Idioms beginning with U

  • U Turn

    Meaning: A complete change of opinion, direction, etc.

  • Ugly Duckling

    Meaning: An awkward child or young person who grows into a beautiful person

  • Under (Below) the Radar

    Meaning: Not generally perceived, below popular consciousness

  • Under Someone’s Spell

    Meaning: Fascinated, entranced by someone

  • Under the Impression

    Meaning: Believing something, perhaps mistakenly

  • Under the Table

    Meaning: Without being officially recorded

  • Under the Weather

    Meaning: Feeling ill

  • Under the Weather

    Meaning: Not feeling well

  • Under Wraps

    Meaning: Temporarily hidden, secret

  • University of Life

    Meaning: Difficult real-life experience, as opposed to formal education

  • Until the Cows Come Home

    Meaning: For a long time

  • Until You’re Blue in the Face

    Meaning: For a long time with no results

  • Up a Creek

    Meaning: In a very bad situation

  • Up for Grabs

    Meaning: Available

  • Up for Grabs

    Meaning: Available for anyone

  • Up in Arms

    Meaning: Angry, protesting (usually said of a group)

  • Up in the Air

    Meaning: Not yet decided

  • Up to One’s Neck

    Meaning: Nearly overwhelmed

  • Up to Scratch

    Meaning: Meeting a basic standard of competence or quality

  • Up to Snuff

    Meaning: Meeting a basic standard

  • Up the Ante

    Meaning: Raise the stakes; increase the importance of something under discussion

  • Up the Duff

    Meaning: Pregnant

  • Upset the Apple Cart

    Meaning: To disorganize or spoil something, especially an established arrangement or plan

  • Use One’s Head

    Meaning: To think, to have common sense