Idioms beginning with G

  • Game of Chicken

    Meaning: A conflict situation in which neither side will back down for fear of seeming cowardly (chicken)

  • Get A Charley Horse

    Meaning: To develop a cramp in the arm or the leg

  • Get A Word In Edgewise

    Meaning: Be able to say something while someone else is talking a lot

  • Get Along (with Someone)

    Meaning: To have a satisfactory relationship

  • Get Bent Out of Shape

    Meaning: Become angry, upset

  • Get Carried Away

    Meaning: Become overly enthusiastic

  • Get In on the Ground Floor

    Meaning: Invest in or join something while it is still small

  • Get in Shape

    Meaning: Undertake a program of physical conditioning; exercise regularly

  • Get Off Scot Free

    Meaning: Be accused of wrongdoing but pay no penalty at all

  • Get Off Scot Free

    Meaning: Be accused of wrongdoing but pay no penalty at all

  • Get One’s Ducks in a Row

    Meaning: Have everything organized; get oneself organized

  • Get One’s Hands Dirty

    Meaning: To do the unpleasant parts of a job

  • Get Someone’s Goat

    Meaning: To irritate someone deeply

  • Get To Grips With

    Meaning: To begin to understand and deal with something

  • Get the Ball Rolling

    Meaning: Do something to begin a process

  • Get the Picture

    Meaning: Understand what’s happening

  • Get the Runaround

    Meaning: Be given an unclear or evasive answer to a question

  • Get the Sack, Be Sacked

    Meaning: To be fired

  • Get the Third Degree

    Meaning: To be questioned in great detail about something

  • Get Wind of

    Meaning: Hear about

  • Get With the Program

    Meaning: Figure out what everyone else already knows. Often used sarcastically, as a command

  • Go Along (With)

    Meaning: Agree to something, often provisionally

  • Go Ape

    Meaning: Express wild excitement or anger

  • Go Ballistic

    Meaning: Fly into a rage

  • Go Bananas

    Meaning: To become irrational or crazy

  • Go Bananas

    Meaning: To become irrational or crazy

  • Go Belly Up

    Meaning: To go bankrupt

  • Go Berserk

    Meaning: To go crazy

  • Go Bonkers

    Meaning: To be or become wild, restless, irrational, or crazy; to act in such a way

  • Go Cold Turkey

    Meaning: Stop using an addictive substance suddenly, without tapering off

  • Go Down in Flames

    Meaning: Fail in a spectacular way

  • Go Mental

    Meaning: To suddenly become extremely angry

  • Go Nuclear

    Meaning: Use an extreme measure; because extremely angry

  • Go Nuts

    Meaning: To become crazy

  • Go Off Half-Cocked

    Meaning: To say or something prematurely, with a negative effect

  • Go Off the Deep End

    Meaning: To unexpectedly become very angry, especially without a good reason

  • Go Off The Rails

    Meaning: To go wrong, to begin acting strangely or badly

  • Go Out on a Limb

    Meaning: Assert something that may not be true; put oneself in a vulnerable position

  • Go Pear-Shaped

    Meaning: To fail; to go wrong

  • Go See a Man About a Dog

    Meaning: Go to the bathroom (said as a euphemism)

  • Go to the Dogs

    Meaning: To become disordered, to decay

  • Go to the Mattresses

    Meaning: To go to into battle

  • Go the Extra Mile

    Meaning: Put forth greater-than-expected effort

  • Go Under the Knife

    Meaning: Undergo surgery

  • Go Viral

    Meaning: Begin To spread rapidly on the Internet

  • Go with the Flow

    Meaning: To accept the way things naturally seem to be going

  • Grab (Take) the Bull by the Horns

    Meaning: To begin forthrightly to deal with a problem

  • Grasp (Grab) at Straws

    Meaning: To take desperate actions with little hope of success

  • Grease Monkey

    Meaning: A mechanic, especially an auto mechanic

  • Grease the Wheels

    Meaning: Do something to make an operation run smoothly

  • Greasy Spoon

    Meaning: An inexpensive restaurant that fries foods on a grill

  • Green Around the Gills

    Meaning: To look sick

  • Green as Grass

    Meaning: Lacking training, naive; often said of young people in new jobs

  • Grind One’s Teeth

    Meaning: Be very annoyed or angry about something without being able to say anything about it.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Meaning: Enjoying something which is not generally held in high regard, while at the same time feeling a bit guilty about it, is called a guilty pleasure.

  • Guinea Pig

    Meaning: A test subject, a person who is used as a test to see if something will work

  • Give and Take

    Meaning: Negotiations, the process of compromise

  • Give ’em Hell (often excl.)

    Meaning: Express something passionately to a group

  • Give Lip Service to

    Meaning: Talk about supporting something without taking any concrete action

  • Give Lip Service

    Meaning: to Talk about supporting something without taking any concrete action

  • Give One’s Two Cents (That’s My Two Cents)

    Meaning: Offer an opinion, suggest something

  • Give Someone a Holler

    Meaning: Contact someone

  • Give Someone a Piece of Your Mind

    Meaning: Angrily tell someone what you think

  • Give Someone a Run for Their Money

    Meaning: Compete effectively with the leader in a particular field

  • Give Someone an Earful

    Meaning: angrily express an opinion to someone

  • Give Someone the Cold Shoulder

    Meaning: act hostile toward someone; to ignore, snub

  • Give Someone The Old Heave-Ho

    Meaning: Fire someone, remove someone from a group or team

  • Give Something a Whirl

    Meaning: Attempt something without being totally familiar with it

  • Give the Green Light

    Meaning: Approve something; allow something to proceed