Quote Unquote


Ironically speaking; suggesting that if a phrase were written out, it would be in quotation marks to convey sarcasm


  • He wanted to be quote-unquote normal.
  • We've only had an 'average', quote, unquote, kind of recession.
  • My parents take us skiing in Switzerland because it's quote unquote 'the done thing', but it's always so boring.
  • He drowned in a boating quote 'accident' unquote.
  • Our boss said she was quote 'the best man for the job' unquote, and everybody laughed.
  • She wants to practice law because it is a quote – respected – unquote – field.
  • We’re storytellers and we want to entertain, but we want to make things for the better and make a quote-unquote ‘difference’ in the world.
  • The mosquitoes at his place are quote – very friendly – unquote, they will come to you before any of the house members do.