Idioms about love

Idioms about love

  • aching heart

    Meaning: The phrase aching heart is an idiomatic expression that refers to the feeling of pain because of love.

  • blind date

    Meaning: When two people who have never seen each other before go on a date

  • cupboard love

    Meaning: The phrase cupboard love refers to affection that is given purely to gain something from someone.

  • fall for someone

    Meaning: to fall in love with someone.

  • fall head over heels for someone

    Meaning: to be in love with someone very much; hopelessly smitten.

  • fall in love with someone

    Meaning: To come to have feelings of love directed at another person or a thing

  • fall out of love

    Meaning: to stop being in love with someone.

  • for the love of God

    Meaning: The phrase for the love of is used to express surprise, exasperation, annoyance, or some similar feeling

  • go steady with someone

    Meaning: To date one person regularly and exclusively.

  • love at first sight

    Meaning: Falling in love with somebody the first time you see them

  • love is blind

    Meaning: The idiom love is blind means that a person who is in love can see no faults or imperfections in the person who is loved.

  • love me, love my dog

    Meaning: means that if you love someone, you must be willing to accept everything about them.

  • love nest

    Meaning: a place where a couple can enjoy each other's company.

  • love someone to bits

    Meaning: The idiom to love someone to bits means to love someone very much.

  • love-hate relationship

    Meaning: A love-hate relationship refers to a relationship that involves both love and hatred.

  • make love, not war

    Meaning: A hippie anti-war slogan encouraging love and peace.

  • match made in heaven

    Meaning: A relationship in which the two people are great together, because they complement each other so well

  • misery loves company

    Meaning: The phrase misery loves company means that if someone is miserable, they like others to be miserable too so that they can feel better about themselves.

  • puppy love

    Meaning: Adolescent love or infatuation, especially one that is not expected to last

  • send love to someone

    Meaning: The idiom send love to someone refers to an affectionate greeting or message given to someone.

  • tough love

    Meaning: A way of helping someone with compassionate use of stringent disciplinary measures. The aim is to attempt to improve their behavior.