Idioms beginning with N

  • Nail-Biter

    Meaning: A suspenseful event

  • Nailing Jelly/Jello/Pudding To A Wall/Tree

    Meaning: An impossible task

  • Neck and Neck

    Meaning: Very close in a competition, with neither of two entities clearly in the lead

  • Neck of the Woods

    Meaning: A region, especially one’s home region

  • Nest Egg

    Meaning: Retirement savings; wealth saved for a future purpose

  • Never in A Million Years

    Meaning: Absolutely never

  • Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

    Meaning: It’s rude to examine a gift closely; accept gifts politely.

  • New Wrinkle

    Meaning: A novel aspect to a situation, a new development

  • Nice Chunk of Change

    Meaning: A large amount of money

  • Nickel and Dime

    Meaning: To negotiate over very small sums; to try to get a better financial deal, in a negative way

  • Nine Times Out of Ten

    Meaning: Almost always

  • Nine-to-Five Job

    Meaning: A routine job in an office that involves standard office hours

  • Nip (Something) In The Bud

    Meaning: Deal with a problem before it becomes large

  • No Holds Barred (usually adj., often hyphenated)

    Meaning: Unrestricted, without rules

  • No Love Lost Between

    Meaning: There is a mutual animosity between two people

  • No Names, No Pack Drill

    Meaning: By not accusing anyone specifically, I may avoid trouble.

  • No Names, No Pack Drill

    Meaning: If no one can be identified, no one will be punished.

  • No Rhyme or Reason (to)

    Meaning: Without logic or pattern

  • No Room to Swing A Cat

    Meaning: Very small, not big enough

  • No Shit, Sherlock

    Meaning: That’s very obvious!

  • No Tree Grows to the Sky

    Meaning: Growth cannot continue indefinitely.

  • Not Cut Out for (Something)

    Meaning: Not naturally skillful enough to do something well

  • Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat

    Meaning: A very small space

  • Not Give A Fig

    Meaning: To not care at all about something

  • Not Have A Cat In Hell’s Chance

    Meaning: Have no possibility of succeeding, coming to pass, or achieving something

  • Not Have a Prayer

    Meaning: Have no chance of success

  • Not Know Jack

    Meaning: Not know anything

  • Not Lift a Finger

    Meaning: Do nothing to help

  • Not Mince Words

    Meaning: Moderate or weaken a statement

  • Not One’s Cup of Tea

    Meaning: Not something one is interested in

  • Not Playing with A Full Deck

    Meaning: Stupid, mentally deficient or impaired

  • Not Ready for Prime Time

    Meaning: Not yet perfected; inexperienced

  • Not Sit Well with (Someone)

    Meaning: Be difficult to accept; make someone uncomfortable

  • Nothing to Write Home About

    Meaning: Unspectacular, ordinary

  • Nuts and Bolts

    Meaning: Everyday details of something

  • Nutty as a Fruitcake

    Meaning: Crazy; idiotic; wacky.