Knowledge

Learn these interesting English idioms about learning & knowledge to boost your speaking skills.

Idioms About Knowledge

Idioms About Knowledge

Two heads are better than one

My son, don’t forget; Two heads are better than one

Learn the ropes

It didn’t take her new assistant long to learn the ropes.

Doing your homework

You can’t play game any more until you do your homework!

Under one’s belt

She has almost a year as minister under her belt.

Pick his brain

You should pick Mary’s brain sometime; she knows all about math.

Be common knowledge

It’s common knowledge that she is a beautiful girl.

As far as anyone knows

As far as anyone knows, this is the last of the great herds of buffalo.

Knowledge is power

In this situation, knowledge is power.

Know the ropes, learn the ropes

Don’t worry, Jane! He knows the ropes; he will help you.

Can’t make heads or tails of it

I can’t make heads or tails of it. Can you explain it to me one more time, please?

Burning the midnight oil, pull an all-nighter

We were fooling around all the semester, and now we have to burn the midnight oil.

Know something backwards and forwards

Alice knew their strategy backwards and forwards, as she worked there for a long time.

Great minds think alike

James told me the same thing as Lily. Great minds think alike.

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