Idioms beginning with T

  • Take (Someone) to the Cleaners

    Meaning: 1) Swindle; 2) defeat badly

  • Take a Deep Dive (Into)

    Meaning: Explore something extensively

  • Take a Flyer

    Meaning: To take a rise; especially to make a speculative investment

  • Take a Gander

    Meaning: Go to take a look at something

  • Take a Hike

    Meaning: Go away

  • Take A Powder

    Meaning: To leave, especially in order to avoid a difficult situation

  • Take a Rain Check

    Meaning: Decline an invitation but suggest that you’ll accept it at a later time.

  • Take Five (Ten)

    Meaning: Take a short break of five (ten) minutes

  • Take Five

    Meaning: To take one brief (about five minutes) rest period

  • Take It Easy

    Meaning: 1) Relax, rest; 2) (as a command) Calm down!

  • Take It Easy

    Meaning: Don’t hurry; relax; don’t get angry

  • Take It Easy

    Meaning: When you relax, or do things at a comfortable pace, you take it easy.

  • Take It on The Chin

    Meaning: Be attacked; suffer an attack

  • Take It or Leave It (command)

    Meaning: You must decide now whether you will accept this proposal

  • Take Someone to Task

    Meaning: Reprimand someone strongly

  • Take Something with a Pinch (grain) of Salt

    Meaning: If you take what someone says with a pinch of salt, you do not completely believe it.

  • Take the Cake

    Meaning: Be the most extreme instance

  • Take the Edge Off (of Something)

    Meaning: To slightly improve something negative

  • Take the Fifth

    Meaning: Refuse to answer because answering might incriminate or cause problems for you

  • Take the Gloves Off

    Meaning: Negotiate in a more aggressive way

  • Take the High Road

    Meaning: Refuse to descend to immoral activities or personal attacks

  • Take The Mickey (Piss) (Out Of Someone)

    Meaning: Make fun of or ridicule someone

  • Take the Shine Off (Something)

    Meaning: To do something that diminishes a positive event

  • Take the Starch out of (Someone)

    Meaning: Make someone less confident or less arrogant

  • Take The Wind Out of Someone’s Sails

    Meaning: To reduce someone’s confidence, ofte by doing something unexpected

  • Take Your Life in Your Hands

    Meaning: Undergo extreme risk

  • Take Your Medicine

    Meaning: Accept something unpleasant, for example, punishment, without protesting or complaining

  • Take Your Time

    Meaning: Don’t hurry, work at a relaxed pace

  • Taste of Your Own Medicine

    Meaning: The same unpleasant experience or treatment that one has given to others

  • Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Meaning: To change someone’s long-established habits. Usually used in the

  • Tear One’s Hair out

    Meaning: Be extremely worried or frustrated

  • Tear-Jerker

    Meaning: A film or book that makes you cry

  • Tee Many Martoonies

    Meaning: Too many martinis, scrambled to suggest drunkenness

  • Tell It to the Marines

    Meaning: I don’t believe you; you must think I’m gullible.

  • Tempest in a Teapot

    Meaning: A commotion about something unimportant

  • Ten a Penny

    Meaning: Ordinary, inexpensive

  • Ten to One

    Meaning: Something very likely

  • Test the Waters

    Meaning: Experiment with something cautiously

  • Test the Waters

    Meaning: Try something out in a preliminary way

  • Tie the Knot

    Meaning: Get married

  • Tighten the Screws

    Meaning: Increase pressure on someone

  • Tight-Lipped

    Meaning: secretive, unwilling to explain something

  • Til the Cows Come Home

    Meaning: For a very long time

  • Time is Money

    Meaning: time is valuable, so don’t waste it.

  • Tip of the Iceberg

    Meaning: A small, visible part of a much larger problem

  • Tip One’s Hand

    Meaning: Reveal one’s advantages; reveal useful information that one possesses

  • TLC

    Meaning: Tender Loving Care

  • To be A Peach

    Meaning: Someone or something that is extremely good, impressive, or attractive

  • To be Smitten With Someone

    Meaning: To be completely captivated by someone and feel immense joy

  • To be someone’s One and Only

    Meaning: To be unique to the other person

  • To be the Apple of Someone’s Eye

    Meaning: To be loved and treasured by someone

  • To Bear Fruit

    Meaning: To develop in a profitable or positive way

  • To Bear Fruit

    Meaning: To develop in a profitable or positive way

  • To Carpool

    Meaning: To travel to the same place with a group of people in one car. e.g. work/school

  • To Each His Own

    Meaning: People have different tastes.

  • To Get Cold Feet

    Meaning: To experience reluctance or fear

  • To Have a Chip on One’s Shoulder

    Meaning: To be combative, to be consistently argumentative

  • To Have Butterflies In Your Stomach

    Meaning: To be nervous

  • To Have One For the Road

    Meaning: To have one last (alcoholic) drink before you go home

  • To Pay an Arm and a Leg

    Meaning: A very high cost

  • To Pop (one’s) Cherry

    Meaning: To do something for the first time

  • To Pull Someone’s Leg

    Meaning: Lie playfully

  • To Run Hot and Cold

    Meaning: To be unable to make up one’s mind

  • To the Letter

    Meaning: Exactly (said of instructions or procedures)

  • Toe the Line

    Meaning: Accept authority, follow the rules

  • Tone-Deaf

    Meaning: Not good at perceiving the impact of one’s words, insensitive

  • Tongue-in-Cheek

    Meaning: Said ironically; not meant to be taken seriously

  • Too Busy Fighting Alligators to Drain the Swamp

    Meaning: So occupied with multiple challenges that one can’t keep the big picture in mind

  • Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

    Meaning: A project works best if there is input from a limited number of people

  • Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

    Meaning: Everyone wants to be a leader, and no one wants to do the actual work

  • Too Many To Shake A Stick At

    Meaning: A large number

  • Toot Your Own Horn

    Meaning: Brag; emphasize one’s own contributions

  • Top Banana

    Meaning: The boss, the leader

  • Toss a Wrench (Spanner) Into

    Meaning: Sabotage; cause a process to stop

  • Touch Base

    Meaning: Meet briefly with someone

  • Touch One’s Heart

    Meaning: Affect someone emotionally, be touching

  • Touch Water

    Meaning: Be launched. Said of a boat.

  • Tough Cookie

    Meaning: A very determined person

  • Tough Cookie

    Meaning: Someone who can endure hardship; especially,a strong negotiator

  • Tough Sledding

    Meaning: Difficult progress

  • Turn a Blind Eye

    Meaning: (to) Choose not to notice something

  • Turn on a Dime

    Meaning: Quickly reverse direction or position

  • Turn Someone Inside Out

    Meaning: To cause strong emotional turmoil; to completely change someone

  • Turn Something on Its Head

    Meaning: Reverse something, cause something to be done in a new way

  • Turn Turtle

    Meaning: Capsize, turn over

  • Turn the Corner

    Meaning: To begin to improve after a problem

  • Turn the Tables

    Meaning: Reverse a situation

  • Turnabout Is Fair Play

    Meaning: If you suffer from the same suffering you have inflicted on others, that’s only fair

  • Twenty-Four Seven

    Meaning: At any time

  • Twist the Knife (in Deeper)

    Meaning: Make someone’s suffering worse

  • Twist the Knife (in Deeper)

    Meaning: Make someone’s suffering worse

  • Two a Penny

    Meaning: Ordinary, inexpensive

  • Two Peas in A Pod

    Meaning: Two people who are very similar in appearance

  • Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)

    Meaning: Let’s be happy that the workweek is over!

  • That Ship Has Sailed

    Meaning: That opportunity has passed.

  • That’s Music to My Ears

    Meaning: I am very happy to hear this.

  • That’s a Stretch

    Meaning: What you are suggesting is very difficult to believe; I am very skeptical

  • That’s All She Wrote

    Meaning: That was the end of the story.

  • The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

    Meaning: Family characteristics are usually inherited

  • The Birds and the Bees

    Meaning: Human sexuality and reproduction

  • The Cat Is Out of the Bag

    Meaning: The secret has been revealed.

  • The Coast Is Clear

    Meaning: We are unobserved; it is safe to proceed.

  • The Cherry On the Cake

    Meaning: The final thing that makes something perfect

  • The Deck Is (The Cards Are)

    Meaning: Stacked Against You Unfavorable conditions exist.

  • The Jig Is Up

    Meaning: A secret illicit activity has been exposed; your trickery is finished

  • The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

    Meaning: Although something may seem superficially new, it has not altered the basic situation.

  • The Only Game in Town

    Meaning: The sole option for a particular service.

  • The Powers That Be

    Meaning: People in charge, often used when the speaker does not want to identify them.

  • The Real McCoy

    Meaning: A genuine item

  • The Story Has Legs

    Meaning: People are continuing to pay attention to the story.

  • The Time is Ripe

    Meaning: If you say that the time is ripe, you mean that it is a suitable point for a particular activity

  • The Walls Have Ears We

    Meaning: may be overheard; be careful what you say

  • The Walls Have Ears

    Meaning: We may be overheard; be careful what you say

  • The Whole Enchilada

    Meaning: All of something.

  • The Whole Shebang

    Meaning: Everything, all the parts of something

  • The World Is Your Oyster

    Meaning: You have many opportunities and choices.

  • There But For The Grace Of God Go I

    Meaning: I could easily have done what that person did.

  • There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

    Meaning: There’s more than one way of achieving a certain goal.

  • There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    Meaning: Nothing is given to you without some expectation of something in return.

  • Thin On The Ground

    Meaning: Rare, seldom encountered

  • Think Big

    Meaning: Consider ambitious plans; avoid becoming overly concerned with details

  • Think Outside the Box

    Meaning: Try to solve a problem in an original way; think creatively

  • Think Tank

    Meaning: A group of experts engaged in ongoing studies of a particular subject; a policy study group

  • Think Tank

    Meaning: A group of experts engaged in ongoing studies of a particular subject; a policy study group

  • Third Rail

    Meaning: A topic so sensitive that it is dangerous to raise. This is especially used in political contexts

  • Third Time’s a Charm

    Meaning: Even if you fail at something twice, you may well succeed the third time.

  • Thirty-Thousand-Foot View

    Meaning: A very broad or general perspective

  • This Has (Person X) Written All Over It

    Meaning: [Person X] would really like or be well suited to this.

  • This Is Not Your Father’s ____

    Meaning: This item has been much updated from its earlier versions.

  • Three Sheets to the Wind

    Meaning: Very drunk

  • Through the Grapevine

    Meaning: Via gossip

  • Through Thick and Thin

    Meaning: In good times and bad

  • Throw a Wet Blanket on (Something)

    Meaning: Discourage plans for something

  • Throw a Wrench Into

    Meaning: To sabotage; to cause to fail

  • Throw Caution to the Wind

    Meaning: To act in a daring way, without forethough

  • Throw Down the Gauntlet

    Meaning: To issue a challenge

  • Throw Elbows

    Meaning: Be combative; be aggressive (physically or figuratively)

  • Throw in the Towel

    Meaning: To give up, admit defeat

  • Throw Someone for a Loop

    Meaning: Deeply surprise someone; catch someone off guard

  • Throw Someone Under the Bus

    Meaning: Sacrifice someone else’s interests for your own personal gain

  • Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

    Meaning: Eliminate something good while discarding the bad parts of something

  • Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

    Meaning: To discard something valuable or important while disposing of something worthless

  • Throw The Book At

    Meaning: Prosecute legally as strongly as possible

  • Throw the Fight

    Meaning: Intentionally lose a contest, usually in collusion with gamblers

  • Throw the Game

    Meaning: Intentionally lose a contest, usually in collusion with gamblers

  • Throw the Match

    Meaning: Intentionally lose a contest, usually in collusion with gamblers

  • Thumbs-Up

    Meaning: Approval

  • Train Wreck

    Meaning: Anything that develops in a disastrous way

  • Trash Talk

    Meaning: Insults directed at one’s opponent in a sporting event or contest

  • Tread Water

    Meaning: Maintain a current situation without improvement or decline

  • Trial Balloon

    Meaning: A test of someone’s or the public’s reaction

  • Trip the Light Fantastic

    Meaning: Dance well; do ballroom dancing