Idioms about money

Idioms about money

  • a bad penny

    Meaning: The phrase a bad penny refers to a person or thing which is unpleasant, dishonorable, or unwanted that is likely to reappear, particularly at inconvenient times.

  • a dime's worth

    Meaning: an insignificant amount

  • a fool and his money are soon parted

    Meaning: this means that stupid people spend money without thinking about it enough.

  • a penny saved is a penny earned

    Meaning: you mean it is wise to save money.

  • all that glitters is not gold

    Meaning: appearance is sometimes misleading. Things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not be as good as they look.

  • bank on

    Meaning: to expect something or rely on.

  • bet your bottom dollar

    Meaning: This idiom is used to say that one is sure about something.

  • big bucks

    Meaning: lots of money.

  • blank cheque

    Meaning: that one is given an unlimited freedom of action.

  • coining it

    Meaning: to be earning a lot of money quickly.

  • coining money

    Meaning: earning a lot of money quickly.

  • come at a price

    Meaning: something negative or unpleasant occurs as a consequence.

  • come into money

    Meaning: you get some money unexpectedly, usually by inheritance.

  • cost an arm and a leg

    Meaning: it is extremely expensive.

  • cut your losses

    Meaning: This idiom is used to mean that you should do something to avoid losing any more money.

  • dime a dozen

    Meaning: Said about anything that is common, inexpensive, and easy to get or available any where.

  • dollars to donuts

    Meaning: something is very likely to be true or that one is certain about something.

  • drop a dime

    Meaning: to drop a dime means to make a phone call, usually calling the police to inform on or betray someone.

  • for a song

    Meaning: very cheaply.

  • for love nor money

    Meaning: said when it is difficult to get something or persuade someone.

  • for my money

    Meaning: in my opinion.

  • have money to burn

    Meaning: to be very rich and spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

  • ill-gotten gains

    Meaning: money or other possession gained dishonestly.

  • in the money

    Meaning: very rich

  • licence to print money

    Meaning: If a company or activity is a licence to print money, it generates a lot of money without much effort.

  • made of money

    Meaning: be rich.

  • make a fast buck

    Meaning: to earn money without much effort.

  • make an honest buck

    Meaning: an idiomatic expression that means to make an honest living.

  • make good money

    Meaning: you earn a decent income or enough money to live comfortably

  • marry money

    Meaning: to marry a rich person.

  • minting it

    Meaning: earning a lot of money quickly.

  • minting money

    Meaning: Earning a lot of money quickly.

  • money for jam

    Meaning: said about a job when it is an easy way of earning money.

  • money for old rope

    Meaning: Said about a job when it is an easy way of earning money.

  • money spinner

    Meaning: a business or product that makes a lot of money for someone.

  • money talks

    Meaning: money talks suggest that with money people can get whatever they want.

  • not come cheap

    Meaning: said about something that is of good quality and is therefore expensive.

  • pay good money for something

    Meaning: If you paid good money for something, you paid a substantial amount of money for it.

  • pay through the nose

    Meaning: you pay a lot of money for it. The price you pay is more than is reasonable.

  • pay your dues

    Meaning: to earn respect or a position by a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

  • pick up the tab

    Meaning: To pay a bill presented to a group, especially in a restaurant or bar

  • put money on somebody or something

    Meaning: to bet money or to believe that someone will accomplish something or that something will happen.

  • quote a price

    Meaning: state in advance the price for...

  • rags to riches

    Meaning: The phrase rags-to-riches refers to any situation in which a person rises from poverty to wealth.

  • save money for a rainy day

    Meaning: an idiomatic expression that means to reserve money for a time when it might be needed unexpectedly.

  • strapped for cash

    Meaning: to be short of money.

  • time is money

    Meaning: a proverb which means that one should not waste time, because one could be using it to earn money.

  • turn up like a bad penny

    Meaning: A person or thing which is unpleasant, disreputable, or otherwise unwanted, especially one which repeatedly appears at inopportune times.

  • worth its weight in gold

    Meaning: to someone or something that is valuable.